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A detailed image of the ectophial.

The Ectophial is a reward for completing the Ghosts Ahoy quest. It is described as 'a bright green vial of ectoplasm' and the Ectofuntus is said to the source of its power. Players can empty it, causing them to be teleported to the Ectofuntus outside Port Phasmatys. Once emptied, the player automatically refills the Ectophial.

Note: If you are worshipping the ectofuntus, it is possible to click to worship fast enough that the ectophial isn't refilled. Using this is a great way to access the Port Phasmatys area (and even all of Morytania itself).

The Ectophial can be destroyed. Players can get a replacement from Velorina in Port Phasmatys. However, an Amulet of Ghostspeak is necessary; otherwise players cannot have a proper conversation with her. This item is one of the Items Not Kept on Death.

A player using the Ectophial.
If speaking to Velorina with a full inventory, an Ectophial will appear on the ground; however, if another Ectophial is already present in your inventory or bank, you will not be able to pick it up-- a message is displayed warning the player not to incite the ghosts' wrath.

It is widely used in fights as an Emergency teleport because it is easy to replace, costs nothing, needs no magic level or spell-set, is relatively close to a Fairy ring and bank, and is a one click teleport from your inventory. It also only takes up one space, while most other teleports take up at least two (with exception of a tele-tablet or if a player is using an air staff or water staff with law runes in inventory). However, some players do not use this as an emergency teleport because it currently takes about 2–3 seconds to pour the ectoplasm out and teleport, in that time a player could get hit for more damage and even die after the teleport is complete.

On 5 January 2009, the Ectophial teleport animation was updated and now the teleport animation looks similar to the normal teleporting, but the colour of the teleport spiral is green. It is slower than the old teleport. On the same date, the Ectophial was also given the destroy option (giving it a warning message if wanting to drop/destroy it), to replace the drop option.

As of 10 February 2009, the player will automatically walk to the Ectofuntus and refill the Ectophial when he teleports there. If the player walks somewhere else before reaching the Ectofuntus, the vial will not be filled automatically and will have to be filled manually.

The word Ectophial is a portmanteau of the words ectoplasm (what it contains) and phial (aka. vial).


  • When carefully observing the animation of the player emptying the Ectophial, the player does not seem to empty it all the way, but it is shown as empty in the inventory after a teleport.
  • An empty Ectophial can be obtained by emptying the phial and quickly teleporting, logging out after you teleport there, burying bones right after arriving at the Ectofuntus or simply mass-clicking to walk away and making it to the other side of the Energy Barrier. In fact, almost any single click action performed while pouring out the Ectophial or right after arriving at the Ectofuntus, such as eating or using a spell tab, allows you to obtain an empty Ectophial.
  • If you use the ectophial while in monkey form, or you're defending an attack, the vial appears to empty itself.
  • The pool from which the ectoplasm is taken from says "a pool full of bones and goo". The bones are not visible as they have been ground up into powder which is not visible when looking at the Ectophial.
  • The animations when using the Ectophial as a monkey were adjusted on 9 November 2009.
  • If your inventory is full when you go to Velorina to complete the quest, the Ectophial will neither appear in your inventory nor on the ground beneath you, but you will still be able to complete the quest and have a special option to obtain 'another' Ectophial from Velorina.
  • When you empty the Ectophial in your POH standing on a rug hotspot, you will see through the hotspot right before teleporting.

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