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Enclave Officer Uniform
Enclave Officer Uniform
DR: 5
item HP: 100
weight: 3
value: 8
effects: Energy Weapons +5
repair: Enclave Officer Uniform
base id: 340DE
Enclave Officer Hat
DR: 2
item HP: 10
weight: 1
value: 6
effects: Energy Weapons +5
repair: Enclave Officer Hat
base id: 78647

The Enclave Officer Uniform is standard Enclave Officer apparel in Fallout 3.

Both items can only be repaired with another copy of them, or by any Repair merchant, capped to his/her skill.



The Enclave Officer Uniform is actually composed of two garments, a jet-black uniform and tan jacket and pants that are worn over it. The outer layer is made of a sturdy material designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the wasteland. The uniform comes with a pair of knee-length boots, black gloves, a utility belt and an integrated communications device, located over the wearer's right breast. All in all, it provides adequate protection from the elements... this is not the case with bullets or other lethal projectiles, though.


  • Wearing this uniform will not affect your standing with Enclave personnel.
  • The hat is the only hat to provide a bonus to Energy Weapons.


Enclave Officer Uniforms appear in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

  • The hat resembles the hats worn by the Imperial Officers of the Star Wars movies, which in turn were based off of the WW2 German M43 Field cap.


  • The glove on the left hand is known to clip with the Pip-Boy, thus making it hard to use the Pip-Boy while wearing the uniform.
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