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An Eddy in GTA 2 (In-game, with lights).

The Eddy is a car featured in Grand Theft Auto 2.



The Eddy is designed as a two-door hardtop sedan with unusually angular late-1950s/early 1960s design cue, unlike "older" rounded counterparts adopted by many of the game's other vehicles. The car's name (internally referred as the EDSEL), as well as its general appearance, appears to be based on the Edsel line of cars, although the exact Edsel model which the Eddy is based on is unspecified. Edsel models similar to the Eddy include the Citation, Corsair, Pacer and Ranger.

In terms of performance, the Eddy fares averagely, with a slightly above average top speed, but features delayed acceleration due to slower gear shifting. Its steering and braking are also average at best. When crushed, the car awards the player 60 rounds of Machine Gun ammunition.


  • The Eddy's body design is incorporated into the design of the Special Agent Car, which is distinguished by its black paintwork and a detachable red strobe light. In fact, the Eddy shares the same set of delta images as the Special Agent Car, although both cars still possess their own performance stats.
  • The default color shade of the Eddy is green, unlike most other regular cars that use brown.


The Eddy only spawns within the Residential and Industrial Districts of Anywhere City. It is interesting to note that the Special Agent Car is also present in the two districts, lending to the idea that both cars share the same deltas.

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File:Eddy.gif NPC Eddy
Location: Fibula, by the village gate.
Occupation: Furniture Shopkeeper
Notes: A good NPC to buy furniture if you have a house/guildhall on Fibula.
Items traded: Sells:

Knight Statue 50 gp,
Minotaur Statue 50 gp,
Goblin Statue 50 gp;
Small Table 20 gp,
Round Table 25 gp,
Square Table 25 gp,
Trophy Stand 50 gp,
Big Table 30 gp;
Wooden Chair 15 gp,
Rocking Chair 25 gp,
Red Cushioned Chair 40 gp,
Green Cushioned Chair 40 gp,
Sofa Chair 55 gp;
Indoor Plant 8 gp,
Flower Bowl 6 gp,
God Flower 5 gp,
Honey Flower 5 gp,
Potted Flower 5 gp;
Small Pillow 20 gp,
Round Pillow 25 gp,
Square Pillow 25 gp,
Heart Pillow 30 gp;
Vase 3 gp,
Coal Basin 25 gp,
Amphora 4 gp,
Large Amphora 50 gp;
Piano 200 gp,
Harp 50 gp;
Water Pipe 40 gp,
Pendulum Clock 75 gp,
Telescope 70 gp,
Table Lamp 35 gp,
Rocking Horse 30 gp,
Globe 50 gp,
Birdcage 50 gp,
Round Mirror 40 gp,
Oval Mirror 40 gp,
Edged Mirror 40 gp,
Landscape Picture 50 gp,
Portrait Picture 50 gp,
Stillife Picture 50 gp,
Cuckoo Clock 40 gp,
Tapestry 25 gp;
Drawer 18 gp,
Dresser 25 gp,
Locker 30 gp,
Crate 10 gp,
Chest 10 gp,
Box 10 gp,
Barrel 12 gp,
Trunk 10 gp,
Trough 7 gp
Christmas Stuff:
Blue Christmas Bundle 60 gp
Blue Christmas Garland 25 gp
Christmas Branch 40 gp
Christmas Card 10 gp
Christmas Garland 25 gp
Christmas Present 20 gp
Christmas Present 20 gp
Christmas Present 20 gp
Christmas Tree Package 50 gp
Christmas Wreath 45 gp
Green Christmas Bundle 80 gp
Red Christmas Bundle 70 gp

Red Christmas Garland 25 gp
Buys: Nothing.
See the entire NPC list.

This article uses material from the "Eddy" article on the Tibia wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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