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A transcript is a retrospective written record of dialogue, and like a script (a prospective record) may include other scene information such as props or actions. In the case of a transcript of a film or television episode, ideally it is a verbatim record. Because closed-captioning is usually written separately, its text may have errors and does not necessarily reflect the true Canonical transcript.

Transcripts for Lost episodes up to and including "Enter 77" are based on the transcriptions by Lost-TV member Spooky with aid of DVR, and at times, closed captions for clarification. She and Lost-TV have generously granted us permission to share/host these transcripts at Lostpedia. Later transcripts were created by the Lostpedia community, unless stated otherwise below.

Disclaimer: This transcript is intended for educational and promotional purposes only, and may not be reproduced commercially without permission from ABC. The description contained herein represents viewers' secondhand experience of ABC's Lost.

Enhanced version of Season 4, Episode 4: Eggtown-Enhanced
Produced by: Met|Hodder


Act One

This episode is entitled "Eggtown."
It is Episode #404
the 4th episode of Season 4.

This is the survivors' 93rd day on the island.

(Locke unlocks the door to Ben's "room")
This is the same room
where Ben held Locke's father prisoner
in "The Man from Tallahassee"
and "The Brig" in Season 3.

(Locke gives Ben a book from his own bookshelf)
The book is entitled VALIS
a 1981 sci-fi novel by Philip K. Dick.
It's the story of a fool's search for God
in which, ultimately, God turns out to be a joke.

(Locke: "I wanted you under my own roof.")
It may be Locke's roof right now
but this is actually Ben's house.

Miles Straume is one of the freighter people
who claims his mission is to find Ben.
Locke and Ben both believe the freighter team
plans to kill everyone on the island.

(Ben: "Just like old times.")
Ben was Locke's prisoner in Season 2
and was held in the Swan DHARMA station.
Ben claimed his name was Henry Gale
and played similar mind games with Locke.

Kate is currently living with Claire
and her baby, Aaron.

Sawyer has suggested to Kate
they stay on the island and live together.

Kate and Sawyer have been sleeping together
and Kate told Sawyer she might be pregnant.
Women who get pregnant on the island
die during pregnancy.

(Kate and her lawyer are in a car)
This flash forward takes place
outside the LA County Courthouse.

Kate has become the focus of a media circus
because she is one of the Oceanic 6
and she is on trial for numerous crimes
committed before the crash of 815.

Kate's arraignment is docket #42231815.

(Bailiff, to Kate: "You are charged with fraud, arson, assault on a federal officer, assault with a deadly weapon, grand larceny, grand theft auto, and murder in the 1st degree.")
We have seen Kate commit
all of the crimes being charged.

(D.A.: "She's the very definition of a flight risk.")
Kate fled to Australia to avoid arrest
but was tracked down by a U.S. Marshal.

Act Two

Sun and Jin have had a troubled marriage
but have reconciled since coming to the island.

(Locke: "This is not a democracy.")
Sawyer recently called Locke "Colonel Kurtz"
a nod to the insane leader in Apocalypse Now.

(Hurley, to Kate: "You just totally Scooby Doo'd me, didn't you?")
Hurley "Scooby Doo'd" Kate and Sayid
leading to their capture by Locke
in last week's episode.

(Miles, to Kate: "So the Arab traded you too, huh?")
Sayid traded Miles to Locke, for Charlotte
to ensure a chopper ride to the freighter.

(Miles: "Who do you think?")
Miles wants a meeting with Ben.

Kate's attorney shares a name
with Duncan B. Forrester
author of Apocalypse Now?
Reflections on Faith in a Time of Terror.

Kate's father was abusing her mother
so Kate blew up the house he occupied
believing she was protecting her mother.

Act Three

Kate helped Claire deliver Aaron
in "Do No Harm" in Season 1.

A pregnant Claire was on her way to LA
to give her baby up for adoption
when Oceanic 815 went down.

(Jack: "The Marshal died in the crash.")
Jack is not telling the truth
the Marshal did not die in the crash.
Jack tried to save him
before the Marshal died on the island.

(Jack: "Only 8 of us survived the crash.")
In truth, there were 48 survivors
from the fuselage section
and 23 survivors from the tail section.

(Jack says he doesn't love Kate)
Jack told Kate he loved her
in "Through the Looking Glass"
at the end of Season 3.

Sawyer is reading Adolfo Bioy Casares's
The Invention of Morel, the story of a fugitive
on a mysterious island in the South Pacific
who finds a machine that can re-create reality.

The theme from Xanadu, playing in the room
was performed by Olivia Newton-John.
Xanadu is the story of an unusual place
where dreams come true.

Large crates filled with DHARMA-labeled food
arrive on the island in parachute drops
on a regular basis.

Act Four

(Sawyer, to Locke: "Wanna play some backgammon?")
Locke played backgammon
with Walt in the pilot episode
just before Locke asked Walt
"Do you want to know a secret?"

(Sawyer cons Locke)
In the Season 2 episode, "The Long Con"
Sawyer told Cassidy that a con works
by getting someone to ask you for something
thinking it's their idea, when really it's yours.

(Miles: "It's extortion if you wanna get technical.")
Extortion is the threat of violence to
force victims to surrender money or property.

Act Five

Kate is listening to "She's Got You"
by Patsy Cline who, like Kate
grew up in a small town.
Cline died in a plane crash in 1963.

(Charlotte, to Faraday: "That's two out of three... it's progress")
Faraday and Charlotte both decided
to stay behind on the island.
Charlotte claimed she had much work to do.

(Sayid, Frank, and Desmond are not on the freighter yet)
Faraday emphatically told Frank
to follow the exact same bearing
they used to find the island.

Act Six

(Locke enters the boathouse that contains Miles)
This boathouse is actually located
at Dillingham Ranch
near Mokuleia Beach Park
on the western tip of Oahu.

The trial scenes were filmed
at the YWCA in downtown Honolulu
which was redressed to look like a courtroom.

Kate's lawyer is played by actor Shawn Doyle
He, along with Elizabeth Mitchell
was in the 2000 film Frequency.
His character's name was Jack Shepard.

(Kate goes "out the back way")
The Hawaii State Capitol building
in downtown Honolulu
provided the location for this scene.

Kate's new Los Angeles home
is actually in the Kahala neighborhood
of Honolulu.


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