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From The Vault

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Shi Emperor
race: Computer
affiliation: Shi
role: Emperor
location: San Francisco
appearances: Fallout 2
quests: Kill the Shi Emperor
dialogue file: Fsempter.msg
actor: None

The Shi Emperor is an advanced computer (Emperor v8.8 Computer Terminal) used by the Shi of San Francisco.

Only the innermost ruling circle of the Shi know that the Emperor is not really a person. Ken Lee, the "advisor" to the Emperor, dictates the Shi's actions based on the predictions of the Emperor Computer. While the computer posseses no artificial intelligence, it is capable of making predictions based on all factors it had access to, and with astonishing accuracy.



Apparel Weapon Other item
- - -


The Shi Emperor appears only in Fallout 2.

Related quests


Major characters of Fallout 2
San Francisco

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Final Fantasy

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Emperor may refer to:

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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

Emperor Kisu, the current Emperor of Cantha in his ceremonial dress

The Emperor of Cantha, or, more formally, the "Lord Emperor of the Dragon", is the head monarch of the Canthan empire.

He rules from Raisu Palace in Kaineng City, and his direct dominion extends over the entire continent of Cantha except for those areas under the control of the vassal nations of the Kurzicks and the Luxons.

The current Emperor is Kisu. His reign has seen the end of the Tengu Wars, a return of trade ties with Tyria, and, the return of Shiro Tagachi.

Imperial Bloodline

The Emperor is a hereditary position, going back to the first Emperor, Kaineng Tah. His crowning marks the start of the Canthan Calendar, on 0 CC (510 BE). Since then, to this day, there has been an unbroken line of Emperors, with the current emperor being the 31st in the line of succession:

These are some of the known Emperors:

No. Name Reign (CC) Remark
1 Kaineng Tah 0 - 46 The very first Emperor, united the clans of Cantha
2 Yian Zho 46 - ?
11 Chang Hai 511 - ? The first Emperor who was "Weh no Su"
23 Singtah  ? - 1204 Died when the old Raisu Palace burned down.
24 Senvho 1204 - ? Rebuilt Raisu Palace
27 Angsiyan  ? - 1382 Murdered by Shiro Tagachi
28 Hanjai 1382 - 1412 Commenced the Dragon Festival
30 Kintah  ? - 1568 Fathered Togo and Kisu
31 Kisu 1568 - today The present Emperor
32 Usoku  ? - ? Succeeded Emperor Kisu

For a categorical list of known Emperors, see also: Category:Emperors of Cantha.

Imperial Court

Much of the Emperor's Court consist of the nobility. It is filled with people of various backgrounds, flatterers in positions of trust, as well as Kurzick and Luxon spies who don't bother to conceal their identities.

Within the court there are also agents of the Emperor. These agents act as the public face of the Emperor, and carry out political or military activities. The agents serve as the right arm of the Emperor. There is a master of swordsmanship, known as the Emperor's Blade. The Emperor's Voice speaks to the Canthan people on behalf of the Emperor. Also, in situations where neither military might nor diplomacy would serve, the Emperor's Hand will get the job done.

Imperial Bureaucracy

Directly below the Emperor, and serving at His pleasure, is the Celestial Ministry. They are the chief administrative body of the Empire, handling all day to day activities. Like most bureaucracies, the Celestial Ministry is at times bloated and thick with corruption; and they are highly inefficient. While the Emperor may desire a stronger control of the ministry, the sheer scope of their activities overwhelms the abilities of a single man.

The citizens of Cantha love their Emperor and are steadfastly loyal to Him. They do not have as much love for the Ministry.

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From Grand Theft Wiki

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Emperor may refer to:

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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

Emperor, is an American professional wrestler that formally wrestled for the Lock Wrestling Federation.



Lock Wrestling Federation

To be filled in later.

In Wrestling


  • Deathbow - Stunner

Signature Moves

  • Lights Out - Sleeper Slam
  • Hell's Grasp - Sharpshooter
  • Leap of Royalty - 450 Splash

General Moves

  • Scoop Slam
  • Full Nelson Slam
  • Spear
  • Sidewalk Slam
  • Underhook Suplex
  • German Suplex
  • Reverse Thrust Kick

Theme Music

  • "Greed" by Godsmack


  • "Bow down or be beaten down."

