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For an article about the military strength of the Enclave, see Enclave military strength.

Symbol of the Enclave
founder(s): Unknown
leader(s): Dick Richardson (Fallout 2)
John Henry Eden (Fallout 3)
headquarters: Oil Rig
Raven Rock
Mobile Base Crawler
locations: West Coast:
Navarro, Oil Rig
East Coast:
Raven Rock, Satellite Relay Station, Adams Air Force Base
Fallout 2:
Vice-President Daniel Bird
Tom Murray
Dr. Charles Curling
Dr. Schreber
Colonel Sanders
Navarro Base Commander
Special Agent Frank Horrigan
Fallout 3:
Colonel Augustus Autumn
Armory Master
Enclave Sigma Leader

The Enclave is a shadowy, militaristic organization, directly descended from the pre-War United States government and military industrial complex, that claims to still have authority over the ravaged country that serve as the main antagonists in Fallout 2 and Fallout 3. It is composed mostly of the descendants of government officials and military officers with ties to powerful corporations who retreated to a Poseidon Energy oil rig when the Great War started. They generally consider most people born outside the Enclave to be mutants fit only for eradication.

However, isolated Enclave shards e.g. in the Midwest do not follow the general modus operandi of the Enclave, instead aiming at truly rebuilding the United States, rather than eradicating perceived mutants. These are mostly made up of doctors and scientists. Arcade Gannon came from one of these shards.[1]



Enclave troops in front of a Vertibird.
The seal on the Poseidon oil rig entry level floor - "ENCLAVE" seems to have been added later.

The Enclave takes pride in being one of the last bastions of pure strain humanity left, aside from the unopened Vaults. Because of the effects of radiation and the Forced Evolutionary Virus on the people of the Wasteland, members of the Enclave generally do not consider them to be human any more, even if they look no less human than they do. They, as well as other mutated creatures, like super mutants and ghouls, are considered to be sub-humans that are at best to be used as slaves, and at worst eradicated so that "true humanity" could take their place as the real nation of America.

The Enclave's government and armed forces structures mirror that of the pre-War United States government and the U.S. Army. The government is headed by the President, and according to some speeches made on Enclave Radio there is still some form of Congress. The Enclave's scientists continue to do research on armor (e.g. the Advanced Power Armor) and weapons after the War and thus have even better equipment than the Brotherhood of Steel, who only have U.S. Military standard issue left over from when the Great War broke out. The Enclave also has access to one of the last supplies of fossil fuel in the world and the advanced Vertibird helicopters.




The Star-Spangled Banner

One of the few old world organizations to survive the Great War, the Enclave was once the shadow government of the United States. Members of the Enclave both embraced the idea of a nuclear war and knew that the common man could not survive it. They believed that as long as the "important people" of the United States survived, they could regroup quickly and wipe out communism once and for all. Though not technically part of the Enclave, many powerful corporations benefited from the Enclave's actions and their research facilities were protected during the "firestorm" of 2077.

In 2073, as the global race to exploit the handful of remaining natural resources reached its fevered peak, the United States managed to stake a claim on the world's last known supply of crude oil, buried thousands of feet beneath the Pacific Ocean.

Poseidon Oil, a major U.S. energy concern, was contracted to build an oil rig and extract the oil. Before long, the oil ran dry and it was abandoned by Poseidon.

Come 2077, with total nuclear war rapidly arriving at America's doorstep, the President of the United States and a number of other United States government officials left their posts to take refuge in a number of secret locations around the world. Among them was the Poseidon oil rig. Here, the President himself set up a secret base from which the USA could continue to exist and wage war on China, with the eventual goal of retaking the continental United States.

The Vault Experiment Program

The following is based on Van Buren.
A poster advertising the Vault program.

The Vaults were funded by the U.S. government and, accordingly, the government had control over them. Ostensibly, they were intended to allow a selection of privileged United States citizens to survive the Great War. Secretly, however, a large part of the Vault Project had a far more sinister goal. The U.S. government's real plan to survive a nuclear war was simply to find another planet to live on after blowing up this one. A spacecraft designed to ferry the human race to another planet was either under construction or ready to go before the War. The plan was for the government to flee to the oil rig, and then leave in a spaceship for another planet the Enclave (?) or other personnel responsible for safeguarding the bloom field space center had either been ordered off of, taken to safe locations, or simply abandoned the space center. [2].

Any voyage to space would have been very difficult and fraught with unforeseeable complications. Thus, to test the aptitude of the average American person to travel to another planet, many of the Vaults were designed to have some sort of critical flaw. Vault 12, in Bakersfield (better known as the Necropolis), had a faulty Vault door that wouldn't close all the way, allowing dangerous radiation to leak in, leading to the creation of California's ghoul population. Vault 15, which is a few miles east of Vault 13, was built normally (the rock slide that buried its control center was accidental), but it was populated with a diverse mix of races and people to see what sort of tensions arise when varied backgrounds are packed into a small environment. Vault 13, the home of the Vault Dweller in Fallout, was intended to stay shut for a full 200 years to test the effects of long term isolation (the troubles with the water chip forced the Overseer to improvise, potentially ruining the experiment as much of the Vault's population left to found Arroyo). The types and purposes of the experiments go on. Vault 8 (which is the Vault that Vault City was built around) was a control group, a Vault intended to exist normally to serve as a reference point for the other Vaults.

In order to monitor the populations being experimented upon, the Enclave's oil rig possessed a great deal of equipment that allowed them to observe and control the Vaults. For example, the Enclave sent the all clear signal to Vault 8 shortly after the War, prompting them to leave their Vault and build their city. These monitoring tools also let the Enclave see that the population of Vault 13 was largely intact. Thus, they traveled in force to Vault 13 and sent a command to the Vault's computers to open the Vault door. After taking care of some mild resistance, the Enclave troops rounded up the residents of Vault 13 and shipped them off to the oil rig in Vertibirds to take part in the Chemical Corps' FEV experiments.

Eventually, due to either a change of plans by the Enclave's leadership or the spacecraft being destroyed, the Enclave abandoned their initial goal of settling on another planet, and decided to resettle the one they already had, although the Vault monitoring and research continued (as the Vault Behavioral Project Dr. Henry mentions).

Rise to power

Dick Richardson, President of the United States in 2242.

For a long time after the Great War, the Enclave sat quietly in its oil rig, consolidating its forces and working on gaining a technological edge over anyone on the mainland. Eventually, though, when they felt it would be safe, they decided it was time to move out and start working towards the rebirth of America. Using their rather impressive Vertibirds, the Enclave sent out scouting parties all over California, the closest state to the oil rig.

What they found there scared them considerably: mutation was rampant. The Enclave scouting parties arrived in California after the Master's defeat, and so saw super mutants and ghouls littering the land and the destruction and ravages they caused. When this was reported to the higher ups at the Enclave, it was decided that all the mutants would have to go. It occurred to the Enclave that those who had lived out in the open on the mainland for over a hundred years since the end of the war must have been contaminated or compromised somehow by radiation...or worse (indeed, most people living in the Wasteland were inoculated with an airborne mutation of FEV immunizing them to the full effects of the real serum). These mutants too, then, would have to be destroyed before true humanity, true America, could once again lay claim to the mainland.

