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Elixir in Final Fantasy VII

The Elixir (エリクサー, Erikusā), also known as Elixer, is a recurring item from the series. Usually Elixirs completely restore the HP and MP of one ally. An upgrade of the Elixir exists, which is called the Megalixir, which affects the entire party.




Final Fantasy

The Elixir item didn't appear in the original NES version. However, Elixirs can be found in the Origins, Dawn of Souls, and PSP ports.

Effect Restores all HP and MP
Buy In N/A
Find In Dragon Caves, Chaos Shrine (Past), Lifespring Grotto (x8), Whisperwind Cove (x16)
Won From Death Eye
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy II

Elixirs first appeared in this game, sold in item stores for 50,000 gil. They may also be found in chests and are dropped by enemies.

Effect Restores all HP and MP.
Buy In Altair, Gatrea, Paloom, Poft, Salamand, Bafsk, Fynn, Mysidia, Machanon
Find In Coliseum, Mysidian Tower, Fynn, Jade Passage, Pandaemonium
Won From Emperor, Tiamat, Malboro Terra, Death Rider, Lamia Matriarch, Yamatano Orochi
Cost 50000

Final Fantasy III

An Elixir can be used to cure Cid's sick wife, allowing the party to go down into his basement (to get 8 items from chests). Ordinary Elixirs can also be obtained. The Elixir for Cid's sick wife is not a Key Item, and thus can be also used as a basic Potion, but this is not recommended.

Effect Restores all HP and MP.
Buy In N/A
Find In Canaan, Molten Cave, Hein's Castle (x3), Replito, Northeastern Saronia, Saronia Catacombs, Lake Dohr, Bahamut's Lair, Ancients' Maze, The Forbidden Land, Eureka (x4), Crystal Tower (x5)
Steal From Odin, King Behemoth, Yellow Dragon, Green Dragon, Red Dragon
Won From Odin
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy IV

Elixirs fully restore one target's HP and MP.

Effect Restores all HP and MP.
Buy In Hummingway Home
Find In Troia Castle, Dwarf Castle (x2), Cave of Eblan (x2), Sealed Cavern, Sylvan Cave, Land of Summons, Baron Castle, Giant of Babil, Lunar Subterrain (x2)
Steal From N/A
Won From Evil Mask, Pink Puff, Veteran
Cost 100,000

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Elixirs restore all HP and MP to one target. They cannot be bought in shops or won from enemies.

Final Fantasy V

Elixir as seen in Final Fantasy V
Effect Restores all HP and MP.
Buy In Phantom Village
Find In Tycoon Castle (x2), Fire Ship (x3), Karnak Castle (x6), Ronka Ruins, Moore Forest, Ex-Death's Castle (x2), Pyramid of Moore (x4), Island Shrine , Interdimensional Rift - Ruins (x2), Interdimensional Rift - Final Floors
Steal From Blockhead, Crystal Dragon, Fan Wizard, Flare, Gigas, Harpy, Pantera, Red Dragon, White Flame, Zefa Zone, Zuu, Earth Crystal, Fire Crystal, Water Crystal, Wind Crystal, Ex-Death, Pantera, Triton, Nergade, Phobos, Leviathan, Catastroph, Azulmagia, Necrophobe
Won From Alcumia, Crystal Slugs, Cure Beast, Fan Wizard, Harpy, Hypnot, Kuzer, La Mage, Landcrawler, Level Checker, Lumber Beast, Magic Pot, Magic Dragon, Mauldwin, Skull Eater, Sybaritic, Zefa Zone, Zuu, Gilgamesh, Tyrasaurus, Dragon Grass
Cost 50,000

Elixir is also a Mix result, and can be achieved by either of the following:

Final Fantasy VI

An Elixir can be found in many houses throughout the world hidden in clocks.

