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Final Fantasy II Final Boss
Japanese こうてい
Romaji Koutei
NES Name Emperor
NES DSOP Name Empire
PS Name Emperor
GBA Name Emperor
PSP Name Emperor
"You have braved the bowels of Hell to reach me. But the hand of man, which deals in false justice and forsaken love, can never hope to defeat the lord master of Hell!"
—The Emperor

The Emperor is the final boss of Final Fantasy II. He is found on his throne at the top level of Castle Pandaemonium. Defeating the Emperor completes the game.


The climatic battle with the Emperor is similar to most other Final Bosses in the Final Fantasy series. He is very powerful, very dangerous, and attacks relentlessly. His physical attacks also bear the same Drain effect that Astaroth had before him, meaning every hit he lands will replenish his HP supply. He will attempt to inflict a handful of status effects on the party to hamper their attack, including Blind, Slow, and Curse. His offensive magic arsenal includes the powerful Flare 16 and Starfall 10, which hits the whole party.

The party should equip Blood Sword, and make sure they are at full health before confronting the resurrected ruler. As the battle begins, raise the magical barriers, including Blink, Protect, Shell, and/or Wall, or use any items or weapons that will invoke any beneficial effects. Cast Berserk and Haste on the melee characters to bolster their attacks. Use Ethers or Elixers to replenish the MP of the magic casters. It is important for the party to deal more damage to the Emperor than the amount of health he gains every turn. Maximum damage is the key. Unleash all that is necessary and the Emperor will fall.

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