Reconnaissance and exploration of California continued: the Enclave didn't have any means of carrying out their genocidal ambitions short of destroying the world all over again with nuclear weapons. Eventually, Enclave troops stumbled across the old abandoned Mariposa Military Base, where research on the Forced Evolutionary Virus had been done before the Great War. The FEV was what created the super mutants that most threatened the Enclave, and it would eventually come to be the Enclave's solution to these same mutants.

The Enclave excavated the military base, largely using slave labor gathered from the nearby mining town of Redding, eventually finding the vats deep inside the lower levels of the base. Though they had been buried in rock and forgotten for decades, the vats still contained that old familiar green bubbling gunk, the Forced Evolutionary Virus. The Enclave gathered samples to be sent back to the oil rig for further analysis. Before long, though, the slave miners, some being fully exposed to raw FEV, others likely falling into the vats accidentally, began to mutate into a second generation of super mutants. The mutant slaves soon overthrew their guards. Seizing their weapons, hardware left behind by the first mutant army or anything lying around, the super mutants stormed the upper levels and quickly overran the troops in the base. Panicked and retreating, the Enclave troopers on the upper levels fled the base and used explosives to seal the entrance, trapping the second generation mutants inside the base.

The Final Solution

A West Coast Enclave trooper.

Even though things went badly at Mariposa, the Enclave still had the samples of FEV they needed. Back at the oil rig, the United States Chemical Corps began work on the serum immediately. They found that it would be possible to make from FEV an incredibly potent and lethal toxin. But, in order for research to progress, they would need test subjects. They needed two test groups: one of clean, pure humans and another composed of the "mutants" that lived all over the mainland, suffering radiation and FEV exposure for decades that, to the Enclave, made them unclean. The unclean sample was easily obtained by kidnapping the entire population of Arroyo.

The clean group would be more difficult to obtain though. The Enclave wouldn't allow the Chemical Corps to use people living on the oil rig (presumably because they were all too important to the Enclave's various projects). So, they had to look elsewhere. Once again, the mainland provided the needed stock. The stock source turns out to be the residents of Vault 13, the "Control Group", as President Richardson puts it. Before long, the Chemical Corps developed their super toxin. It was found to be 100% lethal to tainted humans.

Fall and Aftermath

Just as the Enclave was preparing to launch the poison into the jet stream to kill the entire population of the mainland, a tribal known as the Chosen One arrived at the oil rig on the Poseidon oil tanker that had sat in San Francisco for years. The Chosen One freed the survivors of both the Vault 13 population as well as the Arroyo tribals and started a self-destruct sequence in the oil rig that destroyed the entirety of the Enclave's headquarters, saving the world from horrible death at the hands of the mutant FEV.

The apparent destruction of the Enclave erased all trace of President Richardson from history. Now the title of "President" is used there simply as a bogeyman to frighten children. However, the destruction of the oil rig did not cause all of Enclave to be destroyed, as Navarro and other, smaller outposts on the mainland were able to survive.


John Henry Eden, President of the United States in 2277.

The Enclave was not destined to die with the oil rig. Remaining West Coast Enclave forces, under the command of a high-ranking scientist called Autumn, rallied to the command of a new, enigmatic President, John Henry Eden, and rallied to the facility of Raven Rock on the East Coast. Unbeknownst to anyone but Autumn's father and later Autumn himself, Eden was in fact a ZAX super-AI developed by the Enclave in the pre-War period to allow the government to be continued in the event of disaster, and had achieved self-awareness and direction. Previously employed as Presidential adviser and Raven Rock administrator, Eden took command of the East Coast Enclave forces. For a further thirty years, the Enclave stayed shut up in Raven Rock, only sending out Eyebots to scout the wastes and transmit Enclave Radio to the denizens.

Meanwhile, Eden formulated new procedures to help usher in his vision of a new America:

Mission Directive: Establish and enforce Enclave presence among general populace, disposal of genetic non-compliance offenders.
I. Establish constituency enforcement point at coordinates 39.138 x -77.070. Monitor civilian movement in area, and debrief superior regarding any events of notable significance or regularity.
II. Distribute purified water rations to civilians willing to submit to genetic compliance screening. Participation in screening is compulsory for all civilians, and use of force is authorized in enforcement.
III. Genetic non-compliance offenders should be detained at checkpoint.
IV. To conserve consumption of Enclave resources, detainees should be disposed of by flame only when withholding facility becomes overcrowded, or detainees become unmanageable, whichever comes first.

"Genetic non-compliance" is specifically defined, during the player's conversation with John Henry Eden, it seems apparent that it kills mutants, ghouls and tainted citizens, meaning they intend to kill everyone except for isolated vault residents and Enclave citizens. President Eden claims that the Lone Wanderer is immune to the effects of the FEV due to the Wanderer being raised in a Vault, but what he doesn't know is that the Lone Wanderer was NOT born in a Vault, that means that he/she is "tainted." James and his son/daughter were let into Vault 101 by the Overseer, who needed a good doctor. Moriarty also mentions knowing James before he left for the Vault. This shows he was not born in the Vault and therefore is "tainted." If you choose to put the FEV vial into the Purifier and you continue the game with Broken Steel you'll notice that if you drink about four bottles of Aqua Pura you will die from the FEV.

The Second Final Solution

An East Coast Enclave trooper.

When, in 2277, Project Purity was completed, the Enclave acted at once. Troops under Autumn occupied the Purifier, and established a presence in the wastes, resisted by the Brotherhood of Steel. Later, after tracking the Lone Wanderer, they acquired a G.E.C.K. from the ruins of Vault 87. With the Purifier, the G.E.C.K., and the Wanderer captive, Eden had everything he needed.

Eden's plan was similar to Richardson's. He wanted to use the Project Purity purifier to infect the waters of the Potomac River with Richardson's lethal FEV toxin. Field commander Colonel Augustus Autumn starkly disagreed with this plan, instead wanting to make a bid to lead the populace by completing and activating the purifier, thus providing the Enclave with a strong bargaining chip in unifying the wastes under their flag.

The robotic President attempted to recruit the Lone Wanderer to carry out his own plans at infecting Project Purity with the Modified FEV, going so far even as to gun down his own soldiers to ensure the Wanderer safe passage.

