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Eejee Vamm
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3,963 BBY

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Computer Interface implant

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Old Republic era


The Adasca BioMechanical Corporation of Arkania

"I see what the ship sees."
―Eejee Vamm

Eejee Vamm was a Duros henchman working for Lord Arkoh Adasca aboard the Arkanian Legacy in 3,963 BBY.


Vamm was chosen, instead of the usual Arkanian crew complement, because it was believed that the Duros would take the best to the cybernetic implants. Prior to the promotion, he had merely been a worker in an offworld factory. Vamm believed he had been chosen because Adasca as a child had a droid named Eejee, and liked the name.

Arkoh Adasca had given Eejee a most important assignment to help him carry out his plans of putting his homeworld, Arkania, at the center of the galaxy. Eejee was to locate a former scientist of Adascorp named Gorman Vandrayk. This scientist had studied the creatures called exogorths, slug-like creatures that roamed space and devoured anything metal and mineral. Vandrayk had found a way to control these creatures but had run away from his work, making him a target for Adascorp.

Eejee finally located the man, now known as "Camper", and informed Adasca. Fortune arose when Camper's friend and bodyguard, Jarael, attempted to gain medical help for him when he became ill from the bacteria that had been growing on board his ship, the Last Resort. Jarael was captured and Adasca used her to bring the Arkanian Legacy to Camper. Eejee Vamm and medical researchers rushed Camper from the Last Resort into medical facilities to treat him.

Camper's condition was treated and he became well again. However, Eejee and Adasca refused to tell Jarael the truth and kept up a charade of the lies. They told her that he had the Balinquar's Virus in order to keep her on board as a prisoner - although she would never knew it. Eejee, using HK-24 units, threatened that they'd hurt Jarael if he didn't do exactly as Adasca told him.

With Gorman Vandrayk captured, Adasca issued another order to Eejee to further his plans. Eejee contacted multiple organizations in the galaxy, including Admiral Saul Karath and Mandalore the Ultimate, to meet with Adasca on how to win the war.

After most of Adasca's guests had arrived and Lucien Draay being drugged when he came uninvited, Eejee was informed that the blood sample they took from Jarael had been tested and they had determined what exactly she was. While viewing the results with Doctor Suprin and before he was able to inform Lord Adasca, Demagol, disguised as Rohlan Dyre, shot them down. The cyber interface implant was smashed and ripped from Eejee's head, revealing his damaged brain.

When Malak's forces recaptured the Arkanian Legacy, his mutilated remains were located.


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