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"Ghost Town" redirects here. For the town near the Ectofuntus in Morytania, see Port Phasmatys.
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Edgeville is a small town located at the border of the Wilderness available to free players.

In the early development of RuneScape Classic, Edgeville only had empty buildings. It was originally called Ghost Town on the world map, but when the Wilderness was released it was renamed Edgeville and given a general store and bank.

Before the updates of 10 December 2007, Edgeville was a very popular town for player killers, clans, and free-to-play players who would use the low level Wilderness for duelling, and traders of player killing-related items such as food (sharks), various potions, weapons, runes, and other combat-related items. This area was the location of the Mod Hasmo riot, which occurred during the same time as the Pay to Pk Riot. The area had lost popularity after the Wilderness update, until the Bounty Hunter update of 6 May 2009, which helped it regain some of its popularity. It is commonly used in members worlds for smelting bars in the Edgeville furnace. Cutting Yew trees, burning logs, and cooking raw fish caught near the Barbarian Village is also popular for both free and members worlds. It is also popular in members worlds for Runecrafting, as the Zamorak wizard who can teleport you to the Abyss is close by.



During the Second Age, the area that is now Edgeville was known as Paddewwa, a mighty fortress of the powerful god Zaros. Found near the Zarosian capital of Senntisten, the area was a great asset to the domain.

Following Zaros's defeat at the hands of Zamorak, the God Wars began. Paddewwa most likely fell during the beginning of the war under the attack of many races and religious factions.

Thousands of years later, in the Fifth Age, the area was an abandoned area known to many as the "Ghost Town". Only empty homes and ruins could be found. In the Year 169, King Roald of Varrock incorporated the area, naming it Edgeville.


There are some level 21 guards near the eastern part of the town, but they are not aggressive. However, level 22 and 25 skeletons are just north of the Wilderness ditch and are aggressive, so players should beware of them. Near the skeletons is also the entrance to the Abyss.

  • If you die while playing Bounty Hunter, you will respawn in Edgeville.
  • There is a one-way teleport lever located in the mausoleum that leads to the Deserted Keep, in very high level wilderness. There is another lever in the Deserted Keep, however, pulling that one will teleport you to Ardougne.


Edgeville bank in HD

Edgeville only has one bank, which is in the very centre of the town. However, it is not as popular as Varrock's or Falador's banks.

Edgeville's bank was once full of PK'ers, as it was a great place to sell food from cooking, potions, weapons, and other common PKing goods, especially in worlds where player killing was the theme. After the Wilderness update of 10 December 2007, the bank experienced a slight decrease in popularity, but became more populated after the Bounty Hunter update of 6 May 2009.

This bank is popular with higher level players who own several amulets of glory as it is currently the quickest bank to get to via a teleport - very slightly better than the glory teleport to Draynor, and about the same as a ring of duelling to Castle Wars bank but without the cost of the ring. It is also the bank used by players training Runecrafting via the Abyss, and for stocking up on supplies before switching to a Bounty Hunter world.

Before the Update:Changes to PvP and Bounty Worlds, and gravestones update there was a table surrounded by a few chairs on the western wall of the bank, but during the update this was changed to a simple bench along the wall.



Edgeville General Store

Edgeville has a general store with two floors. The ground floor has the trader NPCs, while the first floor has a range that can be used for cooking. However, because of Edgeville being so close to the Wilderness, not many people go to the general store. Rarely is anything of value sold to it.

Oziach's Body Armour Shop

The shopkeeper, Oziach, sells Rune Platebodies and Green dragonhide Bodies if the player has completed the Dragon Slayer quest. However, they are quite expensive and would be better off bought from another player.


Edgeville has two great yew trees just a little south of the bank in a destroyed building. Because of the trees being closer than other yew trees to the bank, many players like to cut these trees and transport them quickly to the bank when their inventory is full.

There is also a willow tree east of the bank which is not so popular, but is very useful for woodcutting training.

Next to the willow tree is a patch of ten normal trees, which are popular for low level fletching training.


Main article: Edgeville Dungeon

Edgeville has a dungeon entrance right beside the yew trees in the destroyed building. It is an underground dungeon and is home to a variety of monsters, including skeletons, hobgoblins, zombies, and Hill giants. The giants' lair had been expanded by Jagex several times over the years. It is often full of players fighting hill giants because of the giants' drops, which include big bones. Low level players are often advised to stay away from this dungeon.

There is also a medium-sized mine at the centre of the dungeon and it is guarded by level 22 and 25 skeletons, bothering mid and low level players. This mine contains adamantite ore, mithril ore, silver ore, coal and iron ore.

