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End of the Line
Series: Doctor Who -
Fourth Doctor comic strip stories
Doctor: Fourth Doctor
Companions: Angel
Enemy: Cannibals
Setting: a heavily polluted city on an unnamed world
Author: Steve Parkhouse
Editor: Alan McKenzie
Artist: Dave Gibbons
Published In: Doctor Who Monthly 54-55
Publication: June - August 1981
Publisher: Marvel Comics UK
Format: Comic - 2 parts
Previous Story: The Deal
Next Story: The Free-Fall Warriors



The Doctor lands on what appears to be a subway platform. Soon, he finds himself chased by zombie-like creatures. As the creatures appear to gain the upper hand, a masked figure suddenly rushes the zombies. They are quickly dispatched, and the Doctor's shadowy saviour removes her mask. She introduces herself as "Angel", one of the Guardian Angels who patrol the under-city. She explains that the zombies were in fact called "Cannibals", in deference to their eating habits.

Angel suggests that the Doctor should come with her back to Guardian Angel HQ. Once there, she introduces the Doctor to her fellow Guardian Angel, Sonny, and their scientific advisor, The Engineer. The goal of the Angels, it turns out, is to try to do something to reverse or escape the crushing levels of pollution in the city, as this has been traced directly to the creation of the Cannibal underclass. The Angels, in fact, believe that there is some place beyond the city, somewhere at "the end of the line", called "countryside". If they can just figure out how to manipulate the subway system, perhaps they can break free and find it.

The Doctor offers to help, just as Angel HQ is rushed by Cannibals. The Doctor believes that he's managed to set the tracks properly to lead the Angels out of the city, but he gets separated from his new friends after he believes he sees them board the right train. Thinking all is probably well, he slips away from the Cannibals and finds his way back to the TARDIS.

Just as he's about to leave the planet, though, he reasons that he didn't actually see Angel and Sonny and The Engineer make it to their new life in the countryside. So he materializes the TARDIS to the end of the subway line. There, he finds it's not a paradise, but really just as polluted as the city proper. Nevertheless, he waits for his new friends to arrive. After a considerable length of time, a radioactive rain storm phases the Doctor's determination to wait for his friends to arrive. He goes back into the TARDIS and leaves the planet, saddened that his friends didn't make it, but also grateful that their unrealistically hopeful dreams of the countryside were likely still intact.


  • Fourth Doctor
  • The Guardian Angels
    • Angel
    • Sonny
    • The Engineer
  • Cannibals


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  • In part 1, the Fourth Doctor bolsters his own confidence in a bad situation by quoting the Third Doctor's dying sentiment, "Where there's life there's hope". (DW: Planet of the Spiders)

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End of the Line
Carl Johnson and Sweet Johnson discussing their plans for Big Smoke
Game: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
For: Sweet
Location: Ganton, Los Santos
Target: Big Smoke, Frank Tenpenny
Reward: Respect and $250,000
Unlocked by: Los Desperados

End of the Line is a mission in and the climax of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by his brother and leader of the Grove Street Families Sweet Johnson from his home in Grove Street, Ganton, Los Santos.



Carl and Sweet Johnson have managed to find out where former friend, Big Smoke is hiding. They drive over to Smoke's hideout in East Los Santos avoiding rioters. Upon arriving, they see that Smoke's crack palace has heavy security and there's no way to enter the place except for breaking through the wall. Carl finds a SWAT Tank nearby and steals it while being attacked by SWAT officers and Ballas gang members. He successfully smashes the wall and enters the crack palace.

Upon entering, Carl makes his way through three floors while killing Ballas, Vagos, San Fierro Rifa, Russian Mafia gang members as well as workers, whom all carry M4, AK-47 and MP5s amongst other strong weapons. Carl manages to find Big Smoke, who claims that he doesn't feel any regrets over betraying the Grove Street Families and takes out a gun ready to battle Carl. During a shoot-out, Carl manages to kill Smoke and after a brief conversation questioning Smoke's decision, he says he had no choice and saw the opportunity for power and money before dying.

Frank Tenpenny arrives out of nowhere and asks Carl to put all of Smoke's money in his bag. Before leaving, he tries to kill Carl but gets spooked by Carl randomly shouting "Sweet!" which makes him miss the shot. Tenpenny then goes to the second floor and sets the whole building on fire by causing an explosion. Carl goes the same way out and kills any gang member on his way while avoiding burning himself by the fires around the building.

After successfully escaping, Tenpenny attempts to drive away in his Firetruck, Sweet jumps on his Greenwood and then climbs onto the ladder on the back of the truck. Carl enters a parked Feltzer and starts to chase Tenpenny. During a long chase throughout Los Santos with rioters on the road throwing molotovs, a police officer in the truck gets out and attempts to kill Sweet. As Sweet loses his grip, Carl parks his car under the ladder and Sweet falls on the hood of the Feltzer.

Sweet then takes control of the car with Carl acting as the shooter with his Micro SMG. The chase continues throughout the city with Carl destroying Police Cars as well as rioters chasing them in cars and bikes. The chase comes to an end on the bridge going above Ganton where Tenpenny crashes his truck and after the injuries dies at the heart of Grove Street territory.

Carl, Sweet, The Truth, Kendl Johnson, Cesar Vialpando together start a conversation as Tenpenny says his last words and they head inside the Johnson House to talk about their future. Suddenly, Ken Rosenberg, Madd Dogg, Kent Paul and Maccer enter the house with everybody inside drawing their guns towards them. Madd Dogg announces his first gold record and they all celebrate their success before Carl heads out of the house to see "what's happening". Following the end, Catalina calls for the last time and is heard having sex with her boyfriend Claude.


The reward for finishing this mission is increased respect and $250,000.


After killing Big Smoke, in the cutscene, Tenpenny is armed with a combat shotgun. But in the next cutscene, when he shoots the generator, he is seen with a normal pump shotgun.


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"End of the Line" was a song by the band Starburst on their album Only In Your Dreams. It was given a Scarlet rating by the Imperial Board of Culture.


  • Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim

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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

[[Template loop detected: Template:Utility/tvseries recurs|Template loop detected: Template:Utility/tvseries recurs]] ep 13

Monkey hate technology. Robot hate the monkey. They will fight eternally.
"End of the Line"
Production company Mainframe Entertainment
Airdate December 18, 1999
Written by Steven Melching
Animation studio Mainframe Entertainment
Continuity Beast Wars continuity

Megatron and Optimus are set to go head to head with dueling doomsday weapons, and both seem willing to destroy Cybertron to gain victory.



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