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The Eight Dragons are bosses in Final Fantasy VI. They are legendary enemies released during the apocalypse. Each one of them corresponds to a certain element. The dragons are the Blue Dragon, Earth Dragon, Gold Dragon, Ice Dragon, Red Dragon, Skull Dragon, Storm Dragon, and Holy Dragon. Defeating them all breaks the seal they had placed on the Esper Crusader a thousand years ago.

Originally it had been planned that after defeating the final dragon, all eight would merge into a superboss, the CzarDragon, but this was scrapped, although data for the CzarDragon remains hidden in the game files.

In Final Fantasy VI Advance, however, once the Eight Dragons have been defeated, the player gains access to the Dragons' Den. Here, they fight improved versions of the dragons, each with a gimmick to make the battle harder. Defeating each dragon unlocks a seal in the cave, and once all the seals are broken, the player can fight the Kaiser Dragon at long last. This boss is the second toughest in the game, with over 200,000 HP and a whole host of different devastating attacks, and only superseded by the mighty Omega Weapon who takes its place upon its defeat. For defeating the Kaiser Dragon, the player is rewarded with the ultimate magicite, the Esper Diabolos.


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