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RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: Ground floor, first floor (immediately above the ground floor), second floor, etc.
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Haunted Woods Ectofuntus Dragontooth Island
Port Phasmatys
A picture of the Ectofuntus.

The Ectofuntus is in a temple located to the north of Port Phasmatys. Players who worship the Ectofuntus receive quadruple Prayer experience for every bone used during worship. It is a bit of effort to grind the bones and collect the slime needed for worshipping, as these activities are time consuming, except for players who have the Agility to use the shortcut to the slime pool. For players with a Player-owned house, a Gilded altar can be faster, especially if the house has a Portal Chamber allowing teleport to a nerarby bank.

The Ectofuntus can be well worth the trouble, especially for high-prayer-experience bones, as many players consider prayer to be very tedious to train.

Completing the Ghosts Ahoy quest helps immensely with the Ectofuntus, as players can use the Ectophial to teleport to the temple repeatedly. Without the ectophial, it is a considerable walk just to reach the temple. (Also, completing the quest allows the player to enter Port Phasmatys for free instead of paying two Ecto-tokens, allowing somewhat quick access to the bank there.)



A player collecting slime from the Ectopool, or pool of slime.

The Vampyres of Morytania came to the port town long ago, demanding blood tithes. The inhabitants were willing do anything to stop them and therefore turned to the evil wizard Necrovarus, begging for help. Necrovarus told them to start digging to the north of the town, and not to stop until they found a large pool of green slime. So they did, and discovered Ectoplasm. Then he ordered a temple to be built above the pool, and in that temple a large fountain: the Ectofuntus.

Once everything was finished, the fountain emitted unholy power, creating a large force field around the settlement. This defended the town from the Vampyres, who couldn't breach the barrier. There was a horrible side effect, however, that Necrovarus counted on: All the people of Port Phasmatys died and their souls, instead of passing into the next world, were trapped by the field. From that day onward, Port Phasmatys has been a town inhabited solely by ghosts. All this was the real intent of Necrovarus, who planned to use the ghosts and the power of the Ectofuntus for his own evil ends, until he was thwarted in the Ghosts Ahoy quest.

A tour of the site

Floors of the Ectofuntus

Ground floor

Necrovarus and several Ghost disciples haunt this floor. The ghost disciples will explain the workings of the Ectofuntus and give players Ecto-tokens for worshipping the Ectofuntus.

  1. Northern exit.
  2. Southern exit.
  3. The Ectofuntus itself.
  4. Staircase up to the first floor.
  5. Trapdoor to ladder down to the dungeon and ectopool.

First floor

One ghost disciple haunts this floor and will explain the workings of the bone grinder.

6. Staircase down to the ground floor.
7. The bone grinder.
8. Necrovarus's coffin. (The coffin room is unlocked during the Ghosts Ahoy quest. Once unlocked, it can subsequently be entered without using the key from the quest.)

The Ectofuntus dungeon

The Ectofuntus dungeon.

The dungeon is entered through the trapdoor on the ground floor. The only object of interest in the dungeon is the ectopool at the centre, where players can fill buckets with slime.

The dungeon is organised in four tiers, descending in turn from the outer tier (Tier 1 on the digram) to the innermost one (Ectopool on the diagram). Although the dungeon looks compact, the tiers and placement of the stairs actually results in a considerable walk from the ladder to the ectopool, as on each tier the player must walk all the way to the other side to get to the stairs.

Shortcut between Tiers 1 and 2

The level 58 Agility shortcut greatly cuts the time it takes to walk to the ectopool. The short cut can be used in both directions. From the ectopool, however, players with the ectophial in their inventory can use it to return to the ground floor even faster.

Note that the northern section of Tier 2 is cut by Tier 3 and thus cannot be traversed. Players must use the southern section of this tier.

How to worship the Ectofuntus

Collect slime

Take empty buckets and enter the trapdoor near the Ectofuntus, and travel down the stairs. There is an Agility shortcut here that will shorten the journey considerably but requires level 58 Agility. At the bottom of the stairs is a pool of slime, just use empty buckets with it. For maximum efficiency, it is best gather 24 buckets of slime at a time (and have at least 2 ectotokens to get back to the bank, if necessary).

Grind bones

Take bones and one empty pot for each set of bones. Go up the stairs near the Ectofuntus. Use the bone grinder to grind the bones and collect the contents in the pots.

Clicking on the grinder will result in you either automatically grinding all bones in your inventory and placing them in pots, one at a time (if the grinder is set to auto) or you will need to do the clicks yourself; filling the hopper, winding the grinder, and emptying the bonemeal into a pot (if the grinder is set to manual). Before the update of 29/9/08, each set of bones HAD to be ground separately, with the process requiring three clicks, similar to the manual setting. Although the new automatic process is still time consuming, it is faster than the old method, although the new manual setting is much faster than either.

A player using the bone grinder.

