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"Treasure hunting" redirects here. For the game played in a player-owned house, see Treasure hunt.

The Enchanted key is a quest item that is used to locate treasure; it is not used for unlocking things. This key features in the Making History and Meeting History quests. It is also used in two miniquests to locate additional rewards after completing the two quests. After all the treasure has been found, the key can only be used to teleport you to the past.



The key is first obtained during the Making History quest. After the quest is completed, additional treasures can be located using the key. Once all the treasure have been found, the key will melt. If the key is destroyed before completing all the treasures, another key can be obtained from Erin for 500 coins, if the second quest has not been started.

It is used again in the second quest, Meeting History, to "transport" the player into the past. If the key dissolved after completing the Making History miniquest (i.e. by obtaining all the treasures), or if it was destroyed, then a replacement may be obtained from Jorral at the beginning of the quest. If destroyed during (or after) the second quest, a replacement key can be obtained from Jorral.

This key can be placed on the Steel key ring.


Image update

The image of the key was updated after the release of the Meeting History quest on 5 August 2008.

Enchanted key (old)
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Enchanted key (new)
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The walkthrough covers both miniquests: after Making History, and after Meeting History. There is a total of 11 treasure sites to be found for each miniquest.

In three of the sites, there will the God mjolnirs, or God spears:

This is the only way to obtain these unique weapons, other than trading with another player and buying in the Grand Exchange.

Temperature readings

The Enchanted key changes temperature as you move about. Its temperature is based on the distance of the treasure from the player, measured in the number of steps (including diagonal steps) it would take to reach the treasure, ignoring any obstacles (this is the Chebyshev distance between the player and treasure). The warmer the key gets, the closer you are to the treasure. Clicking "Feel Enchanted key" gives information on its temperature, consisting of two parts described below. It is like playing the game of hot and cold.

First part

The following table indicates the 8 possible temperature readings based on the distance to the treasure (measured as described above):

Distance Temperature description
More than 1000 squares It's freezing
701 to 1000 squares It's very cold
401 to 700 squares It's cold
101 to 400 squares It's warm
61 to 100 squares It's hot
31 to 60 squares It's very hot
5 to 30 squares Ouch! It's burning hot
Up to 4 squares The key is steaming

When a player receives the message "The key is steaming", they should use a spade to dig up the treasure. Note that, as indicated by the table, there is a 9 by 9 square region in which they may dig.

Second part

If the player has already felt the key since last logging on or finding treasure, the temperature reading will contain a second part, indicating whether the temperature is warmer, colder or the same as the last reading, thereby indicating whether the distance to the treasure (measured as described above) has increased, decreased, or is the same. The three descriptions are:

  • Warmer than last time - You are getting closer than before.
  • Colder than last time - You are getting farther away than before.
  • Same temperature as last time - You are the same (Chebyshev) distance away.

Players may use this information to determine which direction to go, as follows:

  1. Move one square North, South, East and West, taking temperature readings between each step.
  2. One direction, for example North, will result in the message "Warmer than last time".
  3. Move directly North while constantly taking readings, until the message "Same temperature as last time" is produced.
  4. Move one square East and West, taking temperature readings between each step.
  5. One direction, say East, will result in the message "Warmer than last time".
  6. At this point the treasure is directly North East of the player.
  7. Move diagonally in this direction while taking readings, until the message "The key is steaming" is produced.


Making History

The first treasure site will always be Fremennik Province. After that, all other locations are random for each player. There are a total of 11 treasure sites to be found.

Area Getting there Location Co-ordinates Loot Map
Rellekka Use Fairy ring (code: A-J-R), Enchanted lyre teleport, Rellekka house portal. Just north/north-west of the Agility shortcut to the Sinclair Mansion 13 Degrees, 56 Minutes north
8 Degrees, 43 Minutes east
20 Steel arrows, 10 Mithril ores, 15 Law runes Click to enlarge
Monastery Ardougne teleport, use the Charter ships to get to Port Khazard and walk west. West of the bush located north-east of the Bush patch north of the Monastery Near broken cart. 2 Degrees, 28 Minutes North, 5 Degrees, 24 Minutes East 36 Pure essence, 15 Iron ores, 20 Fire runes Click to enlarge
West Ardougne Ardougne teleport. Walk to the outpost located north-west of West Ardougne. Dig around the most southern gnome bench, located north of a bunch of boulders near the outpost.

6 Degrees, 54 Minutes North, 0 Degree, 45 Minutes West

40 Pure essence, 20 Iron arrowtips, 30 Fire runes Click to enlarge
Gnome Stronghold Spirit Tree teleport, Gnome glider to Ta Quir Priw. The south west of part of Gnome Stronghold, north of the tree patch and just north-west of some mushrooms. Not to be confused with the West Ardougne location, which is just outside the Stronghold. 8 Degrees, 54 Minutes north
0 Degrees, 15 Minutes east
40 Pure essence, 20 Iron arrowtips, 20 fire runes Click to enlarge
Body altar Teleport to Edgeville (or Varrock). The altar is located west of Barbarian Village. East of the southern mounds of dirt, located west of the Body altar. 8 Degrees, 33 Minutes North, 18 Degrees, 30 Minutes East 10 Mithril ores, 15 Iron ores, 45 Earth runes Click to enlarge
Wayne's Chains Falador teleport. Go to the south wall of Falador and use the shortcut then walk east. Near the Young tree, south of Wayne's Chains 4 Degrees, 20 Minutes north
16 Degrees, 31 Minutes east
15 Earth runes, 20 Iron arrows, Saradomin mjolnir Click to enlarge
Mudskipper Point Use Fairy ring (code: A-I-Q), or use the Charter ships. From the port, walk south to the Mudskipper Point. North of blurite cave near a willow 0 Degrees, 5 Minutes south
17 Degrees, 58 Minute east
15 Iron ores, 20 Mithril arrows, 15 Death runes Click to enlarge
Lumbridge Swamp Caves Home teleport. Walk to the Swamp Caves. Near Father Uhrney's house, where there are dead trees.

