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The Eight-Fluted Pole from Final Fantasy XII

The Eight-Fluted Pole, also known as the Octagon Rod and Eight-Sided Pole, is a recurring weapon in the Final Fantasy. It is generally a Pole with no special abilities, however it tends to be one of the strongest Poles, if not the penultimate, in its respective games.




Final Fantasy IX

The Octagon Rod is a high-level Staff usable only by Vivi. It absorbs Wind elemental damage and increases Water damage. Its Add Status is Trouble, and it teaches Firaga, Blizzaga, and Thundaga. It can be bought from Daguerreo and Esto Gaza after completing the Desert Palace for 4500 gil. If it is not purchased during Disc 3, it becomes unobtainable.

Final Fantasy XI

The Eight-Sided Pole and its upgrade the Eight-Sided Pole +1, both appear as staves in Final Fantasy XI.

Final Fantasy XII

The Eight-fluted Pole is the penultimate Pole in Final Fantasy XII. It has no special abilities, however, it has an attack power of 88, and combos frequently. It can be licensed through the Poles 5 License for 45 LP and can be stolen from Vagrant Soul and Abelisk.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Eight-fluted Pole, also known as the Octagon Rod, is the second strongest Pole in the game. While it has no unique abilities, has an attack of 12 and a defense boost of 20%. It costs 20000 gil and can be used by Arithmeticians and Mystics.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The Eight-fluted Pole appears once again as the penultimate Pole, and appears again without a special ability. It teaches Avalanche to Geomancers for 250 AP, and Pummel to Master Monks for 300 AP.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Eight-Fluted Pole is a level 78 staff in Dissidia Final Fantasy. It grants a 34 points to Bravery and 53 points to Attack.

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