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Emppu Praji-Barck
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Old Republic era


Emppu Praji-Barck was a female member of the Praji family. She lived at some point between 4,800 BBY and 4,225 BBY.


Praji-Barck served as the Minister of State of the Galactic Republic for six decades. During that time, she continually filibustered any attempts to bring about Republic intervention in the Kaikielius system, to stop pirate activity there. Kaikielius was home to the House Vahali, a rival family of the Prajii, and Praji-Barck watched as the planet's problems cost the Vahali most of their money. In 4,225 BBY, Republic troops were finally sent to Kaikielius and Praji-Barck's great nephew Derrica Praji accompanied them, although he worried that his actions would anger his aunt. Praji-Barck secretly manipulated the Odominic kajidic into supplying both sides in the conflict, but Derrica discovered some data tapes that proved what she had done.


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