Last Stand

Significant elements of the Enclave survived, however, with the bulk of their remaining forces having relocated to the remote Adams Air Force Base and clustered around other vital positions. The Brotherhood of Steel continued to push the offensive, successfully using Liberty Prime on several further occasions to storm Enclave strong points, with brigades of knights and paladins mopping up the broken Enclave lines. During an operation to investigate the Enclave-held Satellite Relay Station, the Enclave called down an orbital strike, destroying Liberty Prime and the Brotherhood's main advantage over the Enclave. Even with this victory, the Enclave had still been severely depleted by the Brotherhood onslaught, and was unprepared for the invasion of Adams Air Force Base. The Lone Wanderer infiltrated the Mobile Base Crawler. Before being airlifted away from the mobile base, the Lone Wanderer reset its orbital strike targeting system to attack Adams Air Force Base, resulting in the total destruction of the mobile base and the elimination of the Enclave as a threat to the Capital Wasteland. Several isolated Enclave holdouts remained, but the Brotherhood already had plans to deal with them in the near future. Alternatively, the Lone Wanderer can also call an orbital strike on the Citadel, causing the downfall of both the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave.

Enclave Facilities

This is a list of Enclave facilities encountered by the player in the games. Background material, in-game dialogue, floating text, or other sources may indicate the existence of other facilities, but these are not included in this list.

West Coast

Oil Rig

The oil rig.
Main article: Oil Rig

The Poseidon Energy oil rig off the coast of California served as the base for the post-Great War American government and the Enclave. The government was relocated to the rig as soon as the bombs fell and it served as the Enclave headquarters until its destruction by a tribal known as the "Chosen One".


Main article: Navarro

Navarro is a quite large outpost recently constructed by the Enclave on the coast of the mainland. It is a retrofitted oil refinery that served mainly as a refueling stop for Vertibirds carrying out missions in California as well as a general base of operations outside the oil rig. Navarro figures prominently in Fallout 2, with many plot critical elements being found here. Navarro perimeter is patrolled by Enclave Control Company light teams, that are independent from Base Commander.

Mariposa Military Base

Mariposa was a pre-War U.S. military base where the Forced Evolutionary Virus research was being done. After the War, it was taken over by the Master who used it to create an army of super mutants. After the Master's defeat and the base's destruction, it was excavated by the Enclave, but abandoned when the mutant slaves rebelled.

Vault 13

Main article: Vault 13

After emptying Vault 13 of its inhabitants, the Enclave left behind a pack of intelligent, talking deathclaws to guard the Vault and keep any nosy explorers from finding out what had happened to the Vault dwellers and tracing it back to the Enclave. Unfortunately, the Deathclaws weren't loyal to the Enclave and helped the Chosen One quite a bit, sealing their eradication by an Enclave assault squad headed by agent Frank Horrigan.

East Coast

Raven Rock

Raven Rock
Main article: Raven Rock

Raven Rock was the Enclave's main base of operation in 2277. It can be found in the northwestern part of the Capital Wasteland. The base itself is not accessible during free-form play; you arrive here after Finding the Garden of Eden and escape during The American Dream, and the entrance seals behind you.

The Lone Wanderer is captured and taken to Raven Rock and held in an interrogation room by Colonel Augustus Autumn. President Eden asks for the Lone Wanderer to be released so he can speak to him privately. Upon reaching President Eden, the Lone Wanderer is asked to place the modified FEV in Project Purity. It is possible through a speech check to convince him to self destruct or use your science to program the ZAX self destruction code in Colonel Autumn's footlocker to destroy himself and the Raven Rock base. However, the destruction of Eden and Raven Rock does not destroy the Enclave, but when you destroy the base, Enclave Radio will disappear. The Lone Wanderer will continue to encounter Enclave forces throughout the Wasteland.

Satellite Relay Station

During the events of Broken Steel the Satellite Relay Station was the Enclave's main communications installation after the loss of Raven Rock. The facility was used primarily to coordinate the remainder of Enclave forces following the devastating defeat at the Purifier. During an offensive by the Brotherhood of Steel led by Liberty Prime, the defending forces of the Station contacted the Mobile Base Crawler to call down an orbital strike on the robot's position. Liberty Prime is destroyed, but shortly afterward the Station is lost to the Brotherhood.

Adams Air Force Base

The Mobile Base Crawler
Main article: Adams Air Force Base

Adams Air Force Base was the headquarters of the Enclave forces during the events of Broken Steel, after the abandonment of Raven Rock. Located just outside the Capital Wasteland and accessible through the Presidential Metro, the base facilities housed the Enclave's remaining VB-02 Vertibirds and was defended by squads of soldiers and artillery emplacements. The heart of Enclave operations in the area was the Mobile Base Crawler, which featured a satellite communications dish capable of calling down an orbital strike from an unknown orbital weapons platform. The Mobile Base can be destroyed by its own orbital strikes, and Adams Air Force Base is taken control over by the Brotherhood of Steel.

Notable Enclave members




Frank Horrigan, U.S. Secret Service agent, mutated freak and Fallout 2 endboss

Though the Enclave remained enigmatic and elusive, their isolationist policies were also characterized by heavy technology scavenging, research, and other mainland interactions fueling their sinister ambitions.

  • In New Reno, the Enclave was involved in a confidential exchange with the Salvatore family. The terms of the agreement were that the Enclave would provide the Salvatores with powerful energy weapons (laser pistols in fact), giving them an intimidating edge over the other Reno families, in exchange for which the Salvatores gave the Enclave drugs and slaves.
  • July 20, 2242: Arroyo village was raided for human comparative sample (theoretically no witnesses left). This event should be correlated with Chosen One's 4th Arroyo dream.
  • In a canyon not far outside of Klamath, a small town in Northern California (former state of Oregon territory) not far from Arroyo, an Enclave vertibird crashed, killing its crew (July 2241). A single Mr. Handy model robot survived the accident but it malfunctioned, leading the simple residents of Klamath to assume the canyon was haunted. Aside from the robot, two unarmed guards corpses, and the crashed vertibird itself, a single yellow keycard was found at the crash site.
  • The Enclave use PoseidoNet, which is still patched into Poseidon Energy Gecko' reactor systems, allowing them to communicate with users logged onto the nuclear power plant's computer (there are 4 computer stations: two on the oil rig, one in Navarro, one in Gecko).
  • Tanker in San Francisco was disabled and controlled with FOB by Navarro Base Commander.
  • There are some Fallout 2 NPC's, who are Enclave deserters, like Dr. Henry in Shady Sands and captain A. Ron Meyers, in charge on the PMV Valdez in San Francisco (former Enclave technician).
  • Miners from Redding saw a Vertibird flying in a south-western direction.
  • William Brandice was a Navarro deserter/survivor who lived in Grayditch in the Capital Wastes.
  • Their presence was probably known by Vic, who promised Metzger a radio, that could intercept transmissions from the Enclave and New Reno.
  • A great number of San Francisco factions know of the Enclave's presence.
    • AHS-9 reveals comprehensive knowledge about the Enclave and their base of operations.
    • The Shi can see the Vertibirds flying overhead and are seeking to replicate the technology along with the Brotherhood of Steel. Both groups are aware of some semblance of the Enclave as a major military presence.
    • The captain of the tanker is an A.W.O.L. Navarro technician and so has intimate knowledge of the Enclave.
    • Matt, the local member of the Brotherhood of Steel mentions that since the BoS has the best pre-war technologies at hand but the Enclave has even better, they are wary of the Enclave's intentions. Attempts to make contact ended with failure.
  • Lynette in Vault City inquires about the Enclave's Power Armor to the Chosen One after the conclusion of Fallout 2, though it is unknown whether she had any knowledge of the Enclave prior to their destruction.
  • New Reno citizens praise the Chosen One for his success over the Enclave and claim to have been able to see the explosion from the mainland, it is unknown whether these floating texts are meant to be considered canon as they make open reference to game developers.
  • According to one of the possible Fallout 2 endings, the Enclave survivors join the army of the new, right-wing New California Republic government (happens if the player carries out Bishop's tasks).
  • 2277: The Brotherhood of Steel has complete knowledge about who are the Enclave, although the source of the information is unknown (probably the Chosen One shared his knowledge).
  • Three Dog is also aware of their intentions and is spreading heavy anti-Enclave propaganda through radio in an effort to rally the Capital Wasteland against them; at first, this took the place of verbally ridiculing President Eden.
  • After capturing Project Purity, the Enclave deployed a significant amount of troops around the Capital Wasteland who, under the guise of providing purified water, detained people passing by and executed the "genetic non-compliance offenders".
  • A pre-War organization known as Quaere Verum succeeded in stealing a prototype weapon from the Enclave, but were swiftly eradicated.