Championships and Accomplishments

Lock Wrestling Federation

  • 1-Time LWF Champion
  • 3-Time LWF Cross-Hemisphere Champion
  • 1-Time LWF Tag Team Champion
  • 4-Time LWF Imperial Champion
  • 3-Time LWF People's Champion
  • Seventh Triple Crown Champion

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape


Release date Unknown edit
Members-only? No.
Location Melzar's Maze
Skill requirements 33 quest points
Quest requirements Part way through dragon slayer
Unlock hint Unknown edit
Track duration Unknown edit

This track was released with the Dragon Slayer Quest

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ST Expanded

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

This article is about the title Emperor. You may be looking for the character Emperor Palpatine, or the title of Galactic Emperor.

The title of Emperor (feminine Empress) was held by certain officials and heads of state in certain governments. It was usually inherited, but this was not always the case. Sometimes successful warlords and conquerors would create Empires by declaring themselves emperor. It is uncertain how, or even whether, an Emperor's position and authority differed from that of a King. Usually, the title of Emperor insinuates that they rule over a far greater region or variety of cultures compared to a kingdom.



The first as yet recorded emperor in the galaxy was Shey Tapani, who founded the Tapani Empire c.7,328 BBY.

The next recorded personage to have held imperial authority was Empress Teta, who united the Koros system. After her death, the system was renamed for her in honor of her memory. The title was also used in certain other quarters, such as Atrisia and Eiattu.

By far the best known emperor was the Galactic Emperor, the leader of the Galactic Empire. The first holder of this position, Emperor Palpatine, was usually just referred to as "the Emperor". As the Empire's power and influence diminished, however, the title became less important, and by 12 ABY onwards, the Empire was effectively headed by the Supreme Commander in a military dictatorship. The power of the throne was eventually restored under the Fel dynasty.

Notable Emperors

Famous emperors include, but are not limited to:

Behind the scenes

Out of universe, the title "emperor" typically denoted a more powerful monarch than a king, often one who ruled one or more vassal kings. There is, however, no indication that this is true for the Star Wars version of the title, as it was held even by mere planetary rulers. However, it may be noted that it was also derived from the Latin imperator, a military title received by acclamation by victorious Generals, later transformed to one of many titles used by the Roman emperors, from which it derived its meaning as over-king. It was in the original Roman sense that Napoleon revived the title in 1801. This sense seems appropriate to its use by many of the emperors of the Star Wars galaxy.


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  • Deader than a Triton Moon (Mentioned only)
  • Star Wars: The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game (Non-canonical appearance)
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Non-canonical appearance)
  • Star Wars: Battlefront (Heard only)
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II
  • The Last of the Jedi: Death on Naboo
  • The Last of the Jedi: A Tangled Web
  • The Last of the Jedi: Return of the Dark Side
  • The Last of the Jedi: Secret Weapon
  • The Last of the Jedi: Master of Deception (Appears in hologram)
  • The Last of the Jedi: Against the Empire
  • Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (Mentioned only)
  • LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (Non-canonical appearance)
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game — Ultimate Sith Edition (Non-canonical appearance)
  • Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader (Mentioned only)
  • Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike (Appears in hologram)
  • Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (Appears in hologram)
  • Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
  • X-wing: The Krytos Trap (Mentioned only)
  • Star Wars: Legacy
  • Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
  • Soup's On: The Pipe Smoker's Tale (Mentioned only)
  • Star Wars Legacy 42: Divided Loyalties (Mentioned only)
  • Star Wars Legacy 43: Monster, Part 1 (Mentioned only)


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Star Wars Fanon

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Emperor may refer to:

Empress (feminine) may refer to:

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SWG Wiki

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From SWG Wiki

Emperor Palpatine

Game Info

As a politican in the Old Republic, Emperor Palpatine gained political power using the corruption of the senate as a springboard to his own goals. Using his political savvy, he gained control of the senate and promised to restore the order of the galaxy. He is now the supreme head of the Empire, and oversees all planets under Imperial control. Widespread resistance to his rule has recently erupted into a full-scale Galactic Civil War.