For members, there is a part of the dungeon that is actually in the wilderness. In this part you can find chaos druids, earth warriors, black demons, lots of red spider egg respawns, and the demon Chronozon for the Family Crest quest.

In this dungeon you can also find the Slayer master Vannaka.

At the far east side of the dungeon, there is an Agility shortcut that leads to the Varrock sewers.

In the 5 February 2008 update, the Edgeville dungeons were updated and their graphics were improved.

The Stronghold of Player Safety was added on 11 March 2008, providing both free players and members a new dungeon similar to the Stronghold of Security, which is located only a short distance south from it.


Dragon Slayer

Main article: Dragon Slayer

In Dragon Slayer, players must talk to Oziach after they have started the quest in the Champions' Guild. Oziach is located west of Edgeville.

Garden of Tranquillity

The player must throw their Ring of Charos down the well in Edgeville in order to progress with the quest.

Recipe for Disaster

Main article: Recipe for Disaster

The house to the west of the bank features heavily in the Evil Dave section of the quest.


Soul Wars

Main article: Soul Wars

The Portal is located west of the yew trees and South-west of the bank.

The Soul Wars portal

Bounty Hunter

Main article: Bounty Hunter

After the Bounty Hunter update of 6 May 2009, Edgeville is currently the only non-Wilderness area in which players can safely switch to and from a Bounty Hunter world without having to worry about being attacked by PKers. Because of this, many players choose to go to Edgeville bank to stock up on supplies before switching to a Bounty Hunter world to play.



Edgeville has a range and a stove, which are basically the same thing. The range is on the second floor of the general store and the stove is in the small house west of the bank. The stove is very close to the bank, so it is a great place to withdraw food, cook it on the stove, deposit it in the bank, and repeat.

Water Sources

A typical well.

Players can obtain water from a well with a bucket west of the bank or from a sink in the small house west of the bank. The well is nearer to a bank that any other water source available to non-members.


Players can fight the guards at this jail. The jail also has a spawn point for an iron mace.

Leather gloves

Leather gloves spawn just outside the bank.


There was a furnace added in the 10 September 2007 update. Prior to its expansion, movement, and door removal to use this furnace required at least Varrock armour 1 to be worn, but after that update the armour is not needed for use, wearing the Varrock armours only gives the bonus smelting chance. In the same room at the furnace is an NPC by the name of Jeffery. In addition, this furnace can only be used on a members server.

Summoning obelisk

A fully functional obelisk for recharging Summoning points lies to the North-east, by the bridge.


After completion of the All Fired Up quest, members can light a beacon on the edge of the Wilderness ditch, as long as they have level 62 Firemaking.

Wilderness teleport lever

With the 16 June 2009 Update:Changes to PvP and Bounty Worlds, and gravestones, there is a new teleport switch leading to the high-level Wilderness from the ruined building south of the bank in Edgeville. The Edgeville lever is one-way only and goes to same destination as the Ardougne lever - Deserted Keep in level 56. Bring a sharp object, such as a Knife, to cut through the web to get out of the Deserted Keep. Be aware that many monsters may be waiting, not to mention the risk of running into Revenants.


  • Edgeville could have been named after a small town of the same name in Garth Nix's Lireal and Abhorsen books, as in said books the town had many of the facilities the RuneScape version has.
  • While it is possible to ride from Lumbridge, Champions' Guild or Barbarian village to ride a log to the end of the river in the southern Wilderness it would actually be impossible, since the player has to ride below the bridge to Edgeville, which is impossible due to its very tight canals.
  • Edgeville was originally the site of the Zarosian city, Paddewwa.
  • Edgeville bank has seen an increase in traffic recently because of the Stronghold of player safety update.
  • Edgeville was probably named as such because it is on the edge of the Wilderness.
  • Edgeville is seen by many players as "North Barbarian Village" due to the Stronghold Of Player Safety linking the two cities almost forming one big city.
  • The infamous World 111 Glitch happened here on 6 June 2006; and in other neighbouring cities.
  • In Armies of Gielinor, the tutorial shows a city called Eastbridge, liked Lumbridge or Edgeville.
  • In the building housing the furnace, there are four shelves with cylinders of metal: bronze, iron, steel, and either silver or white metal. If the top shelf holds the latter, this would be the only appearance of white metal in an un-smithed form.
  • According to the map of DeviousMUD (the forerunner to RuneScape), Edgeville was originally to be called "Enville".
  • An open coffin near the yew trees has an examine info that reads: "I see dead people". This may be a reference to the 1999 film "The Sixth Sense"
  • A plaque on a wall in Edgeville couldn't be seen properly until 9 November 2009.
  • While the Edgeville furnace has a chimney coming out of the top, there is no hole in the ceiling for the smoke to escape.

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