Appearances in games

The Enclave appears in Fallout 2 and Fallout 3. It might have appeared in Van Buren, Black Isle's canceled Fallout 3 project, and it certainly played an important part in the game series' back-story. In every game, either the Enclave (directly or indirectly) or the Super Mutants serve as the primary villains of the game.



See also


  1. Own sources.
  2. Information acquired from Tim Cain by Paweł "Ausir" Dembowski as being the original purpose of the Vault experiment in Fallout 2 design documents. Also mentioned in the Bloomfield Space Center design document for Van Buren:
    In November, 2076, the Enclave seized control of Bloomfield Space Center. They knew nuclear war was just around the corner, so they tried to refit the Hermes-13 and convert it into a vehicle that would take selected personnel (mainly themselves) off-planet, destination yet to be determined.
Enclave of the United States of America

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Team Template Team Template

Official Name

Team Identity


Base Of Operations
(currently) Beehive, Costa Perdita, South America;
(formerly) the Beehive on a rocky plateau on a small island in the North Atlantic Ocean; an undisclosed location in Europe; an base in an undisclosed location in the American Midwest; a building in the South Bronx; Genosha

Current Members
Wladyslav Shinski, Carlo Zota (Earth-616)Carlo Zota

Former Members


First appearance

Fantastic Four #66
(September, 1967)



The Enclave is a small band of scientists who have dedicated themselves to using technology to create a benevolent world dictatorship under their rule. The Enclave was founded by four scientists, each of whom had a different area of expertise. They were Maris Morlak, a Lithuanian nuclear physicist, Jerome Hamilton, an American medical biologist, Carlo Zota, a Spanish electronics technician, and Wladyslav Shinski, a Polish geneticist. The four of them met at a world convention of scientists, and upon discovering their mutual world view, decided to pool their financial resources to create an independent scientific community. Over the period of a year, each scientist faked his own death and then rendezvoused with the others on a small island in the North Atlantic Ocean. On this unnamed island, a friend of Hamilton's, archaeologist Daniel Damian, had discovered ruins of a technologically advanced stronghold (now believed to be an abandoned outpost of the Deviants) and told Hamilton of his find. The four Enclave scientists used the scrap metal in the ruins to create their own Citadel of Science, which they nicknamed the Beehive. After about a decade of work, the Beehive was fully operational, and it became one of the foremost scientific research facilities on Earth, rivaling the High Evolutionary's stronghold on Wundagore Mountain, Arnim Zola's castle in Switzerland, Maelstrom's fortress-laboratory at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, and Centurious' Pacific island facility.

Working together, and using the abandoned technological devices they found there, the Enclave scientists created a number of scientific breakthroughs, including anti-gravity transmitters, molecular bond-severing blades, and a teleportation machine with a 2,000 mile range. The first project upon which they pinned their hopes of effecting their goals, however, was in the field of genetics. Their plan was to create a vastly powerful new race of human beings under their control with which to subjugate the rest of humanity. For almost a decade, the four scientists labored, bioengineering human DNA molecules to create life, irradiating it with various energies to imbue it with power, and chemically accelerating its growth. When their prototype reached maturity, it escaped its incubation chamber before they could set it free. Due to its rapid maturation, they were unable to place within the creature's mind the proper safeguards enabling them to control it. The creature, referred to only as "Him," manifested its various energy-manipulating powers, causing its creators to flee before they could even learn what it looked like. Using the teleportation machine, Hamilton kidnapped noted sculptor Alicia Masters and brought her to the Beehive to sculpt Him's likeness. After he persuaded her to do as they ask, Hamilton was conscience-stricken and insisted he accompany her into the chamber where Him was. In the meantime, Alicia Masters's friends in the Fantastic Four realized she was missing and managed to locate the Beehive. Just before the Fantastic Four rescued Masters and escaped through the Enclave's teleportation machine, Hamilton was killed in a rockslide caused by one of Him's energy discharges. Zoto warned Him that the energy necessary for flight would cause the total destruction of the Beehive. Believing them to be evil, Him flew off in defiance of the warning. (Him later became known as Adam Warlock).

The Beehive sustained great damage in the process of Him's first major manifestation of power, but it was not totally destroyed nor were Zota, Shinsky, and Morlak killed, as Him was led to believe. (An account that Him temporarily transported the Beehive to another dimension is erroneous, since Him never possessed such an ability.) The Enclave lost most of the mercenaries they employed as guards in the Beehive, but they nevertheless began to rebuild their facilities. When it was completed, they undertook their second genetic experiment, a duplication of the first which they hoped to keep under control. When the second creature reached maturity, the Enclave enlisted the unwilling aid of Dr. Stephen Strange, a former famed surgeon. The Enclave wanted Strange to use their remote-controlled laser to perform brain surgery on the creature to ensure that it would obey them. Despite their precautions, the creature regained control of its own mind shortly after it emerged from its cocoon-like womb, and released sufficient energies to cause the Beehive's island base to break up and sink beneath the sea. The creature, calling itself Paragon, created a new cocoon for itself and went inside to complete its metamorphosis. (When it finally emerged, it called itself Her.)

The three Enclavers managed to survive the flooding of their island-base and fled to mainland Europe where they established a new temporary headquarters. Acquiring funds by selling certain inventions to HYDRA, the Enclave helped finance the Security College, an institution advertised to provide the progeny of ambassadors, politicians, and business tycoons with a secure collegiate environment. In reality, the Enclave sought to use the students to acquire classified industrial, political, and military information. To do so, the Enclave hired the Monocle, a German who invented various means of data-extracting thought hypnosis. At the same time the Enclave learned of the existence of the genetically advanced Inhumans and decided to conquer them in order to take control of their technology. Using a variation of their teleportation machine, they captured Medusa of the Inhumans' Royal Family to use as a hostage. The Enclave then decided to terminate the Security College project, feeling it to be a risky failure. When the Monocle refused to abandon the project and allowed its true purpose to be discovered, the Enclave detonated the Monocle's escape-shuttle, thereby killing him.

