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Elder Lyons' Robe
DR: 3
item HP: 100
weight: 2
value: 8
repair: none
base id: 87274

Elder Lyons' Robe is a unique piece of clothing in Fallout 3, worn by Elder Lyons of the Brotherhood of Steel.

It provides a damage resistance of 3 and cannot be repaired (except by merchants).



The robe can be obtained by reverse-pickpocketing Elder Lyons with better armor.


Elder Lyons' Robe appears in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

  • There is a suit of recon armor under the robe but it doesn't include the DR for a suit of recon armor though.


  • The Pip-Boy icon is that of a Vault 101 Jumpsuit.
  • If worn by a female, it is identical to a Vault 101 Jumpsuit in appearance.
  • When dropped, it is identical to a Vault 101 Jumpsuit in appearance.
  • Only obtainable through reverse pickpocketing, due to the fact that this NPC is essential.
  • If you wish to wear this, it is recommended that you hotkey the robe beforehand so that you will not require fussing about with your Pip-Boy. (see Bugs section below)


  • The armor covers the Pip-Boy, making use of the Pip-Boy somewhat tricky, but in some rare cases, such as the use of a Stealth Boy, the part of the robes covering the pip-boy disappear while the pip-boy is in use. (PC, xbox 360 and PS3)
  • If worn by a female, the right hand disappears (see image below).


Armor of Fallout 3

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