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"In years to come, SoroSuub will look back and reflect on what has brought us to the lofty position we hold in the galaxy. It cannot be doubted that the work done by you, the good folk of Edic Bar, will be held up as an example."
Miim Te'Suub in a speech to his workers on the first day of production of the G-59

Edic Bar was a floating city on the gas giant of Genarius constructed and run by SoroSuub Corporation. SoroSuub was one of the companies that the Metatheran Cartel invited into the Cularin system in 32 BBY in a move to help end the Trade Federation's control of Cularin's trade. SoroSuub financed Edic Bar's construction soon thereafter and became the leading corporate interest in the city, and arguably in the system.[1]

Edic Bar was a beautiful city of soaring towers and sharp angles, with the towers arranged to allow the best possible view of traffic within and around the city. The city was also a model of efficiency, with thoroughfares which expedited the movement of product within the city. The docking ports were laid out so that SoroSuub could deal with companies without other competitors learning about the business transactions.[1]

SoroSuub was at the time seeking to diversify their product line, and set up Edic Bar as a construction facility for G-59 Cannibalizers, a very similar ship to Incom's successful Z-95 Headhunter. After the first Cannibalizer came off the line, Miim Te'Suub called a halt to production and gave a speech, at the end of which, he gave his workers the day off. Unused to free time, many workers went to Tolea Biqua and partied. The workers of SoroSuub had disposable wealth, and the party ended up spreading from cantina to cantina, transferring to commercial sail barges and private vessels in the skies of Genarius, and lasting for four days.[1]

Every year after that, on the anniversary of that first Cannibalizer coming off the line, production came to a halt for a holiday called Festival, which spread to include every city on Genarius and some cities elsewhere in the system, but the focus was still on Tolea Biqua. The executives of SoroSuub were able to use Festival, and the threat of taking it away, as a control on the workers when something unpleasant needed to be done.[1]

Edic Bar leaders of SoroSuub have claimed mining rights on the inhospitable moon of Ulbasca, disputing them to rival company Naescorcom, even though none of them have ever made a real effort to mine there.[1]

In 31 BBY, the population of Edic Bar included an amount of Sullustans, only three Trandoshans (including Juuus) and at least one of the droids previously owned by Riboga the Hutt, interrogator-turned-quality-controller IT-09.[1]


Behind the scenes

The Living Force Campaign Guide is inconsistent in the timing of Edic Bar's founding. In discussing the state of the Cularin System in the current timeframe of the book, it was stated that Edic Bar was built in the year since the Trade Federation's defeat at Naboo. Elsewhere, the starting of the starship line and the development of Edic Bar are stated in the present tense.

However, in discussing the Central Council which Riboga the Hutt had put together, Edic Bar was listed as one of the five cities that had representatives in the Council, though the Hutt left the Genarius system 21 years before Naboo. When discussing engineering problems with the G-59, engineers were said to still be working on a particular problem a decade after the building of Edic Bar and the start of G-59 production. Also, Festival was stated to be a yearly occurrence, but in the timeframe the book was written, it had only been one year since Edic Bar had been built.





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