Shortly thereafter, the Enclave launched their first attack on the Inhumans, using hired mercenaries as their militia. The Enclave was aided in their war effort by the renegade Inhuman Maximus, who sabotaged his own people's defense systems, and by an outbreak of disease among the Inhumans caused by a reaction to Earth's increasing pollution. The Enclave's first war against the Inhumans ended when Maximus betrayed the Enclave and helped turn the Enclave's weapons against them. Medusa was freed in the process.

None of the three principal Enclavers were taken captive in the defeat, only their mercenary soldiers. A short time later, the Enclave was contacted once more by Maximus, this time from the moon, where the Inhumans had moved their island to escape Earth's pollution. The Enclave's second war against the Inhumans was a secret one, as Maximus, possessing the body of his brother Black Bolt, permitted them to infiltrate the Inhumans' city. There they launched an attack on Earth designed to get Earth to retaliate against the Inhumans. The plot failed, due to the intervention of the Avengers, and for the first time two of the Enclave members, Morlak and Zota, were taken into custody by the authorities and tried for their treacherous acts.

Due to his infirmity, Shinski had not gone to the moon with his colleagues and hence avoided imprisonment. He eventually acquired the minimal resources to build a makeshift teleportation machine enabling him to free his fellows.

Attempting to secretly fly out of JFK airport, the Enclave was discovered by the police. As they tried to escape, they skidded their plane into Jamaica Bay, sending Shinsky's latest project to the bottom of the bay. Investigation of the plane wreck led the Avengers to find yet another cocoon, which turned out by coincidence to be the dormant Jean Grey, who had no connection to the Enclave. From a hospital bed, Shinsky claimed that the tank they were carrying only contained certain chemical compounds, which were rendered inert by the waters of the bay. Following recovery from their injuries, the three Enclavers were sent to prison.

The Enclave later obtained both financial backing and the assistance of an agent named Frank from the group known as AIM. In exchange, they were to capture Kismet and turn her over to AIM. Shinsky had a stroke and was confined to a bed, requiring intravenous therapy after suffering heart and lung damage. In a new base somewhere in the American Midwest, they rebuilt their Transfer Grid.

Morlak and Zota used the Grid to travel to Project: Pegasus, where they abducted the cocoon containing the healing form of Kismet . After removing Kismet from the cocoon, they placed it around Shinsky, curing him of his ailments. While Shinsky was overjoyed at seeing his only "daughter," Morlak and Zota planned to extract some of Kismet's DNA and inject themselves, in hopes of turning into metahumans. Frank, however, assaulted Morlak and Zota, preventing them from betraying AIM as they had intended. Kismet stopped Frank from killing Shinsky, but Frank revealed himself to be an Adaptoid and adapted Kismet's original powers as Paragon. As the two fought, Shinsky infected and destroyed the Paragon Adaptoid with a genetic virus, which had been designed as a failsafe should Kismet attack them. Kismet then created more healing cocoons for the three Enclavers, and decided to stay with them and nurture her "parents."

Some time after the defeat of the Paragon Adaptoid, the Enclave were each transformed into powerful metahumans, as they had previosly desired. Their advanced minds turned them away from their former plans of world conquest, although their desire to cure the ills of humanity remained. They soon found that they could not leave each other's immediate presence (with 10 meters), or suffer power loss and great pain. Testing their powers over the next few days, the trio proved themselves by stopping a dangerous tornado, saving dying patients, bringing rain to a drought region, curing deadly jungle diseases, disposing of nuclear waste, revitalizing rain forests, etc. However, they were unaware of the long-term affects of their actions, and several places suffered even worse fates from their overcompensations. Kismet tried to stop them, but their actions caused a volcano to erupt. With her aid, they averted the disaster, and they accepted her advice to learn more about their powers by investigating their source. She accompanied them out into space.

The Enclave's powers eventually faded and they returned to Earth. Wanting to get their operations back up and running again, the Enclave hired the Tinkerer to reconstruct their Transfer Grid. Fallen on hard times, the Enclave operated out of a building in the South Bronx, where they designed control chips which they implanted in criminals and other dregs of society in order to use them as drones. They also built a robot, the Remote, which they used to acquire needed technology from other companies. The Remote killed a security guard in the process of looting Micron Labs, and his silhouette as he left made witnesses think he was Spider-Man. This drew both Spider-Man and the Thunderbolts to investigate. The Thunderbolts fought the Remote and then followed it back to the Enclave, while Spider-Man followed the Thunderbolts. With their most recent components, they completed work on their Bio-Modem, a beam able to control the minds of others, and their Transfer Grid. When the heroes confronted them, they used their Bio-Modem to take control of their minds, but Spider-Man and Mach-1 managed to set-up interference to the Modem's power and they freed the others. The heroes then destroyed the Remote. The members of the Enclave fled through the Grid, using its Omni-Retrieval function to take their equipment (including the Grid) with them.

Seeking for a way to jumpstart their efforts to bioengineer their master race, Morlak and Shinsky came upon the idea of usurping the creative genius of Reed Richards. Presumably with the aid of Zota, they designed a device to do just this. Possibly hoping to pique Richards' interest, they traveled to the monastery of the Tibetan Monks of Doom, the same sect that had constructed the armor of Doctor Doom. Slaughtering many of the monks, they enslaved the rest, and had them forge a pair of armored suits similar to those worn by Doom. In Stockholm, Sweden, Morlak, as Crucible, attacked a scientific symposium, injuring all present. As intended this drew him into a conflict with Reed Richards, during which he used a decoy device (thought to be a bomb) to drive away the Thing and their ally, Alyssa Moy. As he fought Richards, Crucible activated a device that drained Richards inventive genius, transferring it into himself. He then escaped, unseen.

Morlak and Shinsky then relocated to Genosha, where they set up shop and began using the war torn nation as a proving grounds for their weapons and tactics. At the same time, they began gathering and experimenting on the Genoshan people, hoping to transform them into their master race. At some point, they captured Kismet and managed to brainwash her into serving them. Altering her appearance and powers, they renamed her Ayesha (She who must be Obeyed).

Seeking a means to oppose Crucible, the Genoshan government sent the Press Gang, alongside Trapster, to capture Reed Richards. The remaining members of the Fantastic Four traveled to Genosha in pursuit of Reed, but were confronted and defeated by Ayesha. She brought them to Crucible, who swapped their minds with a trio of his Genoshan accomplices, Jomo Kimaine, Farisa Mansour, and Harry Soong. The three heroes, trapped in powerless bodies, escaped from Crucible's prison.

