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A Gungan Soldier wielding an electropole.

The electropole (not to be confused with the electrostaff) was an electric melee weapon used by the Gungans of Naboo and a separate version by the Swokes Swokes of Makem Te. It was similar to the Force Pike and the static pikes used by picadors on Geonosis. It could be used by either striking the enemy at close range, or by throwing it like a javelin. Some EV supervisor droids hard wiring got messed up and beat human workers with an electropole on Kadril.



The electropole had three uses. One was for military purposes. Many electropoles were used during the Battle of Naboo by the Gungans. The second use was for herders. Gungan herders would use the electropoles to herd their Shaaks and guard them. Thirdly, the Swokes Swokes used electropoles to help domesticate the schinga shikou.

Notable users

The Swokes Swokes domesticated the schinga shikou, using electropoles.
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