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Artwork by Tetsuya Nomura.

Elmyra Gainsborough (エルミナ・ゲインズブール, Erumina Geinzubūru) is the adoptive mother of Aerith Gainsborough in Final Fantasy VII.


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Final Fantasy VII

Not much is known about her past, although it is known her husband was drafted into the ShinRa military during the Wutai War, and was killed just before he was slated to go on leave. While waiting for her husband at the Train Station (before she recieved the letter from ShinRa informing her of his death), she discovered Aerith with her dying mother, Ifalna. Elmyra cared for Aerith and protected her from harm. She noticed Aerith's strange powers when Aerith said that she knew Elmyra's husband had died before any notification from ShinRa arrived, but did not talk about them very often to keep Aerith from becoming afraid. Elmyra is first seen at her house in the slums, where the player learns of Aerith's past. Elmyra also looks after Marlene after the Sector 7 plate falls. Reeve decides to put Elmyra and Marlene in hiding so they spend most of the story in Kalm with Marlene, though they are locked away and the player can not see them, and she does not appear much as a part in the story after this. Reeve brings her the news of Aerith's death, later on.


On the Way to a Smile

In the Case of Tifa, which takes place after Final Fantasy VII but before Advent Children, Elmyra is one of the clients of Cloud's delivery service. From the client information it is clear that she has moved to the Forgotten Capital; maybe to be as close to Aerith as possible. She ordered a Bouquet.

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