The powerless heroes were reunited with Reed and, along with Genoshan Chief Magistrate Anderson, stormed Crucible's base. Ben, Johnny, and Sue fought their powered counterparts and reclaimed their bodies. Meanwhile, Reed entered the inner sanctum and discovered the Enclave's human guinea pigs. Morlak revealed his identity and confronted Richards, but soon began to crack under the stress of caused by the continued influx of thoughts and ideas from Reed Richards' stolen inventive genius. Just then Shinsky appeared, also wearing Crucible armor, and blasted Morlak, killing him. Shinsky pronounced Morlak as unworthy of claiming the cosmos and of serving as Ayesha's consort. He named himself as the true Crucible, with Morlak as just his lackey. Mister Fantastic managed to stun Crucible, who fled when the rest of the Fantastic Four, having regained their powers, arrived. Crucible located Ayesha who had been fighting Anderson. The magistrate surprised both of them with a Black Hole Grenade, which generated a miniature event horizon, pulling the three of them in, apparently ending the threat of Crucible forever.

Carlo Zota's current activities and whereabouts are unknown.



  • The Beehive: Also known as the Citadel of Science, this was the Secret Fortress of the Enclave, built on an island that apparently once served as a Deviant fortress. Work was initiated on it nearly two decades before the start of the modern era. It was one of the most technologically advanced facilities on the planet at its time. It served as the creation place of Him, who nearly destroyed it, and Paragon, who sunk it beneath the waves.


  • Transfer Grid: A teleportation device that allows beings wearing a special electronic bracelet to access the Grid, allowing them teleport to or from anywhere on Earth.

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Jedi Enclave
General information



Vodo-Siosk Baas


Old Republic era


Jedi Order

"As on Coruscant, Force Sensitive children are taken to Dantooine as well, though it is done rarely, and only with those they believe are destined to become Jedi Knights—it is the secret nature of the place. If you are not chosen by a master when you have come of age, however... then the path of the Jedi is denied you."

The Jedi Enclave was a secret Jedi academy located on Dantooine. As on Coruscant, Force-sensitive children were referred to the Jedi Council here as well, to be considered for Jedi training. Its active time period started before the Great Sith War and ceased with the attack on Dantooine by the forces of Darth Malak, supposedly resuming after the First Jedi Purge.



The superior Council chamber during the Great Hunt.
"Supposedly a Jedi Master established a training center here some four millennia ago, but I think these were ruins even then."
Finn Darktrin, 1 ABY

The Jedi Enclave was established by Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas, forty years prior to the Mandalorian Wars. He oversaw the academy himself until he was killed in the Great Sith War by Exar Kun, to whom he himself had taught the ways of the Force; responsibility was then conferred to a Council of four Jedi Masters, who counted among them a number of prominent members in the history of the Jedi Order. Likewise, some of the Order's most promising Padawans were sent to the Enclave, and indeed turned out changing the face of the galaxy for good or ill.

Trained on Dantooine under Master Baas' tutelage, Exar Kun almost brought about a new Golden Age of the Sith, when he was seduced by Force ghosts to the dark side of the Force, and took on the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith. He was responsible for the greatest loss of Jedi lore of all time, when he razed the Great Jedi Library of Ossus to the ground in 3,996 BBY. Revan was also trained on Dantooine and saved the Galactic Republic from the Mandalorian threat even as he built the foundation of his own Sith Empire. He turned a great many Jedi to the dark side and waged a Jedi Civil War that all but finished the Order. The Jedi Exile was trained at the Enclave as well. After she ended the perpetrators of the First Jedi Purge, she saw the Jedi Order start over through her apprentices. Darth Malak, who ruled the Sith after the capture of Darth Revan, was also trained at the academy.[1] Like Kun, he destroyed much Jedi teaching when he ordered orbital bombardment of the Enclave in 3,956 BBY.

Great Sith War

Back before the Great Sith War, among the other Jedi who trained on Dantooine beside Exar Kun, were the Cathar Jedi Knights Crado and Sylvar. The three used to spar with Master Baas in the Ancient Grove to the south and east of the Enclave. Lured by his promises of power, Crado joined Kun when he created the brotherhood of the Sith, while Sylvar ultimately remained true to the light side, despite several major trials, and became a strong voice in the Jedi Order. Shortly after the war, the Jedi High Council decided to take action against the threat of mighty creatures of the dark side that were discovered to be behind the disappearance of many Jedi on a variety of worlds; the Great Hunt for terentatek was officially over when the last specimens left were thought to be on Korriban, a planet with strong ties to the Sith, and therefore all too dangerous to seek out. Nevertheless, three Jedi Knights on Dantooine were secretly sent to continue the hunt, even though the Masters of the Enclave felt that the mission required more Jedi to succeed. Guun Han Saresh, Shaela Nuur and Duron Qel-Droma eventually failed their mission, leaving the remaining terentatek to Revan, who would encounter them during his quest against Darth Malak in the close of the Jedi Civil War.

Mandalorian Wars

The west courtyard of the Enclave, with entrance to the youngling's quarter and view of the superior council chamber.

Before the Mandalorians would invade the Republic, five students, who started at the Enclave their training in the ways of the Force, were assigned to a group of Jedi Masters serving at the Jedi Tower of Taris. At the end of their apprenticeship, Shad Jelavan, Kamlin, Oojoh, Gharn, and Zayne Carrick were all to be sacrificed in the name of a prophecy, made by their Masters, which foretold one of the Padawans would destroy the Jedi Order. The Padawan Massacre of Taris would have profound repercussions and lead to Mandalorian outbreak in the whole sector. Carrick, who managed to escape the Masters, and was framed for the murders, found a dependable ally in his original mentor from the academy of Dantooine. Vandar Tokare had taught Zayne before he was apprenticed to Lucien Draay, and was contacted by the fugitive Padawan when his Master's betrayal had left him with no one else he could trust. When his father, banker Arvan Carrick, was targeted by the five Masters still pursuing him, Vandar welcomed Zayne's family to Dantooine for as long as they liked and took Arvan as his new accountant.[2][3]

The Jedi Civil War

"Even the Sith would think twice before attacking Dantooine. There are many Jedi here, including several of the most powerful Masters of the Order. There is great strength within this place."
Bastila Shan

Up until the Sith attack, the Jedi Enclave served as a focal point for the local community, housing a landing facility and several shops. Common folk could be found milling around just outside the Enclave walls, where they were safe from raiders and kath hounds. After the Mandalorian Wars, the defeated clans were sent into exile on the Outer Rim, and since Dantooine was so far from the Core Worlds, some started gathering there and poured their inbred need for conquest into petty raids on the settlers. The Jedi at the Enclave also served as a local security force, solving kidnappings, murders and family disputes; they took no steps, however, to stop the Mandalorian raiders until actual casualties were reported. The farmer Jon, for instance, lost his daughter in a raid of the Mandalorian Sherruk; he sought an audience with the Council when Revan encountered him and promised to bring the murderers to justice.

