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For an overview of Enclave Power Armor models in various games, see Enclave Power Armor.
Enclave Hellfire Armor
Enclave Hellfire Armor
DR: 50
item HP: 2000
weight: 40
value: 1000
effects: ST +1, Fire Resistance +30, Radiation Resistance +15
repair: Enclave Hellfire Armor
base id: xx001081
Enclave Hellfire Helmet
DR: 10
item HP: 100
weight: 4
value: 120
effects: CH -1, Fire Resistance +5, Radiation Resistance +5
repair: Enclave Hellfire Helmet
base id: xx001080

Enclave Hellfire Armor is a heat-resistant type of Power Armor worn by the specialized Enclave Hellfire Troopers, deployed by the Enclave in 2277. The technology behind Hellfire Armor is supposedly more advanced than that of the Tesla Power Armor used by the Enclave Soldiers.



This armor is equal to the Wasteland T-51b Power Armor in terms of DR, item HP, and weight. It does, however, offer inferior rad resistance; 15 as opposed to 25 for the body, and 5 as opposed to 8 for the helmet, as well as a -1 Charisma stat for the Hellfire Helmet as opposed to the T-51b Helmet which has a +1 Charisma stat. This is made up for with +30 Fire resistance, and a +1 Strength stat. It makes a good Power Armor for those who prefer to use Small Guns, as it is one of a few types that have no Agility penalty.

In contrast to the T-51b which is limited to merchant repair, the Enclave Hellfire Armor can be repaired with other sets of Hellfire Armor. This advantage alone may make it the better choice among the game's several Power Armors. That, however, should not be taken for granted as Hellfire troopers are still an uncommon enemy.


Armor Comparison

Armor Damage Resistance Rad Resistance Other Resistances
and Bonuses
Stat Bonuses Item HP
T-51b Power Armor +50/ Helmet: +10 +25/ Helmet: +8 None Helmet: +1 CH 2000/ Helmet: 100
Winterized T-51b Power Armor +45/ Helmet: +10 +25/ Helmet: +8 None Helmet: +1 CH infinite/ Helmet: infinite
Tesla Power Armor +43/ Helmet: +9 +20/ Helmet: +5 +10 Energy Weapons Helmet: -1 CH 1500/ Helmet: 100
Advanced Power Armor Mk II +40/ Helmet: +9 +15/ Helmet: +5 None +1 ST, -1 AG/
Helmet: -1 CH
1200/ Helmet: 75
Enclave Hellfire Armor +50/ Helmet: +10 +15/ Helmet: +5 +30 Fire/ Helmet: +5 Fire +1 ST/ Helmet: -1 CH 2000/ Helmet: 100


  • No explanation has been given in the game for how the Enclave produced Hellfire Power Armor. The Brotherhood of Steel's Power Armor consists entirely of obsolete T-45d models, which were replaced by the T-51b model shortly before the Great War, and the Enclave used Advanced Power Armor Mk.II and Tesla Power Armor. Hellfire Power Armor resembles a combination of the T-45d and Advanced Power Armor Mk. II designs, and is presumably new and exclusive to the East Coast Enclave operation. The Enclave was either inspired by the older T-45d design and incorporated it into the new model, or was restricted to less advanced manufacturing techniques which forced designers to abandon the aesthetics of previous Enclave armors in favor of more utilitarian approaches.


Enclave Hellfire Armor appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.


Broken Steel (add-on)
Armor of Fallout 3
Power Armor in the Fallout games

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