Effect Restores all HP and MP
Buy In N/A
Find In [WoB] Narshe - Clock in Arvis' House, [WoB] S. Figaro - Clock in Passage to Rich Man's Home, [WoB] Mobliz - Clock in Post Office, [WoB] Nikeah - Clock in Inn, [WoB] Narshe - Clock in Elder's House, [WoB] Kohlingen - Rachel's House, [WoB] Albrook - Clock in Cafe, [WoB] Imperial Base, [WoB] Floating Continent, [WoR] Doma Castle - Clock in room with beds, [WoR] South Figaro - Box (if you did not get the Eyedrop in the World of Balance), [WoR] Narshe Mines - Chest (if you did not get the Rune Edge in the World of Balance)
Steal From Rider, Magic Urn, Peepers, Gigantos, Spit Fire, Air Force, AtmaWeapon, Master Pug, Kefka (at Narshe), Short Arm (Final Battle), Long Arm (Final Battle), Face (Final Battle), Tiger (Final Battle), Tools (Final Battle), Magic (Final Battle), Hit (Final Battle), MagiMaster
Won From TunnelArmr, AtmaWeapon
Morph From Apokryphos, Dark Force, Behemoth, Doom Drgn, Hoover, Cruller, Still Life, Goblin, Dragon,

Land Worm, Enuo, Phase, GtBehemoth, L.70 Magic

Cost N/A

Final Fantasy VII

Effect Restores all HP and MP.
Buy In N/A
Find In Shinra HQ (Disc 1/Steps)
Shinra HQ (From Major, if password is guessed correctly on 2nd try)
Mythril Mines
Nibelheim (Disc 1 only)
Mt. Nibel
City of the Ancients
Gaea's Cliff
Mideel (Before Ultimate Weapon)
Midgar Raid (x3)
Northern Crater (x2)
Sunken Gelinka
Fort Condor (Win 13th and 19th battle/x3 per battle)
Bone Village
Great Glacier
Steal From Master Tonberry, Gighee, Iron Man
Won From Dark Dragon, Reno (Sunken Gelinka), Rude (Midgar Raid), Staniv
Morph From Vlakarados, Harpy
Cost N/A

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

Elixirs fully restore HP and MP.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

Elixirs fully restore the player's HP and MP. They cannot be purchased.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Elixirs fully restore HP, MP, AP, and remove status ailments.

Final Fantasy VIII

Effect Restores all HP and statuses.
Buy In Esthar
Find In Dollet (Complete dog sidequest on Disc 3)
Angelo Search (1/144 chance)
Steal From Biggs (1st), Biggs (2nd), Edea (1st)
Won From Seifer (1st), Sphinxaur, Sphinxara
Cost 50000

Final Fantasy IX

Effect Restores all HP and MP
Buy In N/A
Find In Alexandria Castle, Ice Cavern, Lindblum (Disc 3, x2), South Gate, North Station, Cleyra's Trunk, Cleyra, Fossil Roo, Black Mage Village, Madain Sari, Iifa Tree, Oeilvert, Mount Gulug, Hilde Garde 3, Daguerreo (x2), Terra, Bran Bal, Pandemonium
Steal From Red Dragon, Yan, Gizamaluke, Ark, Taharka, Shell Dragon (A), Silver Dragon, Kraken's Left Tentacle, Deathguise, Necron, Tantarian, Quale, Ozma
Won From Kraken (Crystal World), Lich (Crystal World), Hilgigars, Soulcage, Valia Pira, Silver Dragon, Nova Dragon, Maliris, Tiamat, Kraken, Lich, Deathguise, Yeti (Friendly), Quale, Hades
Cost N/A

Tetra Master


Final Fantasy X

Recovers all HP and MP for one party member up to a cap of 9,999 HP and 999 MP, make it less effective if the character is using the Break HP and Break MP Limit abilities. In addition to being a normal item, it can also be created using Rikku's Mix Overdrive.