Revan came to the Jedi Enclave on the Ebon Hawk, a star freighter he and Padawan Bastila Shan used to escape the destruction of Taris; the memories that had been created for him through the Force by the Jedi Council allowed him to be trained as a Jedi again without the dark taint of his past as ruler of the Sith. Jedi Master Zhar Lestin took it upon himself to train Revan once the Council was convinced that ignoring his newly manifest Force-sensitivity was not a safe course of action. Under the guidance of Jedi Master Dorak he chose a more specific path of Jedi training and constructed a new lightsaber in the training room of the Jedi Enclave. He was later sent by the Council on a quest to stop Malak and the Sith.

As part of his training, Revan confronted a fallen Jedi in the ancient grove and returned her to the Order. The Jedi was Juhani, a Cathar who received training on Dantooine from Jedi Master Quatra, and to whom the Council granted the wish to join Revan in his quest. More dark side followers ended up to the Enclave, swayed by Revan to seek a different path; soon after his arrival, the former Sith hopeful Kel Algwinn was apprenticed to a Jedi Master, and even a Sith Master such as Yuthura Ban found a second chance with the Jedi after her encounter with him. Other civilian visitors included Elise Montagne and Samnt, two Humans who got acquainted thanks to Revan; the Twi'leks Lur Arka Sulas and Sol'aa, the Duros Kni, and possibly the Telosian Jordo, the Mandalorian Jagi, and the Twi'leks Leena and Malare. Wealthy land owner Ahlan Matale would also visit the Enclave and bother Jedi Master Vrook Lamar with his bickerings with Nurik Sandral.

The Sith attack

Three Jedi Enclaves: original, ruined and rebuilt.
"There was much Jedi teaching buried here before the planet was attacked."
―Vrook Lamar

The Jedi Enclave was also one of the major storehouses for Jedi artifacts that were created after the destruction of Ossus. In 3,956 BBY, Sith forces bombarded the academy and the ruins were plundered by Malak, forty years after Exar Kun had done the same thing at the Great Jedi Library. The Enclave was left ruined, with only the sublevel partially intact; many Jedi died and their deaths would echo in the Force for years to follow, turning Dantooine into a cloak for Force users. Master Vrook took advantage of this to hide his presence during the First Jedi Purge. Following the Sith occupation, the settlers lost some ground in colonizing the planet, but they were able to sustain a semblance of government by exploiting the ruins of the Jedi Enclave. Salvagers became an organized group sanctioned by the Khoonda civil code and with settlements in the area of the east courtyard of the Enclave; the relics they were allowed to remove from designated salvage areas within the ruins were subject to a fee determined by their estimated value. By 3,951 BBY, Khoonda's salvage industry was still a main source of income for the local community, but the only place left with reasonable salvage was the sublevel, which had become infested with large vicious insects called laigreks.

During these years, the ruins were sought by others as well. The Handmaiden Brianna was appointed the task of acquiring a number of valuable Jedi relics by the former mistress of the Jedi Archives on Coruscant, Jedi Master Atris, who was gathering knowledge of the Force to a secret academy on Telos IV, as was intended in case of a sudden attack on the Jedi Enclave. Mical, a Republic diplomat on a mission to find trace of the Jedi, was found by the Jedi Exile in the archive of the Enclave sublevel as he guarded what Jedi lore was left. Before he would join the Exile on her mission to find the remnants of the High Council, he mentioned his conclusions on the thefts, implying the Jedi themselves were behind most of them, for the sake of a seeming effort to prevent their knowledge from being used to find Jedi. But much was taken by the Sith as well, as according to Master Vrook, some of the attacks dealt on secret Enclaves and gathering places of the Jedi required that the enemy had access to records and holocrons from the archive on Dantooine.

Return of the Jedi

"Do you actually believe a Jedi would return here? After all they've done to us… they wouldn't dare."
―A settler on Dantooine

Five years after the Jedi Civil War, citizens still held bitter memories of the Sith occupation that the presence of the Jedi Enclave cost them. Many hated the Jedi, and standing up for them became one way to be unpopular, although when the Jedi Exile returned to Dantooine and saved Khoonda from the mercenary forces of Azkul in the First Battle of Dantooine, their reputation was somewhat redeemed and the Enclave was partially rebuilt. Where once the entrance to the east was completely caved in, the Exile was able to pass with Jedi Master Kreia to meet the remnant of the High Council. Jedi Masters Zez-Kai Ell, Kavar and Vrook were called to the Enclave to answer the threat of the Sith Triumvirate; the Exile had sought them out on the planets of Nar Shaddaa, Onderon and Dantooine respectively, after Atris agreed to let her help the Jedi. But Kreia had been secretly using the Exile to draw out the Masters in hiding, and when they tried to harm the Exile in their misguided belief that she was the true threat, Kreia obliterated the Council and went after Atris, who had not come to the meeting. The Handmaiden Sisters arrived just as she left the council chamber, and she let them think they were bringing Atris a prisoner, so as to use them to reach the Telosian Jedi Academy.

The deaths of the Jedi Masters did not stop the academy from being used later on, however. The Enclave remained in use for centuries. For reasons unknown it was eventually abandoned and fell into ruin once again. After this, it is unknown if it was ever used by the Jedi again.

Cold War

The ruins of the Jedi Enclave in 3,653 BBY.
"I need your help, Lieutenant. Can you come to the ruins of the old Jedi Enclave ?"
―Fortris Gall to Tavus

During the Cold War the rebellious Jedi Knight Fortris Gall, had a meeting with Lieutenant Tavus in the ruins of the academy in order to make him aware of his plot against the Senate and the Jedi Council, who wanted to honor the Treaty of Coruscant, a highly disadvantageous peace agreement with the Sith Empire.

Rise of the Empire

During the rise of the Galactic Empire, a Rebel base had been set up on Dantooine near the ruins of the Jedi Enclave. X2 and Jedi Knight Falon Grey led a squadron of Rebel soldiers to an ancient hangar underneath the ruins of the Jedi Enclave. X2 blocked the invading Imperial troops from entry via the ruins and opened the hangar doors. However, Imperial troops led by X1 entered, killing all of the Rebel soldiers and Falon Grey, and leaving X2 for dead

By the time of the Galactic Civil War, the ruins became a legend for the local citizens of Dantooine, who spread rumors saying that nobody who entered them ever came out. The Imperials used these rumors to their advantage. In 1 ABY Darth Vader visited the ruins, believing that Luke Skywalker, now without a teacher might visit them to further his Jedi education on his own. At this time the Enclave contained a cloning facility of unknown origin, which was discovered by Mammon Hoole and Zak and Tash Arranda. It was seemingly staffed completely by droids. Vader himself came to believe that the technology was left over from research into cloning by the ancient Jedi, though it is not known if there is any truth to this. The tanks used were much like Spaarti cloning cylinders, producing mature clones in a short period of time. The facility also scanned the minds of the individuals that would be cloned, allowing memories to be implanted into the clones brains. This technology, however, was flawed.[4]


Map of the Enclave, c. 3,956 BBY.

