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Two separate series of original comic strips featuring the Eighth Doctor (and, in turn, the likeness of actor Paul McGann) were published during the character's original tenure. The Radio Times published a weekly comic strip for a time, and there was also the standard Doctor Who Magazine strip. The two series introduced a number of brand-new companions, although the Eighth Doctor's only on-screen companion, Grace Holloway, also appeared on two occasions, and there were also cameo appearances by companions from past DWM series. The Master was also ressurected. During this time, the strips were restored to full colour

One of the strip's most noted fans was Russell T Davies, the future executive producer and head writer of the revived Doctor Who series. Davies had proposed that the Magazine's strip regenerate McGann's Doctor at the conclusion of the strip adventure (DW: The Flood), with a Year One approach proposed by the Magazine's editorial team themselves that would allow them to close off plot points such as Destri's continued involvement with the series. Whilst a draft was prepared to include the regeneration, the idea was eventually abandoned as the Magazine team had reservations regarding taking such an important element from the television series should McGann ever be used in the series for flashback purposes. After a secondary proposal by Davies, where The Doctor would regenerate, but would be reduced to a perpetually enflamed head and arms for as long as the "Year One" strip lasted, was turned down, the option was made to simply end "The Flood" on a note similar to Survival, with The Eighth Doctor and Destri's later adventures left a mystery to the readers.

It is speculated that Davies loosely adapted elements from The Flood in his later DW storylines The Parting of the Ways and Army of Ghosts (in particular the Doctor absorbing the time/space vortex to save Rose Tyler's life, triggering his regeneration, and the ghost-shifting infiltration of The Cybermen on an unsuspecting public)





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