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A statuette representing Elidinis.

Elidinis is the Menaphite Goddess of Fertility and Growth, and the River Elid. She is also the wife of Tumeken and the mother of Icthlarin and Amascut. She plays a key part of the quest Spirits of the Elid. She seems to be based on the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis. She is described by Senliten as "The water that gives life and soothes".

Elidinis is not worshipped by many and those who do are mainly from the desert. The centre of her worship is the town of Nardah. In Nardah, there is a shrine to Elidinis (Elidinis Statuette), provided by the god herself to Nardarine, a refugee of the God Wars, who went on to found and lead Nardah. She is one of the minor Gods that make up the Menaphite Pantheon and is the wife of their leader Tumeken. You will assist her followers in the quest Spirits of the Elid.


Symbol and Colours

The symbol of Elidinis

Crondis Scabaras Elidinis Amascut Tumeken Icthlarin Het Apmeken
From bottom clockwise: Elidinis (represented by the river), Icthlarin, Het, Apmeken, Crondis, Scabaras, and Amascut. Tumeken is in the centre.

The River Elid and its representations are symbolic of Elidinis. Her colours are shown as yellow and blue as seen in the statuette as well as robes.


The Legend of Elidinis

A very hot day during the third age, a woman named Nardarine escaped the fighting of the forces of Saradomin and Zamorak fighting. She went out into the desert, at the moment she had no water and the desert was a harsh place. She cried out for help from Saradomin but she was in the area of the Menaphite Pantheon and Saradomin couldn't reach her there. Then Elidinis came to answer her prayers and asked if she helped her, would she pray to her. Nardarine said yes and took an oath to Elidinis. Then Elidinis created the River Elid. Nardarine drank from the water and Elidinis also gave her food. She built a city near there, where everyone who came to live in that city needed to take the oath of loyalty to Elidinis. The city was named after Nardarine, and it was called Nardah.


Tirrie, Nirrie, and Hullak (the Spirits of the Elid)

Inhabitants of Nardah

Affiliated Items

Ancestral key, Robe of Elidinis.


  • In Latin, Elido means to dash to pieces. Elid+inis=Elidinis. However, the deity actually does quite the opposite of destroy.
  • It should be pointed out that Elidines sign is very similar to the Zodiac symbol of Aquarius.
  • When Elidinis is referenced as simply She, it may be a tribute to She (the novels, the movies, or the BBC radio plays).
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