Ground level

The complex was fully equipped as a Jedi base and refuge. The ground level housed an audience chamber for the Council, a training room, and a visitor's quarter, while the sublevel consisted of several rooms, most notably a droid bay, a garden, a storage room, a power relay facility, as well as a Jedi archive and a mainframe computer. A special quarter for younglings was situated to the west, and wide courtyards were all around the Enclave.

At the center of the ground level was a circular courtyard with a round grassy spot and a big tree, it connected the Council chamber with the visitor's quarter, a landing pad to the south, and the exit to the east courtyard. Several surveillance droids monitored the landing pad; in this area, Aratech opened both a general supply store and a droid facility which were presumably destroyed in the Sith attack. The visitor's quarter was sometimes open to local residents who sought refuge. There was also a workbench in the training room where Jedi would assemble their lightsabers, and a training computer holding a detailed analysis of different Jedi training paths.

Another council chamber was located above the ground level, it was a miniature copy of the High Council's chamber on Coruscant. When Darth Malak attacked Dantooine this particular room was obliterated, leaving the inferior chamber under open sky.

East courtyard

Map of the east courtyard.

Before the Sith attack, the east courtyard was usually crowded with Jedi, settlers, and refugees. Settlers used to wait in the east courtyard when they sought an audience with the Jedi Council. When Revan arrived at the Jedi Enclave in 3,956 BBY, Jedi Master Nemo met him in this area, as well as the farmers Jon, Gar and Rilka, the weapon merchant Adum Larp, the Duros refugee Kni, and the Human Elise Montagne. More to the east were ancient Rakatan Ruins left from the Infinite Empire and still strong with the dark side; kath hounds near there were more dangerous, and people were told by the Council to avoid the area.

After the Jedi Civil War, however, due to reduced militia manpower, the kath hound and kinrath populations got out of control. In 3,951 BBY, the Jedi Exile found the east courtyard crawling with beasts, and craters left by the orbital bombardment were still everywhere. Salvagers made their camp closer to the Enclave, while the mercenaries whose numbers had been growing since the recent wars, settled further to the east, not far from where once were the ancient ruins, destroyed by the Sith. Daraala sold Jedi artifacts in this area; the Exile spoke to her as well the salvager Ralon, and a daring group led by Taepalae, who had been attacked by laigreks in the Enclave sublevel. At the mercenary camp, Canderous Ordo was challenged by the Mandalorian Esok, who died in an attempt to usurp the title of Mandalore from him; his group then was ordered by Canderous to assemble the rest of their clan and join his forces at the Mandalorian Outpost of Dxun. The mercenaries Dopak and Nallek also met the Exile in this area; the Exile would deliver Dopak a signal from militia Captain Zherron that would have him betray his leader Azkul in Khoonda's favor during the First Battle of Dantooine.


Map of the sublevel.

Facing the east courtyard was the entrance to the Enclave sublevels, where was the Jedi Archive. Before the Sith attack, the archives could be consulted by Jedi Masters alone; when Revan came to the Enclave with Bastila Shan and received Jedi training, he would find the door locked as would anyone who did not have proper clearance by the Enclave Council. The Archives were consulted by Master Dorak when Revan and Bastila heard mention of the Star Forge within the ancient Rakatan ruins. Five years later, the Jedi Exile would get clearance from the Khoonda leading official Terena Adare and descended to the lowest sublevel.

The Jedi Archive was located in the largest room farthest from the entrance; an oblong room with a round side closing in about a huge chandelier and the statue of an unknown Jedi. Records built up over the two longer sides of the room, on two floors, the higher being accessible seemingly from a higher level only. Inside were also several computer stations on two large desks. Here Jedi Master Vrook Lamar let himself be captured by the mercenaries in hopes to learn more about their intentions; when she entered the room, the Exile found a pile of corpses slain by lightsaber, and a datapad indicating where the Jedi was to be taken. The Exile also met Mical while he guarded what remained of the archive, and left the sublevel with him after he offered to apply his knowledge to her quest, which seemed compatible with his own mission to save the Galactic Republic.

Lying nearby the Jedi Archive, was a room hosting the Enclave mainframe computer, and a cluster of power conductors. Two corridors connected this side of the sublevel to the garden, which was located in a round hall at the entrance. There were fountains, a skylight, and a single stone bench at the center, creating a serene atmosphere perfect for meditation. Down the hall, to the left from the garden, was a round room with a few dozen seats arranged in a circle around a holoprojector. Presumably this was a communications or tactical facility. On the other side of the sublevel was a room with eight beds, possibly a dormitory, a medical bay, or a morgue.

Scattered about the sublevel were several common rooms furnished with a few benches and nothing more. There were also two large round classrooms of sorts, and a room with a number of terminals. One of the common rooms led to a storage area, and another led to a droid bay. A power relay station was located outside the storage room; power conductors bulged all over. In the droid bay were a number of deactivated Czerka-series protocol droids; the Exile found notes left by the Enclave's head technician, Dergar Chester, about their overheating inconvenience. She also found the corpses of two salvagers that Daraala wanted her to recover; a will on the bodies made it so that nobody could make a claim to their Jedi salvage. After rescuing him from the laigreks that infested the sublevel, the salvager Jorran explained that Daraala wanted the bodies so she could slice the will and claim the salvage for herself.

Behind the scenes

A Jedi Master by the name of Tar'eelok was to be encountered by Revan in the Enclave while she trained her Padawan Garrum, according to game files from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic; the player would have had the chance of discussing a number of things with her, including the properties of Cortosis mineral, the Mandalorian raiders, the ancient grove, the Jedi Code and the Masters of the Council.

Shuma The Hutt was also supposed to have a place in the Enclave and a conversation with Revan, but the character was cut.

In Knights of the Old Republic, while being interrogated by Saul Karath on the location of the enclave, Revan was quoted as saying, "Alderaan. They're on Alderaan." This is a reference to A New Hope, when Princess Leia revealed Dantooine as a fake location of a Rebel base when being interrogated by Grand Moff Tarkin, in order to protect Alderaan.

Cut content in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords included a character named Kaevee, a Jedi Padawan who remained in the sublevel after the bombardment by the Sith. Kaevee had learned to control the laigreks that swarmed the sublevel and referred to them as her "pets".


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The Enclave is a gathering of Decepticons from the Earthforce portion of the Generation One continuity family.

When the Decepticon faction is fractured by infighting, treachery, and general dickishness, the Enclave (known to the Autobots as the Bad Guy's Ball) is called. Under the flag of truce, the various squabbling Decepticon splinter factions put aside their differences and laser cannons to negotiate an internal peace.

Punch is served.


Marvel UK comics continuity


Millions of years after it had last been invoked, the Enclave was called to unite the warring subfactions of Megatron and Shockwave against the common threat of the Autobot Earthforce. Thirty Decepticons met for negotiation and energon snacks, and nearly reached an agreement - until four Autobot spies used an inebriated Headstrong to convince Megatron that Shockwave had called the Enclave as part of an assassination attempt. The Enclave erupted into a fratricidal brawl - and Headstrong never got to try the multi-carb special. The Bad Guy's Ball!

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