  • The Emperor is also indirectly involved in the Clone Relics quest Avenging Mort if the player is doing the Imperial version - he appears as a hologram in Keren Naboo and gives a quest. If you go back to his hologram after you do his quest, the Emperor will kill you with force lightning for being connected to him.

Star Wars Lore

Palpatine was the supreme ruler of the most powerful tyrannical regime the galaxy had ever witnessed, yet his roots are extremely humble, traced back to the peaceful world of Naboo.

Before his rise to power, Palpatine was an unassuming yet ambitious Senator in the Galactic Republic. Palpatine saw the Republic crumbling about him, torn apart by partisan bickering and corruption. All too common were those unscrupulous Senators taking advantage of the system, growing fat and wealthy on a bureaucracy too slow to catch them.

Palpatine's moment of opportunity came as a result of a trade embargo. The Trade Federation, in protest of government measures that would tax their outlying trade routes, blockaded and invaded Naboo. Naboo's planetary leader, Queen Amidala, rushed to Coruscant for Palpatine's aid. Together, the two pleaded to the Senate for intervention, only to see their request stalemated by Trade Federation filibustering. Frustrated by the government's inability to do anything, Queen Amidala acted upon Palpatine's suggestion, and called for a Vote of No Confidence in the Republic's leadership.

Chancellor Valorum was voted out of office, and Palpatine was soon nominated to succeed him. The crisis on Naboo prompted a strong sympathy vote, and Palpatine became Chancellor. He promised to reunite the disaffected, and bring order and justice to the government.

Despite his promises, the Republic continued to be mired in strife and chaos. A decade after his nomination, Palpatine's Chancellery was faced with the challenge of a popular Separatist movement led by the charismatic leader, Count Dooku. Many in the galaxy feared that the conflict would escalate to full-scale warfare, but Palpatine was adamant that the crisis could be resolved by negotiation.

The Separatists didn't agree. Upon the discovery of a secret army of droids, it became apparent that the Separatists were on the verge of declaring war against the Republic. To counter this, the Republic needed a military, and Palpatine required the authority to activate the Republic's newly forged army of clones. To that end, Senators loyal to Palpatine motioned that the Chancellor be given emergency powers to deal with the Separatist threat.

With spoken regrets, Palpatine accepted the new mantle of power. He promised to return his absolute authority to the Senate after emergency subsided. What no one realized was that the galaxy would undergo further upheaval, and that a state of crisis would ensure Palpatine's authority for decades.

The indications of his future regime were subtle at first. Palpatine's term as Chancellor ended during the rise of the Separatists, but that crisis allowed him to extend his stay in office. Once the Clone Wars erupted, the Senate's inability to efficiently wage war on scattered fronts forced him to enact executive decree after executive decree. He added amendments to the constitution funneling more power to him, effectively circumventing the bureaucracy of the Senate.

The public and the Senate willingly gave up their rights and freedoms in the name of security. Under Palpatine's guidance, the war would be won, and the Republic would be safe. The monstrous specter of General Grievous leading an assault ensured that few questioned Palpatine's growing authority.

The Jedi Council was among the wary. As an instrument of the Senate and the people, the Jedi order resisted Palpatine's direct control. This tension grew as the war escalated. Some in the Senate also quietly whispered their misgiving. Palpatine knew of a delegation of concerned Senators, and he would deal with them in time.

Palpatine instituted a military build-up unprecedented in galactic history. He created the New Order, a Galactic Empire that ruled by tyranny. The Jedi Knights, his biggest threat, were extinguished by his greatest dark side pupil: Anakin Skywalker, who had become Darth Vader.