0 Degree, 28 Minutes North, 22 Degree, 24 Minutes East

29 Pure essence, 20 Mind runes, 20 Steel arrows Click to enlarge
Al-Kharid Duelling ring to Duel Arena, Home teleport, broomstick and walk to Al-Kharid. By the ponds north of the Al-Kharid bank (or west of the Duel Arena). 2 Dergees, 1 Minute north
26 Degrees, 46 Minutes east
40 Pure essence, 10 Mithril ores, Zamorak mjolnir
Exam Centre Digsite pendant, Varrock teleport, Gnome glider to Lemanto Andra At the T-junction path, west of the Exam Centre. 5 Degrees, 33 Minutes north
26 Degrees, 54 Minutes east
40 Pure essence, 15 Iron ores, Guthix mjolnir
Grand Exchange Varrock teleport. North-west of the western bank. Another way is using an Amulet of Glory to Edgeville and using the underwall tunnel. Just west of the Exchange desk. 10 Degrees, 18 Minutes north
22 Degrees, 26 Minutes east
36 Pure essence, 10 Mithril arrows, 15 Law runes Click to enlarge

Meeting History

The rewards always follow the following pattern. The order of the treasures is not random.

Area Getting there Location Co-ordinates Loot Map
Gnome Ball Field Gnome Glider to Ta Quir Priw, Spirit tree to the Grand Tree. South East of the wooden structure directly south of the Gnome Ball Field. 9 degrees, 35 minutes north,
1 degree, 3 minutes west
510 coins, 3 Gold charms, 15 Law runes, 20 Mithril arrows. Click to enlarge
Shantay Pass Ring of Duelling to Al-Kharid or Broomstick to Sorceress's Garden. Shantay Pass, near Shantay. 1 degree, 5 minutes south,
26 degrees, 58 minutes east
530 coins, 3 Gold charms, 10 Pure essence (noted), 3 uncut Sapphires (noted). Click to enlarge
Brimhaven Fairy ring BJR to Fisher Realm, 30-coin ferry from Ardougne. West of the lake west of Brimhaven. 0 degrees, 9 minutes north,
8 degrees, 43 minutes east
560 coins, 1 Green charm, 5 Cosmic runes, 2 uncut Emeralds (noted). Click to enlarge
Chaos Tunnels Fairy ring DKR to Grand Exchange, Spirit tree to Grand Exchange, Canoe to Edgeville. South of Chaos Tunnel Entrance in Level 4 Wilderness, North of Grand Exchange. 12 degrees, 5 minutes north,
22 degrees, 41 minutes east
650 coins, 1 Green charm, 10 Pure essence (noted), 1 uncut Ruby (noted). Click to enlarge
Shilo Village Fairy ring CKR to Nature Altar, cart service from Brimhaven, Karamja gloves 3. Mine north of Shilo Village. This is the one near the Small obelisk, NOT the gem mine! 3 degrees, 56 minutes south,
12 degrees, 45 minutes east
750gp, 2 Green charms, 10 Cosmic runes, 30 Mithril arrows. Click to enlarge
Feldip Hills Fairy Ring AKS to Feldip Hills, Gnome Glider to Lemantolly Undri West of Hunter Skillmaster. 7 degrees, 26 minutes south,
2 degrees, 26 minutes east
800gp, 30 Gold charms, 1 Crimson charm, 15 Nature runes. Click to enlarge
Agility Pyramid Pharaoh's sceptre teleport to Jaleustrophos, magic carpet to Pollnivneach/Sophanem. In the desert east of Sophanem, south of the Agility Pyramid. 11 degrees, 26 minutes south,
28 degrees, 35 minutes east
830gp, 1 Crimson charm, 5 Death runes, 2 uncut Rubies (noted). Click to enlarge
Bandit Camp (Wilderness) Wilderness Obelisk North of Bandit Camp (Wilderness) in Level 27 Wilderness, just east of the Wilderness Obelisk. 17 degrees, 50 minutes north,
18 degrees, 56 minutes east
950 coins, 2 Crimson charms, 3 uncut emeralds (noted), 15 Chaos runes. Click to enlarge
Clan Wars Ancient Magicks teleport to Carrallangar, Games necklace to Clan wars. Level 21 Wilderness east of Clan Wars, past the black salamander hunter area, just east of the green dragons. 16 degrees, 3 minutes north,
28 degrees, 45 minutes east
950 coins, 1 Blue charm, 20 Pure Essence (noted), 5 Gold bars (noted). Click to enlarge
Death Plateau Games Necklace to Burthorpe Games Room (Climbing Boots not needed) Just north of the thrower trolls on Death Plateau, on the ridge that you access though the Sherpa's hut, continue toward the entrance to the Death Plateau. 13 degrees, 56 minutes north,
13 degrees, 30 minutes east
1010 coins, 1 Blue charm, 20 Pure essence (noted), 10 Blood runes. Click to enlarge
Scorpion Pit Teleport lever in Ardougne to the Wilderness, go east towards the Scorpion Pit. Level 54 Wilderness, middle of the Scorpion Pit east of the Axe Hut. 24 degrees, 30 minutes north,
25 degrees, 0 minutes east
1100 coins, 2 blue charms, 15 gold bars (noted), 10 Death runes. Click to enlarge


Making History


Runes & Essence:

Arrows & Arrowtips:

Unique God Spears:

Meeting History

Runes and Essence:





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