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A player carries an elemental staff.
Elemental staves provide an infinite amount of one or two of the basic elemental runes: air, water, earth, and fire. The staves come in three different types:
  • Basic elemental staves have no requirements to wield and can be bought from various stores.
  • Battlestaves require 30 Magic and Attack to wield, and can be created by adding an orb, created through Crafting and charged through Magic to a regular battlestaff. Battlestaves that provide an infinite amount of two runes cannot be created, only obtained through monster drops.
  • Mystic staves require 40 Magic and Attack to wield, and can be created by paying Thormac 40,000 coins and giving him a charged battlestaff after a player has completed the Scorpion Catcher quest.
  • There are no Air / Element staves.
Staff type Image
Basic Battle Mystic
None Staff Battlestaff File:Staff.png
Air Staff of air Air battlestaff Mystic air staff File:Staff of Air.png
Water Staff of water Water battlestaff Mystic water staff File:Staff of water.png
Earth Staff of earth Earth battlestaff Mystic earth staff File:Staff of earth.png
Fire Staff of fire Fire battlestaff Mystic fire staff File:Staff of fire.png
Water/Earth Mud battlestaff Mystic mud staff File:Mud battlestaff.png
Water/Fire Steam battlestaff Mystic steam staff File:Steam staff.png
Earth/Fire Lava battlestaff Mystic lava staff File:Lava battlestaff.png
None Magic staff



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