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For this monster's lower level counterpart, see Black knight. Not to be confused with Elite dark warriors

Elite Black Knights (or Elite Black Guards) are monsters found in the basement of Black Knights' Fortress or in Lucien's camp after starting the While Guthix Sleeps quest. They drop the exclusive Elite black armour. They have the ability to use prayer, so it is suggested to bring at least 2 forms of attack style to kill them with. Eventually they will run out of prayer, allowing players to kill them. There is also a short break between their attacks when they switch their protection prayers. Wearing full Elite black armour or full Dagon'hai robes set will make them and others in the dungeon non-aggressive. Note that these count as black knights with regards to a player's ranking as a White knight, with each knight counting for exactly 10 Black Knight kills. They are weaker to crush attacks than other styles, but their defence is poor in general, and the player will not miss often.

Elite Black Knight's prayer is 100% effective, unlike the Kalphite Queen's prayer which only boosts defence. Elite Black Knights will switch prayer, they do this when the sum of the hits + 1 per attack is greater than 15 for a given combat style. When they switch prayers, it will reset the damage count for the other combat style. They will run out of prayer after 20 attacks have been made against them while they are using their prayer, regardless of whether those attacks deal damage or not. Smite does not help drain their prayer, and neither does the Ancient mace or Dragon Scimitar.

An easy way to make the Elite Black Knight to run out of prayer is to attack it with fast hitting weapons, such as Bronze darts. This will deal 20 attacks as fast as possible, thereby reducing their prayer quickly. Another easy tactic to use against the Elite Black Knight is the Black salamander (weapon). When the Black Knight changes prayer, it is easy to change your attack style to match. This tactic hits low against the knights, however, as they seem to have very strong defence against the salamander's attacks. Full Verac armour will penetrate their prayer but the Knights appear to have an extremely strong defence against it as well.


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  • When first released, many players doubted the Elite Black Knights would drop Elite black armour more than once, however Mod Emilee confirmed that they would on the forums.
  • They yell "Curses, Zamorak has abandoned me!" when they run out of prayer.
  • Sometimes Elite Black Knights will switch their prayer just before they die, even though they would receive less than 15 of total damage and hits. This is probably because the attacking player would have inflicted more damage if the knight had more health.
  • Players that have not yet started the While Guthix Sleeps quest can still see the elite black knights from the Chaos Temple near Lucien's camp
  • The Elite Black Knight's level is the highest combat level possible for a player to reach, although the knights have 115 hitpoints instead of 99.
  • Elite Black Knights drop their armour, unlike regular black knights, who do not.
  • They worship Zamorak, but ironically, their weapon is of similar appearance to the Saradomin sword.

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