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Eloise's church
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For the DHARMA Initiative station below the church, See "Lamp Post"

Eloise's church is located in Los Angeles and lies above the DHARMA Initiative Lamp Post station.

Eloise Hawking appears to have control over the station and church, though the church seems to be regularly active, lit by votive candles. ("The Lie")  ("This Place Is Death")  ("316")




The Nave

Jack seated in a pew in the nave. ("316")

The main body of the church, or nave, is where the people may sit or stand. This was where Ben told Jack the story of Thomas the Apostle. ("316")

Eloise's office

The church contains an office presumably used by Eloise Hawking. There are a desk in the middle of the room with a lot of papers over and a cupboard counters a wall. ("316")


January 2008

Eloise showing Jack her office. ("316")

A night, Eloise Hawking works in the Lamp Post and then goes back up in the church, where she finds Benjamin Linus. She tells him he only has 70 hours to reunite all the Oceanic 6. He says he won't be able with this short notice but she insists. Ben asks "What happens if I can't get them all to come back" and Eloise replies "Then God help up all". ("The Lie")

Ben brings Jack, Sun and Desmond to the church where Eloise is waiting for them in the main hall. She notices people are missing but Ben explains that it is the best he could do on short notice. Eloise replies "All right, let's get started" and smiles. ("This Place Is Death")

She then shows them the Lamp Post, where she explains how they will get back to the island. But when Jack asks if they just have to take Ajira Airways Flight 316, she leads him in her office and gives him Locke's Suicide Note. She explains he will have to give something from his father to John Locke, in the purpose to recreate the Oceanic Flight 815 conditions. Jack then sits in the main hall where he sees Ben, who tells him the story of Thomas the Apostle, a metaphor to introduce Locke's probable resurrection. After that, he leaves the church, saying that he has a promise to accomplish. Jack goes home a few minutes later. ("316")

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