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Electronic Lock Pick
uses: Lockpicking
weight: 2
value: 375

The Wattz Electronics Micromanipulator FingerStuff Electronic Lock Pick is an item in Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics.

As the name unambiguously implies, Electronic Lockpicks are used for cracking security on electrically-powered doors, such as those found in the Military Base or Vault 13. In Fallout, a player with a sufficiently high Lockpick ability may use the Electronic Lockpicks to illicitly bypass the security on the outer stratum of the Brotherhood of Steel, effectively circumventing the necessity of completing the quest at The Glow and securing the Power Armor much earlier in the game. Entering The Brotherhood of Steel this way does not affect the manner in which the Brotherhood members regard the player.





In Fallout, the Electronic Lockpicks can be acquired by traveling to The Hub and entering the Thieves' Guild, where the player must accept and complete the quest to steal Daren Hightower's prized necklace. Subsequent to presenting the necklace to Loxley, the player will receive the lockpicks as a token of his or her newly-acquired membership to the Guild. The player may also find a secondary pair of Electronic Lockpicks in the upper-levels of the Cathedral.

Fallout 2

In Fallout 2, the Electronic Lockpicks can be found in the basement of New Reno Arms, inside a well hidden fridge. The fridge also contains some Pulse Grenades, which conveniently also helps with getting into the underground storehouse of Toxic Caves.

Fallout Tactics

In Fallout Tactics, the Electronic Lockpicks can be found in the Peoria mission in the Eastern-most locker in the room just before the radioactive gantry room where Roachor lurks.

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