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  • Newport is also a place in South Wales, which adds more credit to Libby being Liddy Wales - mentioned on the THF site as a member of the board of directors, whose picture was missing.
  • The boat may be cursed:
    • After buying the boat David dies.
    • The boat interrupts the funeral of Libby.
    • Kelvin is killed while repairing the boat by Desmond.
    • When Desmond tries to return to civilization the boat only takes him back where he started from.
    • Sun shoots Colleen on the boat.
  • The electromagnetic field around the Island means that compasses will always face north towards the Island. This could lead to a rational explanation to Desmond's boat returning to the Island, instead of "Reaching Fiji within a week." (Desmond).
    • Since an ocean-going vessel the size of the Elizabeth would undoubtedly be equipped with a radio compass, and Desmond, despite being a bit loopy, is capable of telling where the sun rises (East) and sets (West), a malfunctioning magnetic compass would hardly account for his returning to the Island.
  • It is possible that Libby placed the tracking device on the boat with the hope of Desmond (unknowingly) leading her to The Island. However, since it took her over three years to find it, the tracking signal (due to the electromagnetics of The Island) couldn't have been very successful.
  • Charles Widmore used Libby to give Desmond the boat, knowing it would lead him to the Island, and out of Penelope's life.
    • Alternatively, someone else may have used Libby as a means of getting a boat to Desmond. If Ms. Hawking was right and Desmond needs to push that button to save the world then it was vitally important that he get a boat for that race. There may not actually be a David, it could all be a story made up to prevent Desmond being suspicious.
  • Libby's husband David actually sailed it to the island, where he caught the "unspecified" illness that ultimately caused his death. As for how the boat got back into Libby's possession, its hard to say. Most likely it would seem that if we go ahead and assume David made it to the island, he also somehow managed to sail away from it, possibly by sheer luck, of someone giving him directions on how to sail away. This would explain his unspecified sickness, which could be time displacement like Minkowski and Desmond suffered, or whatever the "sickness" that the monster inflicts on people. Furthermore, this is how Desmond ends up on the island. The boat is either drawn to the island, or perhaps Widmore planned for Desmond to serve as a "proxy" for David, much John Locke serves as Christian Shepard's proxy on Ajira Flight 316 to make the flight similar enough to Oceanic Flight 815.
  • The sailboat was abandoned in order to get Colleen back quicker on the Sub. The sailboat might end up washing ashore, and being reclaimed by the lostaways.

Ben wants the boat

In the "The Glass Ballerina", Ben tells Colleen "I want that boat". Theories:

  • Ben is surprised to hear of the survivors possessing a sailboat; this is Desmond's boat, so Ben might not know that Desmond is on the Island. At the very least, he does not know that the boat survived the crash.
  • The existence of the sailboat, a long range watercraft unlike their previous boat, may represent a way for the Others to finally leave the Island, because the Others may actually be trapped on the Island, despite his claims.
    • Alternatively, Ben may have been trying to secure the boat so that the Others under his supervision wouldn't be able to leave, because they weren't as committed to the Island as Ben was. This is supported by Ben's discussion with Locke in The Man From Tallahassee.
  • If Kelvin was an Other, Ben might have been surprised because he assumed that Kelvin took the boat and fled the Island. He might not know that Kelvin is actually dead.
  • Ben wants the boat as Kelvin has hidden something there, while repairing it. Maybe something valuable to Ben.
  • According to Colleen the sailboat may allow the survivors to find the Others, which is why they take control of it.
  • Ben doesn't want the survivors to find the second island.

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