Worship the Ectofuntus

You should now have buckets of slime and pots of bonemeal in your inventory. Just click on the Ectofuntus to worship it, and receive prayer experience. Players will need to talk to the disciples when the Ectofuntus is full to receive some Ectotokens. Players can then worship again. Technically, worshipping 13 of these at a time offers maximum efficiency (If using a ring of duelling to bank at Castle Wars and using ectophial to get back). You used to have to pause to collect your ecto-tokens after 12 worships (60 ecto-tokens), but that is no longer true; you can now worship the Ectofuntus 53 times (265 ecto-tokens), before needing to collect tokens in order to continue.



Process for smaller amounts of bones

A player praying to the Ectofuntus.
  1. Wear the Ghostspeak Amulet (and possibly a Ring of duelling).
  2. Load up with 9 Buckets, 9 Pots, 9 bones of your preferred type, and the Ectophial.
  3. Jump to the Ectofuntus using the Ectophial upon arrival it is automatically refilled.
  4. Run upstairs and grind your bones.
  5. Run downstairs and fill your buckets with Ectoplasm slime (don't forget the Agility shortcut!)
  6. Run back upstairs and worship the Ectofuntus. If you have an Ectophial , empty it to get upstairs quickly. Remember, you do not need to wait for the worship animation to complete. You can begin your next worship as soon as the bonemeal and slime are gone from your inventory.
  7. Speak to one of the Ghost disciples to collect your Ecto-tokens.
  8. Enter Port Phasmatys (costs 2 Ecto-tokens if you have not completed Ghosts Ahoy), go to bank, and restock your bones. Or, use the Ring of duelling to teleport to Castlewars and bank there, returning to the Ectofuntus with the Ectophial. Using a Ring of duelling will speed up the time taken to bank significantly, but you will only be able to do eight trips per ring, so it can work out to be a little more expensive.

This method is recommended if you have around 100 bones or less, as it is more efficient to use the following method for larger amount. This method can also be used to gather ecto-tokens, for use in Ghosts Ahoy, Rocking Out, to visit Dragontooth Island or buy Ale yeast.

Process for larger amounts of bones

  1. Make all your bonemeal - only 13 at a time can be done, due to the usage of the Ectophial.
    1. Grind all bones at the grinder;
    2. Run to Port Phasmatys bank, or teleport to Castlewars and bank;
    3. Deposit all completed bonemeals and withdraw empty pots and your preferred bones.
    4. Teleport back using Ectophial, refill and repeat.
  2. Collect all Buckets of slime.
    1. Travel to the Ectoplasm pool (use agility shortcut if possible), and fill your buckets;
    2. Empty your Ectophial and run to Port Phasmatys bank, or teleport straight to Castlewars;
    3. Deposit 27 buckets of slime and withdraw 27 empty buckets;
    4. Teleport back to the Ectofuntus with Ectophial, refill and repeat.
  3. Worship the Ectofuntus.
    1. Withdraw 13 bonemeals and 13 buckets of slime;
    2. Worship the Ectofuntus until all your bonemeals and buckets of slime are used up;
    3. Run to Port Phasmatys bank or teleport to Castlewars;
    4. Deposit all empty pots and buckets and withdraw 13 bonemeals and 13 buckets of slime;
    5. Return to the Ectofuntus via the Ectophial, refill and repeat.

Either bonemeal or slime can be collected first.

This method is most efficient for processing larger amounts of bones. Players with very large amounts of bones (for example, 10,000) may wish to do smaller batches (of, for example, 1000) to help relieve the tediousness. This will also remove the need to buy masses of pots and buckets.

Processes for Familiars

A small Summoning Obelisk is right next to the tower, which makes Summoning familiars with beast of burden capabilities especially attractive. Inventory management remains a challenge, however, and getting the best results requires specific TTPs, however, as explained below. Note that a bucket of slime cannot be traded with anyone - not even your familiar.

Bull Ant TTPs

Option 1 - Division of Labour: Assumes that you're using pre-made bone meal, and describes how to make more bonemeal on each trip. It eventually yields 18 worship sets at the Ectofuntus.

  • Summon your Bull Ant familiar
  • Fill your inventory with 18 bones
  • Right-click to Store X (9) bones with the ant
  • Add 18 empty pots to your inventory
  • Ectophial to the Tower
  • Turn off run
  • Ascend steps and use auto mode to grind 9 bones into pots
  • Right-click for "Store" on the ant, remove remaining bones
  • Use auto mode to grind remaining bones
  • Ectophial to the lower floor
  • Turn run back on
  • Off to Port Phasmatys bank

One you've made the bone meal pots, you can return to the tower with an inventory of 18 buckets of slime, 9 pots of bone meal, and an Ectophial, with 9 more pots stored on the familiar. Worship 10, unload, worship the rest, repeat as necessary.

Option 2 - All-in-One: assumes that you are doing all steps each trip, and yields only 12 worships per trip. This may be preferable if you don't have enough bones to justify the dedicated bonemeal runs. It's also more complicated than simply storing pots of bonemeal you've made on previous trips:

  • Summon your Bull Ant familiar
  • Fill your inventory with 12 empty pots
  • Add 12 bones of whatever type
  • Right-click to Store X (7) bones with the ant
  • Now click on 2 pots to add them to storage, making the full 9 spaces
  • Ectophial to the Tower
  • Turn off run
  • Ascend steps and use auto mode to grind 5 bones into pots
  • Right-click for "Store" on the ant, and Right-click for 5 bones
  • Use auto to grind 5 bones into pots
  • Right-click for "Store" on the ant, remove remaining 2 bones and 2 pots
  • Use auto mode to fill the pots with the bonemeal. That gives you 12
  • Ectophial to the lower floor
  • Worship the Ectofuntus; collect tokens if you wish
  • Turn run back on
  • Off to Port Phasmatys bank to do it again.