During the Galactic Civil War, Palpatine ruled with an iron fist. He disbanded the Imperial Senate, and passed control down to the regional governors and the military. During the Hoth campaign, Palpatine expressed to Vader his concerns over Luke Skywalker, a young Rebel powerful in the Force. Vader suggested that the two convert the youth to the dark side of the Force, an idea the Emperor seconded.

The Emperor was a scheming ruler, planning events far in the future, using the Force to foresee the results. Palpatine allowed Rebel spies to learn of the location of the second Death Star, and foresaw their strike team and fleet assault. Palpatine crafted an elaborate trap that was to be the end of the Rebellion. He also concentrated on converting Luke Skywalker to the dark side of the Force, even at the expense of sacrificing Vader. In the Death Star, high above the Battle of Endor, Luke refused the Emperor's newfound dark side power, and so Palpatine used his deadly Force lightning to attack the young Jedi. Luke almost died in the assault, but his father, Darth Vader, returned to the light side of the Force, and hurled the Emperor into the Death Star's reactor core, killing him.

Palpatine was a gnarled, old man. An ancient-looking human, he had pale skin, and searing, sickly yellow eyes. He wore a heavy dark cloak, and carried a glossy black cane.

Palpatine was first introduced to the Dark Side through his master Darth Plagueis, completing the destiny of all Sith lords Palpatine killed his master to claim his rightful place as a dark lord of the Sith. He is the most powerful practitioner of the Sith ways in modern times. He studied the ancient ruins on the Sith mausoleum world of Korriban. He unlocked secrets of the Force from a captured Jedi Holocron. The dark side energies flowing through Palpatine's body were so intense, that they ravaged his mortal frame. The very source of Palpatine's strength was killing him.

To counter the dark side's consumption, Palpatine turned to a bizarre combination of technology and Sith magic. Palpatine used Spaarti cloning cylinders to create a store of younger bodies, and employed an ancient Sith technique to transfer his consciousness into a waiting clone. Thus, Palpatine could avoid death indefinitely -- as long as his supply of clones remained intact. He would change his form again and again, prolonging his life. Palpatine constructed a secret throne-world deep within the galaxy's core, on a shadowy world called Byss. Here, he kept his clones safe, protected by a loyal cadre of Dark Side Adepts.

Although Palpatine called for the extermination of the Jedi and any Force-sensitives who could conceivably challenge him, he did keep a few loyal agents who were trained in the Force. Darth Vader was chief among them, as his primary lieutenant and Sith apprentice. Palpatine also had a string of loyal, deadly agents referred to as his "Hands." Mara Jade was foremost among these dedicated enforcers.

At the Battle of Endor, Palpatine found himself facing death yet again. Betrayed by Vader, Palpatine's body was destroyed aboard the second Death Star. Separated from his clones, Palpatine was forced to survive in the maddening, bodiless existence of the void. Through sheer will he retained his identity, crossing the gulf of space to again take residence in his clone body. He barely survived Darth Vader's treachery. Palpatine remained sequestered at Byss while he rebuilt his strength, and his Empire.

Palpatine's rule was so absolute that his apparent death at Endor fragmented the Empire. With no obvious heir, opportunistic moffs and warlords set out to carve their own private fiefdoms where they could. Years of infighting worked to the advantage of the fledgling New Republic, who proceeded to reclaim three-fourths of the galaxy. One warlord who succeeded where imitators failed was Grand Admiral Thrawn, the only non-human to hold that rank. His cunning tactics and unerring strategies brought the Empire to the brink of victory five years after the Battle of Endor. Only a last minute betrayal spelled his defeat.

Spurred on by Thrawn's victories, the remaining Inner Circle of Imperial warlords staged a devastating attack on Coruscant. Whereas Thrawn sought to take the capital world intact, these Imperials attacked without compunction. Much of Imperial City was laid waste by the fighting, and the New Republic was forced to evacuate. Once on the surface, the Imperials splintered yet again, and skirmishes dragged on in amongst the ruined skyscrapers.

