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This article is about the NPC that players were allowed to keep. For other uses, see Spider (disambiguation).

Eek is a pet spider players get from the 2009 Hallowe'en event, Web of Shadows. After the event, members can place Eek in either a Pet house or Toy box in their Player-owned house.

Unlike most pets, Eek does not eat, cannot be fed anything, and does not follow you. Instead she is wielded in the weapons slot.

During the 2009 Halloween event, Eek is given to the player by the Spider Herald, after being instructed by the Spider Queen to fill the Grim Reaper's house with webs so the Spider will move out of Grim's bath. The player must hold Eek and travel through the house, covering various pieces of furniture in spider webs. After the player finishes spinning sixty-four webs and completes the event, the Queen allows Eek to stay with the player, at Eek's request. If you dismiss Eek, you can get a replacement in Draynor Village from Diango.

Players have the right-click option of Talk-to, in which a random conversation takes place between the player and Eek, and Play-with, in which the player performs an emote with Eek spinning a spider web and dropping down.

In a certain conversation, where Eek asks the player if they are scared of spiders, if the player selects the "Yes, I'm scared of spiders" option, Eek starts acting like an 'eight-legged mouse' and her dialogue name temporarily changes to 'Eek the Eight-Legged Mouse'.

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A player holding Eek.
A player holding Eek.
A player playing with Eek.
A player playing with Eek.
  Attack bonus  
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  Defence bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning
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Other bonuses
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Part of Rune (G) Skirt being stretched across to Eek on the 1st December, 2009


Shield does not show, this glitch has been fixed.
Black triangle being skewed across players body, this glitch is not fixed yet.
  • A glitch was discovered when a player would play with Eek the Spider, and activate the Home Teleport. Eek would become invisible and the teleport would keep going.
  • A glitch was discovered where you would play with Eek, and then use the zombie hand emote. It would look like a zombie was pulling eek into the ground.
  • If a player is holding a shield when Eek running across their shoulder afterwards you wouldn't see the shield unless you begin walking or running.
  • Various animations can stop the Play-with animation for the player, but Eek and the web will keep animating, continuing to float in the air. Things which can do this include:
  • Another player found that if you sit down with Eek equipped, she will disappear.
  • A glitch was discovered when a player would play with Eek the Spider and attempt to do the "stomp" emote. Eek and the web would become invisible, but the player would do the same movements as if Eek was still there, and the effect of stomping the ground is also visible.
  • A glitch was discovered when a player would wear a ringmaster shirt while having Eek equipped. When Eek runs up your arm, down to the other arm and back to the original hand, a black triangle is skewed across the players body.
  • A similar glitch is the result of wearing a Barrows armour legs and having Eek equipped. When Eek moves up your arm, across the shoulders, down to the other arm and back to the original hand, part of the armour colour from the hip is skewed across the players body.
  • There's a glitch that if you try to take a picture of Eek when she crawls up your arm, your Adventure log of your full body picture your cape disappears and Eek does too, this has not been fixed.
  • Another glitch occurs when you fight with Eek using your fists; she will appear to float in the air.
  • There is another glitch found at the Grand Exchange if you play with Eek she will be invisible without doing any specific emote.
  • A new glitch was found when you wear any gloves, a triangle appears in the same colour as your gloves when Eek walks around your arms and shoulders.


  • Fighting with kick selected and Eek in your hands originally played a punch animation, but this was fixed on 9 November 2009.


Eek, attempting to be scary
  • Eek is the only pet available to free players.
  • Approximately every 10 seconds, while wielding Eek, she will run up your arm and shoulders and move to the other arm, moving back to the original hand when the player moves it closer. (Even while doing an action such as mining, smithing, crafting, etc., Eek will still do this, but it will be shorter, with Eek only just crossing your shoulders before it ends and you continue whatever action you were doing.)
  • While being stored in a menagerie, unlike other pets, Eek comes up as a yellow dot on the minimap.
  • Eek is also female. If you check the dismiss message it says, 'You can pick her up again from Diango in Draynor.'
  • Eek looks like a specimen of Mygalomorphae, like a tarantula or a funnel web spider. These kinds of spiders don't weave webs like that shown in the game animation. They all do produce spider silk, however, and some funnel webs hanging in trees vaguely resemble the shape of the web animation (wide at the top and narrow at the bottom).
  • Sometimes Eek will ask you if you are scared of spiders, if you reply yes, Eek apologizes and will pretend to be an eight legged mouse. Her chat name will temporarily be changed to "Eek the Eight-Legged Mouse. That is only for that chat.
  • When fighting with Eek in your inventory, if you select 'play-with' Eek, the normal animation will run, but you will continue to fight and Eek and her web will animate suspended in mid-air.
  • There was also a pun on Spider-Man when Eek talks about being bitten by a magically radiated man and becoming "Man-Spider."
  • There was another pun when Eek asks what humans can do and you can say "project heat-rays from our eyes" and she will say "Don't fry me! I'm too young to fry!" which is similar to "Don't kill me! I'm too young to die!"
  • You can attack while Eek is wielded in your weapon slot.
  • Eek-A-Mouse is also the name of a famous Reggae musician from Kingston, Jamaica.
  • Playing with Eek and clicking on a spade in your inventory will result in Eek spinning the web in mid-air, making it appear that the player is wearing a pair of spiderweb underwear for a few moments. This is not yet fixed.

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