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Final Fantasy VII Superboss
Emerald Weapon
Level HP MP
99 1,000,000 100
Attack Magic Defense
180 180 180
M. Defense Dexterity Evade
180 230 1
50,000 50,000 50,000
Elemental Affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
- Absorb Weak Absorb
Earth Wind Gravity Poison Holy
Immune - Halves - -
Japanese エメラルドウェポン
Romaji Emerarudo Wepon
Location Underwater, near Junon
Steal Nothing
Item Dropped Earth Harp
Morph Cannot be Morphed.
Abilities Foot Stamp, Emerald Shoot, Emerald Beam, Revenge Stamp, Aire Tam Storm
Enemy Skill N/A
Status Immunity Death, Sleep, Poison, Confusion, Silence, Frog, Small, Slow Numb, Petrify, Death Sentence, Manipulate, Berserk, Stop, Paralyze, Darkness
Other Information Abilities whose names are not shown when used are highlighted in italics.
If you do not have the Underwater Materia equipped during this fight then you have a time limit of 20 minutes.

Emerald Weapon is an optional superboss in Final Fantasy VII and one of the toughest of the five Weapons to defeat (the others are Ultimate, Diamond, Ruby, and the non-battled Sapphire). It is one of the creatures that is released when Sephiroth summons Meteor. WEAPONs are released when the planet is under grave threat, and their purpose is to cleanse the world of humanity, so that the planet has enough Lifestream to heal itself should the threat be realized. Also notable is that it is one of the only two superbosses in the game, along with Ruby Weapon.

Emerald Weapon on the World Map.

Emerald Weapon is located under the ocean, accessible by the Submarine. A battle will ensue after making physical contact, although it is possible to avoid him by piloting the sub at its maximum height underwater. You will have 20 minutes to complete the battle unless you have the Underwater Materia equipped.

One of the things that makes Emerald one of the strongest of the Weapons is its Aire Tam Storm. This attack caused fans no end of trouble when they first played through Final Fantasy VII, but the clue is in the name of the attack — "Aire Tam" is actually "Materia" spelled backwards, which suggests that the attack has something to do with the party's equipped materia. It turns out that the attack deals damage to each character equal to the amount of materia equipped on them multiplied by 1,111. As such, having nine materia crystals or more equipped on a character meant certain death. Honing of strategies has resulted in the widespread defeat of Emerald, as players have learned to make the most out of as small an amount of materia as possible.

Common Strategies

Please see Emerald Weapon/Strategies if you are looking for help defeating Emerald Weapon or seek to post a new strategy.

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Other Appearances


Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

The still-frozen Emerald Weapon makes a cameo appearance in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, buried under Banora Village on the Mideel island. While Zack is searching underground, the player can see what is clearly a Weapon within the caverns. Upon closer inspection, its features match Emerald's. However, it is beyond the reach of the player map.

Emerald WEAPON in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

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