It was then that the resurrected Palpatine struck. Using his dark powers to invoke a Force storm of great magnitude, Palpatine swept Jedi Master Luke Skywalker to Byss. There, he revealed himself to Skywalker, and unveiled the true strength of the dark side. Faced with an immortal enemy, Skywalker did the unthinkable -- in order to defeat the dark side from within, Skywalker knelt before Palpatine, and declared himself his new apprentice. In these dark times, it seemed the Emperor had finally won.

Skywalker was too enmeshed in darkness to successfully rebel against his master. Although he sabotaged some of Palpatine's military ventures -- namely those involving immense war factories called World Devastators -- he still could do not draw himself from the pall of the dark side. It was only his sister, Leia Organa Solo, that gave him the extra strength he needed. With her presence, the two Skywalker twins were able to temporarily repulse Palpatine.

Unabated, the Emperor continued his scourge. Armed with an incredible new superweapon, the Galaxy Gun, Palpatine forced numerous New Republic worlds to capitulate to Imperial rule. Despite his growing Empire, Palpatine was again growing frail. His clones were failing him. He needed new blood. Palpatine targeted Leia's newborn son, Anakin Solo, as the next receptacle for his dark spirit. During an attempt to possess the child, Han Solo shot the ailing Palpatine in the back. Before his soul could enter Anakin's body, Palpatine was intercepted by a newfound Jedi, Empatojayos Brand. Cut off from a host body, Palpatine's essence dissipated, to be consumed by the madness that is the dark side. After so many years of bloodshed, the Emperor was truly dead.


OS Databank
Star Wars Wiki

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From Yu-Gi-Oh!


Some of the Monarchs

Japanese (kanji and furigana)

Japanese translated




Appears in (sets)
Appears in (Anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! (Duel Monsters) GX

The Monarchs are a series of the seven Monster Cards with "Monarch" in their card names, each of which possess a different Attribute reflective of the element they control, with the exception of Zaborg the Thunder Monarch and Kuraz the Light Monarch, which are the only two Monarchs with the same attribute, which is Light.

These cards may be a reference to the seven kings of Ancient Rome.

The Monarchs have their own Structure Deck in the OCG, Advent of the Emperor.

Each has a unique ability that activates upon their Tribute Summoning, dealing with the removal of cards. Another similarity that these cards share is that they all have 2400 ATK and 1000 DEF and are Level 6, with the exception of "Zaborg", who is Level 5.

These "Monarchs" except "Raiza", "Kuraz" and "Caius" are used by 4 members of Sarina's assassins The Light Brigade.


Play Style

Monarch decks tend to be very aggressive and powerful, because Monarchs destroy the opponent's assets just by hitting the field, and they are strong enough in ATK to be able to press their advantage and destroy nearly any lower-level monster the opponent may happen to use in response. Monarchs have no real weaknesses other than their insatiable need to generate tribute fodder for more Monarchs to be Summoned and that they cannot use their effects when Special Summoned (except for Kuraz).

Tribute Fodder:

Counter Strategies:

Monarchs can be difficult to overcome due to the fact that they destroy cards simply by appearing, but there are still some good strategies against them. These include:

Deck Types

Monarch Control

Monarch Control is a deck that quickly special summons monsters to the field and tribute those monsters to summon a Monarch monster and activate their effects to gain more field advantage. Some good tributes are Spell Striker, Samsara Kaiser, Marshmallon and many more. Each Monarch has unique effects to gain field advantage when tribute summoned, this will be the key of winning with this deck. Gorz the Emissary of Darkness is a great addition to this deck because this can be tributed for Monarchs and when your field is empty, you can special summon this. Light and Darkness Dragon is also a great addition because it will protect the Monarchs from getting destroyed and when this card is destroyed, you can special summon a monster from your graveyard to be tributed for a Monarch. Also, a good addition to this deck would be some deck-search summon monsters like Mystic Tomato or Shining Angel, so on... Since you use one normal summon for it in one turn, maybe in next (opponent's) turn he/she'l destroy your monster by battle so you can special summon, but that's one problem and the other one is that you need two turns to do that and it's still not 100% success for sure.

