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File:Emperor Kruzak.gif NPC Emperor Kruzak
Location: Kazordoon Throne Room
Occupation: Emperor
Notes: His full name is Kruzak Dustbeard, son of Fire and Earth and he lives in the upstairs of Kazordoon. He starts nearly every sentence with a "Well". To start a conversation with him say: "Hail Emperor"

Emperor Kruzak, reigns in the dwarven mountain of Kazordoon, he has the power to promote worthy adventurers.

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He keeps some cookies and some keys in his "secret room" (for more info see the Emperor's Cookies Quest). Also, on August 26 the Most recent message of today said: "Emperor Kruzak's war hammer fell on his toe yesterday. Well, a cookie a day keeps the pain away". But no keyword will get an answer from him about this.

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Items traded: Sells: Promotion 20,000 gp Buys: Nothing.
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