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The GF Eden

Eden (Japanese: エデン, Eden; French: Orbital) is a summon exclusive to Final Fantasy VIII. Although it is debated what the exact nature of Eden is, the name and design indicate a link to the 'Gardens', a main theme of the game. It is the most powerful GF in the game.


Obtaining Eden

Eden is found at the Deep Sea Research Center. After defeating Bahamut, the player will be able to head deeper underwater. Below the surface, players will encounter Ultima Weapon if they have enough steam power left to reactivate the excavation site. Eden (known as the ultimate GF in Final Fantasy VIII), must be drawn from Ultima Weapon during battle.

Eden can also be drawn from Tiamat at Ultimecia Castle on Disc 4.

Eternal Breath

Eternal Breath

Eden is the only GF that can do more than 9,999 points of damage, even without the Boost ability learned. With all GF abilities learned (including the Boost ability), the player can easily boost the attack to a full 250 considering it also has the longest animation in the game. This allows the player to inflict at least 20,000 points of damage to all enemies, even more if Eden is at higher EXP levels. At the absolute maximum of its power, it can deal 60,000 Damage to all enemies, which is the highest amount of damage that a single attack can possibly do (Barring Limit Breaks).


Abilities learned from Eden are listed below:

Command Ability AP GF Ability AP
Magic NA Boost 10
Draw NA SumMag +10% 40
GF NA SumMag +20% 70
Item NA SumMag +30% 140
Mad Rush 60 SumMag +40% 200
Darkside 100 GF HP +10% 40
Devour NA GF HP +20% 70
Junction Ability AP GF HP +30% 140
Spd-J NA GF HP +40% 200
Eva-J NA Character Ability AP
Hit-J NA Luck +50% 200
Menu Ability AP Expend x3-1 250
GFAbl Med-RF 30

Triple Triad

Image:TTEden.png Level 9 (GF Card) Element none
Refine 1 refines into 3 Monk's Codes
Drop Ultima Weapon
Card n/a
Win n/a


  • Eden is the first summon ever who can deal a damage above the 9999 mark with only one hit in the series. The closest the series comes prior to this is Knights of the Round in Final Fantasy VII, a 13-hit Summon that can exceed 9999 damage overall, but not individually.
  • Even though it may look ambiguous, Eden is actually a female. Other than the major tell tale sign, the breasts and the name, if you look closely on the the needle part of the creature you will see violet ovals on each side. Within the ovals you will be able to see a woman inside of them. With that in mind, out of all the final ultimate summons found at the end of each game, Eden is one of two females, along with Anima.
  • In Dissidia Final Fantasy, there exists a trading component has that bears the name "GF Eden". It can be acquired by fighting the Seifer Special Friend card, Level 100 Ultimecia. It is used to create the Bone Mail.


The Garden of Eden in the Old Testament of the Bible in the book of Genesis is a paradise that God created for his earliest creations, including the first humans, Adam and Eve. Being tricked by the serpent, Adam and Eve ate fruit from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and were forever banned from the garden, this event being what some Christian denominations refer to as "the original sin". Also, according to the Ragnarok's origins, the Centra legend of the Dragon Ship, Eden may be the legendary Dragon Ship itself, and it could be assumed that due to the 'Garden' theme of the schools, this is the oldest Centra weapon and thus why it carries this name.


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