Macro Monarch

This deck relies on reusing the effects of D.D. Survivor and D.D. Scout Plane with the help of Macro Cosmos and/or Dimensional Fissure, which will allow the said monsters to keep coming back each End Phase, allowing you to Tribute Summon a Monarch each turn. Other cards that are commonly used in this deck are Cyber Valley, some of the other D.D. Monsters, like D.D. Warrior Lady, Soul Absorption, which can give its controller massive life point gain each turn, and Gravekeeper's Servant, which can make a lock for all of your opponent's Monsters, preventing them from attacking for as long as they cannot send a card from their deck to their Graveyard.

Apprentice Monarch

An alternative to a Monarch Control Deck is an Apprentice Monarch Deck, which uses cards like "Apprentice Magician", "Crystal Seer" and "Old Vindictive Magician" to gain the upper hand in a duel. "Old Vindictive Magician" destroys your opponent's monsters and "Crystal Seer" gives you extra cards, giving you more strategies to play with. "Apprentice Magician" summons those monsters in the Damage Step when your opponent can't do much about it. These monsters are also very good tribute materials for Monarchs.

There are many options to support the Monarchs; it really just depends on what works for those playing Monarch decks. However, the "Treeborn Frog" method seems to work the best, since you waste less resources to summon the Monarchs.

Perfect Circle Monarch

This deck uses the Destiny Hero engine to get an advantage in their game, but with the banning of Destiny Hero - Disk Commander, it has become less effective. These are graveyard based decks that can easily bring out a level 8 Synchro Monster or draw cards.

See also:Perfect Circle

Psychic Monarch

Since release of "The Duelist Genesis" booster, there has been a new Monarch deck called Psychic Monarchs. Cards like "Krebons" and "Psychic Commander" stall with their effects, then you can tribute them for a Monarch or use them for a Synchro Summon. "Emergency Teleport" helps search both monsters.

However, with the March 2009 banlist and "Emergency Teleport's" limiting, this deck has become less effective.

Recommended Cards

Monster Cards
Spell Cards
Trap Cards

Psycho-Plant Monarch

PsychoPlant Monarchs focuses on the cards like Seed of Deception and Emergency Teleport to generate Monarch tribute fodder. Cards like Dark Verger can help generate extra fodder for the next turn or even be used to Synchro Summon. This is based off of the Psychic Monarchs but since Emergency Teleport is now limited Seed of Deception serves as your extra E-tele. Miracle Fertilizer can help you bring out more tribute fodder or just an all out beatstick if you prefer it. Graceful Revival can help revive more tribute fodder that was already used with Seed of Deception. This deck creates amazing advantage with quick and easy to summon Monarch beatsticks. Good thing about this Monarch deck can play plant defense cards like Wall of Thorns can even be your second or third Mirror Force. This deck does tend to use cards that have similar effects to add utilty to this Monarch deck.

Recommended Cards

Monster Cards
Spell Cards
Trap Cards

Gadget Monarch

This deck relies on using Gadgets to continuously add new Gadgets to the hand to serve as tribute fodder, along with obvious tribute fodder monsters such as Treeborn Frog. One of the key cards of the deck is Ultimate Offering. Ultimate Offering allows the constant summon of Gadgets to add more Gadgets to the hand, while then tributing them for Monarchs. Due to the removal effect of most Monarchs, this deck has a high OTK rate.

Recommended Cards


Morphtronic Monarchs

This deck relies on using cards that special summon, such as the Attack mode effect of Morphtronic Celfon, to special summon a Morphtronic Monster, then tributing that for a Monarch. Cards such as One for One, Junk Box, Morphtronic Repair Unit, and Call of the Haunted are higly recommended. Morphtronic Boomboxen, Morphtronic Boarden, Morphtronic Magnen, and Morphtronic Cameran can protect your Morphtronics so you can tribute them for any Monarch.

Recommended Cards

Popular Monarch deck

This decklist isn't used by anyone. Try to be original and add some cards to it. i made this based on my memories from tournaments,... Lots of people uses this type of a Monarch deck and it goes pretty cool...



   ***Add some more by yourself, the style of your game you're playing with!***


   *Have fun!
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