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Encounter Half, also known as Enemy Away, Stealth, Safe Travel, and Read Ahead, is a recurring ability in the series. The ability normally halves the encounter rate with enemies on the field, with a few exceptions. There is also another ability known as No Encounters with completely eliminates any random encounter with enemies.




Final Fantasy IV

Safe Travel is an augment in the Nintendo DS version, which is gotten by finding Hummingway during the Namingway sidequest. It completely eliminates all random encounters.

Final Fantasy V

Read Ahead is a Level 4 ability on the Oracle job class, which requires 300 ABP to master and is only found in the GBA version.

Final Fantasy VI

The Charm Bangle decreases the amount of encounters on the field. It can be gotten by performing well in the Vector Banquet, or by betting the Dragon Horn, Snow Muffler, Relic Ring, or Moogle Charm in the Colosseum. The Moogle Charm is a Relic only Mog can use, and completely eliminates random encounters.

Final Fantasy VII

The Enemy Away materia has this ability. At Level 1, the encounter rate is halved, and at Level 2 and Master, it is cut down by 75%.

Final Fantasy VIII

The abilities Enc-None and Enc-Half can both be learned on the GF Diablos. This is the only way to learn these abilities in the game, and they must be equipped for their effects to be put into action. These abilities will not work during the first trip to the Deep Sea Research Center, during the segment right before fighting Bahamut.

Final Fantasy X

No Encounters is an ability that can be customized onto an armor by using 30 Purifying Salt, and can be won on a weapon only from Geosgaeno (even though it's only supposed to appear on armors).

Final Fantasy X-2

The accessory Charm Bangle has the ability No Encounters. However, the ability will not work inside Via Infinito.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

Stealth is a level 1 Exploration ability for the Thief class, and allows the character to avoid encounters with enemies whose levels are lower than the ability's level.

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