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The Elder Gods are incredibly powerful beings with vast cosmic powers, who are the survivors of the first wave of entities that were spawned by the Demiurge visiting Earth soon after its formation, 4 billion years ago. Gaea currently resides within the Earth itself. Oshtur formed the Vishanti to assist Earth's Sorcerer Supreme. Set and Chthon were driven from Earth by Gaia's son Atum, but still exert influence through their followers and artifacts.

Chthon tricked Ian McNee into gathering the Cornerstones of Creation.
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The magical hierarchy was retconned in the Marvel Tarot and Mystic Arcana to only have four Elder Gods. The beings destroyed by Atum are still presumably where the modern pantheons emerged.


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The Elder Gods are divine deities said to be the first true gods of Gielinor. According to Guthix, the Elder Gods were responsible for creating the world itself, using their powers to make the plane of Gielinor in a time before even the First Age. They are most prominently alluded to during the Meeting History quest.

When Guthix discovered the plane, the Elder Gods seem to have departed. Guthix, not powerful enough to create a plane of his own, shaped the world and named it Gielinor. Apparently he did not try to hide the knowledge of the Elder Gods at first, willingly sharing this information with the first humans to be brought through the Portal of Life.

Since this time, though, virtually all knowledge of the Elder Gods has vanished. Speculation that a time existed prior to the First Age was, until recently, very little. Rumour of the Dragonkin and TzHaar's pre-First Age origins, however, has abounded for some time.

Other gods? I've not heard those names before. Guthix appeared frequently to us back in those days. I suppose he wanted to ensure balance and that he wasn't introducing something to this world to upset that balance. He said very little. I think he just wanted us to be aware that he existed and to give us some understanding in those first days. He spoke a lot about balance and encouraging us to live in harmony with our surroundings--to feel free to use our enviroment, but not to abuse it. It seems that he had not created this world, and spoke of 'elder gods' that existed in a time before he could remember; of this he said little.
— Laura
The Stone of Jas, used to create runes.

Of the Elder Gods little is known, whether in terms of their nature or their actions. The only physical remain of their time period may be the Stone of Jas (a.k.a The Eye of Saradomin/The Fist of Guthix), an ancient artefact said to be used by the gods to create both Gielinorian magic and the Anima Mundi. It was also responsible for creating rune essence. Its location is revealed during the quest While Guthix Sleeps.

It is possible, the knowledge of the Elder Gods has survived up to the current age Gielinor in the form of the myth of the Elder Dragons discussed in the Book of Folklore. The Elder-dragon theory is not widely known, nor is it popular with skeptics. They believe it to have been created to throw doubt on the idea of Gielinor being barren before the gods arrived (the same time period in which the Elder Gods also apparently resided).

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