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The New Jedi Order:
Emissary of the Void

Greg Keyes

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New Jedi Order era


26 ABY


The New Jedi Order

Preceded by

Edge of Victory II: Rebirth

Followed by

Star by Star

Emissary of the Void is a six-part story by Greg Keyes set after Edge of Victory II: Rebirth and is considered the tenth instalment of the New Jedi Order series. The first three parts of the story were printed in Star Wars Gamer 8-10 until the end of that title's run when it was published in 3 issues of Star Wars Insider 62-64.

The first three parts of the story Battle on Bonadan, Dark Tidings and War on Wayland, have been reprinted online at, and the final three parts have been reprinted on Hyperspace on that website. It was incorrectly titled Emissaries of the Void in Insider.



Set during the Yuuzhan Vong War, the story revolves around the adventures of rescue pilot Uldir Lochett and Jedi Klin-Fa Gi.



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