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Sometime after 4 ABY[2]


27 ABY, Corellia

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Luke Skywalker

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Eelysa was a female Human Jedi Master in the New Jedi Order.




Early life and Jedi training

Born on Coruscant after the Battle of Endor, Eelysa never experienced the darkness of living on that world under Emperor Palpatine's New Order. Both of her parents were non-Force-sensitive, but young Eelysa was highly attuned to the Force and joined the Jedi Praxeum with six others around 17 ABY, at the unprecedented age of only 12. Trainees of this age would only later join the Academy with the advent of the Junior Jedi Academy. Eelysa was the first to detect the Force-ripple resulting from Dark Jedi Kueller's revolt and droid sabotage which killed thousands.

Eelysa was later promoted to the rank of Jedi Master and became one of the most gifted members of the New Jedi Order.

Jedi Master

"I should have known that any Jedi of hers would be full of surprises."
Luke Skywalker comments to Saba Sebatyne

Even though Eelysa and Luke Skywalker did not always see eye to eye with each other on matters of the Force, he trusted her judgment and chose her to undertake a series of dangerous long-term intelligence missions, which were not precisely targeted. They were usually complicated and covert, fraught with danger, and took years to complete. New Republic Intelligence estimated that in the twelve years she spent on this work, she undertook perhaps five missions, including working against the Diversity Alliance, breaking slaving rings in the Outer Rim, and involvements with the Chiss.

Her work of searching for species with uninvestigated or undiscovered Force ability led her to Barab I. Master Skywalker knew of the potential Barabel Force sensitivity but due to concerns over their aggression and violence, had never trained any. Eelysa, something of a maverick, disagreed and trained Saba Sebatyne before being chased off Barab I by agents of the Diversity Alliance. Saba Sebatyne, in turn, would go on to train her son Tesar Sebatyne and his hatchmates Bela and Krasov Hara. Eelysa also trained the Arcona Izal Waz.

Yuuzhan Vong War

"Something caught her. ... she is gone. Eelysa is no more."
―Saba Sebatyne detects Eelysa's death

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Eelysa's Jedi formed a squadron known as the Wild Knights and set up headquarters on the Cinnabar Moon, from whence they fought the Yuuzhan Vong. Though allied with the squadron through her former apprentice Saba, Eelysa did not usually operate with it.

After the Battle of Duro, Eelysa was severely injured in combat against Yuuzhan Wong Warriors on Corellia, and received a series of treatments in a bacta tank.[3] Shortly after introducing the Jedi she had trained to Luke Skywalker and returning to her spy mission in Corellia's capital Coronet City, Eelysa was killed by a voxyn, which was felt by Saba, Tesar and his hatchmates. Luke would come to admit his mistake over the Barabel and embrace them into the Order.[4]



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