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The Elemental workshop is a dungeon that you can progressively explore more of as you complete the Elemental Workshop quest series. Vitruvius created the workshop in the early Fifth Age. A Battered key is needed to enter. As of 9 November 2009 some floating rocks above the elemental workshop area have been adjusted.


Ground floor

The ground floor contains nothing but some anvils. It is, however, a penguin hot spot.

First Floor

Elemental Workshop; First floor.

The workshop can be first accessed during the Elemental Workshop I quest.

The first floor is where players can find Elemental ore, though mining them will transform the rock into an earth elemental. Once it is killed, a player may mine an elemental ore.

Another section is a room filled with water elementals. This room plays an important part in both Elemental Workshop I and Elemental Workshop II.

A third room contains air elementals and a giant bellow.

The fourth room contains fire elementals and a blast furnace. This room is where player can smelt elemental ore and four coal into an elemental bar.

Use an elemental bar on one of the workbenches in the lobby while carrying a hammer to create:

Second Floor

Elemental Workshop; Second floor.

Accessed during the Elemental Workshop II quest, 4 pieces of equipment on this floor (crane, press, tank, and wind tunnel) must be repaired. Players can then process elemental bars by superheating them in lava, stamping them in the press, and cooling them in the tank and wind tunnel to make primed bars. See quest guide for details. These are used to eventually develop elemental mind equipment.

Third Floor

Accessed during the Elemental Workshop II quest, this floor contains 2 doors: one with a mind symbol on it, and the other with a body symbol.


Mind Room

You can turn a primed elemental bar into a primed mind bar in this room. Simply place any primed elemental bar into the extractor gun. Then sit in the seat next to it. For the cost of 20 magic you have a primed mind bar.

A player can use a primed mind bar on the first floor anvil to create:

Body Room

The Body door

This room is not available yet, though it will most likely be accessed in the 3rd part to the Elemental Workshop series.


There are no intelligible species in the Elemental Workshop, other than perhaps the Earth Elementals which appear when an elemental rock is mined. Their text is always "Grr... Ge'rroff us!".


The quests below feature heavily in this dungeon;


  • Twilight
  • Prime Time

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