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Japanese エリディブス
Romaji Eridibusu
Age N/A
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Serpentarius
Voice actor(s) N/A
Job Class Serpentarius
Affiliation None
Final Fantasy Tactics Character

Elidibus is a legendary wizard from Final Fantasy Tactics that is said to be a hero of the Fifty Years' War, though his exact role is never stated. He is hidden on the lowest level of the Midlight's Deep. Exactly how he came to be in possession of the Serpentarius Zodiac Stone, the secret thirteenth stone, is unclear, but he is able to transform into a Lucavi of the same name. Elidibus has the role of an optional boss; if fought, he would come between Adrammelech and Hashmal. If the description for the Magick City of Gariland is read, it is revealed that it is Elidibus' hometown. According to his character description, he disappeared during the recapture of Riovanes Castle.


Fighting Elidibus

Ramza Beoulve will encounter Elidibus in the pitch-black final floor of the Midlight's Deep. He will immediately transform into Lucavi form when spotted, and is quite powerful, packing almost as many Hit Points as Ultima's second form. He is backed up by several Apandas, but Ramza's team gets a guest for this battle: Byblos, a special Apanda. Elidibus himself packs several powerful spells, including the move Zodiark, which can be learned Blue Mage style (it is part of the Summoner class, so bring a well-equipped Summoner to this battle if you wish to learn it).

Serpentarius Abilities


Innate Abilities

The Dark

PS1 Name PSP Name Description Range Effect Speed
Snake Carrier Snakecharm Strikes with snakes. 1 1 Now
Poison Frog Poisonous Frog Inflicts Toad and Poison. 4 3 Now
Midgar Swarm Midgardsormr Summon monster crashes into enemy. 4 3 10
Zodiac Zodiark Darkening Cloud. Summon monster focuses star light energy, and unleashes it in a blazing beam of destruction.
MP Cost: 99
4 4 10


  • Elidibus's monster form is a combination of the man and a serpent, which is a reference to the shape of the Ophiuchus constellation, which inspired the thirteenth Zodiac Sign featured in Final Fantasy Tactics. Ophiuchus, also known as Serpentarius, is said to be shaped like a man grasping a serpent.

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