Effect Restores all HP and MP, to a cap of 9999 HP and 999 MP.
Buy In N/A
Find In Guadosalam, Sanubia Desert, Via Purifico, Besaid Temple (FC), Inside Sin
Steal From Seymour, Seymour Flux, Braska's Final A., Dark Anima, Dark Bahamut, Dark Cindy, Dark Ifrit, Dark Ixion, Dark Mindy, Dark Sandy, Dark Shiva, Dark Valefor, Dark Yojimbo, Penance (Arms), Penance
Won From Oblitzerator, Crawler
Bribe YKT-63, YKT-11
Other Gift - 1 = Kilika (Talk after killing Lord Ochu)
Prize - 1 = Blitzball - League Prize - 2nd Place
Prize - 1 = Blitzball - Tournament Prize - 1st Place
Prize - 1 = Thunder Plains - Let 80 bolts hit you
Prize - 2 = Macalania (North) - Butterfly Hunt minigame after Spherimorph
Gift - 1 = Macalania: Hall
Prize - 1 = Home - Second on First Row
Prize - 1 = Calm Lands - Wobbly Chocobo - First Win
Prize - 1 = Remiem Temple - Chocobo Race, 1 Chest & No Pole
Prize - 1 = Cavern of the Stolen Fayth - Magic Urn
Prize - 1 = Bikanel Island - Obtain 3 to 5 of the cactuar's sphere
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy X-2

An Elixir fully restores HP and MP. The Alchemist dressphere has the special "Stash" ability, allowing the character to use Elixirs for free, though obtaining this ability takes a lot of time, requiring 999 AP to achieve.

Effect Restores all HP and MP.
Buy In N/A
Find In Zanarkand (Chapters 1 & 2), Mt. Gagazet, Gagazet-Ruins (Chapter 1), Fiend Haunt (Chapter 4), Mushroom Rock (Chapter 5), Macalania (Chapter 5), Fiend Colony, Farplane/Road from Bevelle
Steal From (Chapter 2) Le Blanc (Guadosalam/3rd Fight) , Logos (Djose), Logos (Bikanel), Logos (Guadosalam/2nd Fight), Logos (Guadosalam/3rd Fight), Ormi (Djose), Ormi(Mt. Gagazet), Ormi (Guadosalam/1st Fight), Ormi (Guadosalam/2nd Fight), Ormi (Guadosalam/3rd Fight)
(Chapter 5) Concherer, Vegnagun (2nd Fight), Critical Bug (Oversoul), Insect Matriarch (Oversoul), Anything Eater (Oversoul)
Won From Experiment (Djose/Temple/2nd Fight), Omega Weapon
Bribe Vertigo (Oversoul), Grim Gaze (Oversoul), Barong (Oversoul), King Vermin (Oversoul)
Other Chapter 2/3-(Ajusting the lightning-conductors, do 30 correct entries for tower 1), Chapter 2/3-(Ajusting the lightning-conductors, do at least 25 but not more than 29 correct entries for tower 2), Chapter 2/3-(Ajusting the lightning-conductors, do at least 25 but not more than 29 correct entries for tower 3)
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy XI

An Elixir restores HP and MP by 25%, and is either crafted by alchemists or obtained as a temporary item. There also exists "Dusty Elixir" temporary items during some events with the same effect. The high quality synth is a "Hi-Elixir" which restores HP and MP by 50%.

There also exists "Vile Elixirs," which take effect instantly (as opposed to normal 10 second use delay), but are only dropped off of certain high notorious monsters and Battlefield events.

Final Fantasy XII

The Elixir is a rare item, requiring rare loot to make and can be found as uncommon treasure in some treasure urns.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Although the game does not have items, Elixir is an enemy skill that restores all HP to the user.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Elixir is a non-usable key item given to the player by Tristam to cure Kaeli of her poison.

Final Fantasy Adventure

Elixir is a restorative item that restores all HP and MP and cannot be bought.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Elixir is a trade accessory that grants Luck +4. There is also a variation called the Dusty Elixir, which is traded for lower-level items.

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