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Emote enhancers are special clothing that, when worn, change a certain emote if it is performed when selected on the menu. There are a few in RuneScape and there are expected to be many more in the future.

Currently, there are seven emote enhancers, and each enhances a different emote.


Sleeping cap

Main article: Sleeping cap
A player doing the Yawn emote.
This emote enhancer is a piece of clothing that takes up a helm space. The yawn emote making your character lean against his hands and act like he's asleep after he or she yawns. It can be received through level 1 treasure trail clue scrolls.

Powdered wig

Main article: A powdered wig
A player doing the Angry emote.
This emote enhancer also takes the helm space. It is like a judge's wig. It enhances the angry emote, making you stomp and perform angrily. This one is also obtainable through level 1 treasure trail clue scrolls.


Main article: Pantaloons
A player doing the Bow emote.
This enhances the bow emote making your character twirl their hands in front of their stomach while bowing. Obtainable through level 1 treasure trail clue scrolls.


Main article: Satchels
A player performing the beckon emote while holding a satchel.
A satchel enhances the beckon emote, making your character whistle, then put their hands at their sides. It can be received as a drop from monsters created when doing Creature Creation after the Tower of Life quest. Initially they could be traded with other players, however this has changed and can no longer be traded.

Flared trousers

Main article: Flared trousers
A player doing the Dance emote.

Enhances the dance emote making them do a disco move. Obtainable through level 1 treasure trail clue scrolls.

Builder's costume

Main article: Builder's costume
A player doing the Beckon emote.

This costume comes with boots, hard hat, a top and leggings. Wearing any piece of this enhances the beckon emote by causing you to whistle, which can be heard by nearby players. Found during the Tower of Life quest. If you wear any piece of this set, or a satchel of any kind, the beckon emote will be automatically enhanced.

Chicken costume

Main article: Chicken costume
A player doing the Flap emote.

This costume includes wings, legs, feet, and head. When wearing the wings, it enhances the flap emote (you appear to fly in the air for a moment and then examine yourself). Found during the 2007 Easter event. The chicken costume is one of the only emote enhancers that is available to non-members, but cannot be received anywhere except the 2007 Easter Event.

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