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A map of the dungeon.

The Edgeville Dungeon is the only dungeon in RuneScape that begins with a normal area and turns to Wilderness partway. It goes to about level 10 Wilderness, so revenants can attack you when players enter the Wilderness part of the dungeon. Anyone who wishes to explore the deeper parts of this dungeon should be careful and only bring items that he or she is willing to lose. Most of the dungeon is free-to-play, but entering the Wilderness portion will require the player to be on a pay-to-play server.



The trapdoor leading to the dungeon in Edgeville.

There are three entrances to the dungeon. The most common is in, as one would suspect, Edgeville, in the ruined house south of the bank also past taverley dungeon. It is marked by a File:dungeonicon.PNG mark on the minimap.

A player entering the dungeon via the room near the Cooks' Guild.

Another entrance is north-west of the Cooks' Guild near Varrock on the east side of the River Lum. It is useful to players who wish to collect big bones, since it leads right down to a group of hill giants and is fairly close to the Varrock bank. Also one can equip Varrock level 3 armour to use the bank in the Cooking guild, which is nearer (members only). Completion of all the Varrock Achievement Diary tasks is required. To get in, the player must bring a brass key which can be found in the dungeon.

Notable features


Non-Wilderness area

  • There is a Mining spot inside the dungeon with 2 copper, 2 tin, 3 iron, 3 silver, 6 coal, 1 mithril, and 2 adamant rocks. It is almost never used due to the large amount of monsters in the area, coupled with its distance from a bank.
  • Quite a few Hill giants live in the southern-most area of the dungeon. They are a popular place to collect big bones, particularly on F2P worlds, since those with a brass key can take a short cut to and from the Varrock bank.
  • Players with 51 Agility can squeeze through a pipe on the east side of the dungeon that leads right to the Moss giants in the Varrock Sewers. It can be used in either direction.

Wilderness area

  • Several Chaos druids in the wilderness section, well known for their high drop rate for herbs.
  • There are quite a few red spider eggs respawns in this dungeon, making it easier to collect them for potions.
  • Several Black Demons live farther inside the dungeon, yet closer to a bank than most others.
  • There is a demon who resides in the dungeon named Chronozon. He plays an important role in the Family Crest quest and can only be killed after successfully casting all four of the elemental "blast" spells on him. There are also several level 64 Poison spiders in his lair, so an antipoison would also be helpful.
  • The Earth Obelisk is in the dungeon near Chronozon, and the Air Obelisk can be accessed through the dungeon as well, past the Black Demons.
  • The dungeon is one of only two locations to house Earth Warriors, which are often assigned by Vannaka as slayer tasks. Players must have 15 Agility to get to them.

Other features

Map of the dungeon

Map of the Edgeville Dungeon

Tour guide to the dungeon:

1 - Level 28 Hill giants. There are often many players here fighting the giants.
2 - Ladder to shed near Varrock. (Players can exit the shed without a key but need the Brass key to enter the shed).
3 - Zombies (level 24).
4 - Brass key spawn.
5 - Hobgoblins. There is a perpetual fire in this area, plus a Brass necklace spawn.
6 - Skeletons (levels 21, 22, 25).
7 - The Edgeville Dungeon Mine.
8 - Zombies (level 18).
9 - Shortcut pipe to the Varrock Sewers (level 51 Agility required).
10 - Vannaka.
11 - Gate separating the Wilderness portion of dungeon from the rest of the dungeon. Warning: Revenants can be in the Wilderness on non-PvP worlds. On PvP worlds, the Wilderness dungeon is a hot spot. Player killers sometimes prowl here, looking for players trying to use the fire and air obelisks. The ladder to the air obelisk is a particular ambush spot, as the dungeon's monsters do not go there.
12 - Giant Rats. Some coins spawn in the eastern-most room with giant rats. In the western-most room with giant rats, ordinary rats can be found, which player-owned Cats may catch.
13 - Giant spiders. This is also where you go if you cast the Padewwa Teleport spell on the Ancient Magicks spellbook.
14 - Ladder up to Edgeville.
15 - Level 10 Thugs.
16 - Chaos druids. Warning: On PvP worlds, some player killers attempt to disguise themselves as chaos druids, by having hair styles, hair colour, and clothing similar to the druids. This can fool inattentive players. ANOTHER PRECAUTION: There are revenants in this area of wild. Their patrol area is through this area. Revenant knights are the most common type of revenant seen in this dungeon. BE WARNED
17 - Deadly red spiders. Many Red spiders' eggs spawn here, making it a popular spot for players gathering the eggs to sell them or to train Herblore.
18 - Monkey bars over a pit of spikes leading to the Earth warriors. This requires level 15 Agility to use.
19 - Earth warriors. Steel arrowtips spawn at the northern-most point of the warriors' area. Warning: Approximately every 30 minutes, a revenant passes here,heading over the spiked pit to the north of the area, then circling back.
20 - A small Summoning Obelisk.
21 - Skeletons (level 45).
22 - Black demons. There are a number of safe spots for ranging or maging the demons. It can get crowded here at times with players wishing to fight these demons.
23 - Ladder to the Air Obelisk.
24 - Chronozon. Warning: This demon will regenerate if you do not follow the correct procedure to slay it.
25 - Poison spiders.
26 - The Earth Obelisk.
27 - This basement is not part of the dungeon but can be seen from the dungeon. Evil Dave and Hellrats can be found there (partial completion of the Recipe for Disaster quest is required for access).



  • This entire dungeon was given a graphics update as of 6 February 2008.
  • In the wilderness area of the dungeon, near the Chaos Druids, the bubbling swamp makes a sound eerily close to the beating-heart sound played when you are close to death.
  • In the Hill Giant area of the dungeon there is an area to the south where bones turn blue.

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