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Electrocute as seen in Final Fantasy V.

Electrocute, also called Lightning, is a recurring ability in the series. Often used by enemies, it tends to inflicts Lightning-elemental damage to all targets.




Final Fantasy V

Electric Shock, originally called Electrocute, is an enemy ability that inflicts minor Lightning-elemental damage to the party. It is used by Gilgamesh, Gorgimera, Guardian, Ramuh, and Octokraken.

Final Fantasy VIII

Electrocute is a Blue Magic spell that can be taught to Quistis by using a Coral Fragment on her in the menu. It is a Lightning-elemental attack that damages all enemies, and its spell power varies from Crisis Level, which is shown as follows:

  • Crisis Level 1: 30
  • Crisis Level 2: 36
  • Crisis Level 3: 44
  • Crisis Level 4: 50

Cockatrice also has access to the Electrocute ability.

Final Fantasy IX

Electrocute is an ability used by Torama and Zaghnol. It allows the user to use either Blaster (for Torama) or Thundara (for Zaghnol).

Final Fantasy X

Electrocute is an enemy ability used by Mech Leader, which inflicts moderate Lightning-elemental damage to the party.

Final Fantasy X-2

Electrocute is used by Machina Soldier and inflicts moderate Lightning-elemental damage.


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