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"People assume that if they say nothing and do nothing they're not involved in the fight, but the fact is that their apathy is a tacit vote of support for the status quo. They have to be made to see that by making no choice they have indeed made a choice."
―Elscol Loro

Elscol Loro was a Human resistance leader and former Rebel Alliance starfighter pilot who led a group of anti-Imperial mercenaries.


"I do what I was doing at the time Wedge recruited me—I find worlds with Imperial tyrants, and I liberate them."
―Elscol Loro

Elscol was the leader of the resistance movement on Cilpar, taking command of the group after her husband Throm Loro's death at the hands of Imperial forces. Elscol's constant companion and protector was her husband's Wookiee associate Groznik, who had transferred his life debt to Elscol when Throm died. Despite her strong hatred of the Empire, she also despised the Rebel Alliance, which she believed was collaborating with Cilpar's Imperial government due to the actions of a Rebel traitor.

"Surely you aren't suggesting that female rebels lack courage!"
―Elscol to Tycho Celchu

This misconception was eventually cleared up when Rogue Squadron arrived on Cilpar in 4 ABY.

Elscol and Groznik
After the planet's liberation, Wedge Antilles invited Elscol to join the squadron. She accepted, but her membership in the squadron came to be quite brief. She participated in the squadron's missions to Mrlsst and Tatooine, and while she showed the courage and piloting skill expected of a Rogue, she was also frequently insubordinate and did not hesitate to disobey Antilles' orders. She also tended to take unnecessarily suicidal risks, especially after Groznik died on Mrlsst. Wedge and Elscol soon agreed that Rogue Squadron was not where she belonged, and she resigned from the Alliance military.

Elscol then joined forces with former Imperial Special Intelligence commando Sixtus Quin and his squad, along with a handful of others who hated the Empire but were unwilling to join the New Republic, to assist local resistance movements in overthrowing their Imperial occupiers. This group targeted Imperial worlds and worked to overthrow their planetary governments. Their focus was on training the local citizens to stage successful uprisings. Elscol and her comrades did participate directly in the fighting, but only if the native population was willing to fight for themselves. After about two and a half years of operation, Elscol claimed that her team had helped liberate "dozens" of worlds. Elscol had a broader view of what constituted a legitimate military target than many in the New Republic were comfortable with, which perhaps explained why her group was entirely independent of the Republic government.

In 6.5 ABY, Rogue Squadron resigned from the New Republic Defense Force to carry out an unsanctioned operation to free Thyferra from the clutches of Ysanne Isard, after Coruscant fell to the New Republic. As Elscol and her team specialized in such missions, Wedge contacted her and she agreed to assist him in overthrowing Isard. Elscol primarily aided in the Rogues' ground-based operations in the Bacta War. She was successful in capturing Fliry Vorru with Iella Wessiri. Unlike Wessiri, Loro wanted to kill Vorru, and did in fact shoot him; luckily, however, Iella had set her weapon to stun, allowing Vorru to live to face his crimes.


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