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Ed (Fallout)
race: Human
affiliation: None (dead)
role: Vault 13 citizen
location: Outside Vault 13, near main door
appearances: Fallout 2
dialogue file: None --> Special Pip-Boy message

Ed is a skeleton in a vault suit which lies just outside the Vault 13 doors. He was the first person sent outside the Vault, before the water chip got broken, and was probably killed by mutant rats. Examining the body will produce two lines on the Pip-Boy:

  • You see Ed.
  • Ed is dead.

Along with Talius and the Vault Dweller, Ed is the only other man to have been sent out by the Overseer of Vault 13 to look for the water chip.



Apparel Weapon Other item
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In Fallout Ed's corpse appears outside of Vault 13 but also appears in a cell in the Mariposa Military Base adjacent to Sarah and her Mutant lover Flip. In Fallout 2 he also appears in San Francisco in the lower parts of the tanker.

Behind the scenes

A quote about Ed by Fallout lead designer Chris Taylor: "What's the deal with Ed? Zed's Dead, baby, Zed's dead. From Pulp Fiction. That's part of the reference. Ed was twofold: to immediately show the player that the outside world was dangerous, and to tell the player that he wasn't the first choice of someone to send out."

Appearances in games

Ed's corpse appears in Fallout and Fallout 2.

Vault 13

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