Use the summoning obelisk outside to keep your points charged up, so your familiar's time left is the only limit.

Spirit Terrorbird Familiar

Before starting, you should have several Ring of Duelling for transport to Castle Wars bank, Ghostspeak Amulet, all the bones you wish to grind, 13 pots and 13 buckets, and of course, a Spirit Terrorbird pouch and Ectophial.

Starting at Castle Wars, fill your Spirit Terrorbird with 12 buckets and put in your inventory:

  • 1 bucket
  • 13 empty pots
  • 13 bones
  • Ectophial
  1. Tele to Ectofuntus using Ectophial, go upstairs and grind all the bones.
  2. Withdraw 12 buckets from familiar
  3. Go downstairs and collect slime (58 agility really helps here)
  4. Tele using Ectophial and worship and collect ectotokens if needed
  5. Deposit 12 buckets in your familiar
  6. Tele to Castle Wars and all you need to do is deposit ectotokens and withdraw bones.  Then repeat!

This method earns about 3744 xp with Dragon Bones per trip.  Each trip can be done in about 4.5 minutes (including bank time) resulting in 49900 xp per hour.


  • Quickest use of the Ectofuntus requires extensive use of teleporting in place of walking:
    • Always use the ectophial to get to the Ectofuntus quickly. The game now has you automatically refill it after each use.
    • After filling buckets of slime, always teleport from the ectopool to your next destination. For example, use the ectophial to get back to the ground floor of the temple.
    • After using the bone grinder, use the ectophial to get back to the ground floor. While the distance is short, this still saves time.
    • When banking, use a teleport to get to the bank. For example, a Ring of duelling can be used to teleport to Castle Wars and its ever-so-convenient bank chest. Other options include: an Amulet of glory (to teleport next to the bank in Edgeville), a Games necklace (to teleport to Bounty Hunter and the banker there), and Lunar Magicks (to teleport near the bank on Lunar Isle). Overall, many regard the Ring of duelling as most efficient, since it can be worn without taking up inventory space. (Using an amulet or necklace is problematic, as you need to wear the Ghostspeak amulet to talk to the ghosts in the temple.)
  • One trip to the Ectofuntus with 9 pots, 9 buckets, and 9 Dragon bones will give 2,592 prayer experience. If you use Ourg bones instead you will get 5,040 experience, which is almost twice as much. Ourg bones are almost five times as expensive as dragon bones, so dragon bones are recommended.
  • You can use a familiar to carry bones, pots and buckets for you. However, a familiar cannot hold buckets of slime or pots of bonemeal.
  • Worshiping the Ectofuntus has lost its popularity for players with high Construction levels, however. Players can build a Chapel in their player owned house. At high levels, using bones at the altar gives extra prayer experience than just burying the bones. At level 75 construction, players can obtain the maximum benefit of 3.5 times prayer experience per set of bones. While the Ectofuntus yields 4 times experience, it can be much faster to use the chapel.
  • You can only worship the Ectofuntus 52 times before talking to one of the disciples for your ecto-tokens. After 52 worships, you will get a message saying the Ectofuntus is full.
  • You could do 1 run with 9 pots, 9 bones, and 9 buckets to get all of the items for worshipping and experience immediately. If you have 26 or more bones, then it would be best to bring 26 buckets and 2 ecto-tokens (if needed) for 1 trip, then make 2 trips with 13 pots and 13 bones of your choice (with 2 ecto-tokens if needed). Then you would have 26 bone pots and 26 slime buckets in your bank. Then make 2 more trips with 13 of each in your bank. This is mainly to reduce the amount of trips to get slime and back (for 26 at a time is quicker than 9).
  • A common mistake at the bone grinder is to bury a set of bones rather than grinding them, as automatic (left-click) option is "bury", not "use". If this is a problem, consider using the options menu to set mouse buttons to "one". This avoids the automatic action and requires you to choose what action you want. This is particularly recommended to avoid inadvertently burying expensive bones, such as dragon bones.
  • If you have completed the Ghosts' Ahoy quest, then you no longer have to pay or carry the ecto-tokens. You still have to collect them from the ghost disciples, after every 52 uses of the Ectofuntus. The tokens, however, currently have no other use in the game other than entering Port Phasmatys, going to Dragontooth Island and buying Ale yeast from Metarialus, so many players just drop them. This lets you carry things in sets of 14 (pots and bones; slime buckets and bonemeal).
  • You don't need to wear your Ghostspeak amulet at the temple, as you can simply choose the "Collect" right-click option on the ghost disciples to collect your ecto-tokens without it.
  • Jagex also released an update which allows you to auto-grind the bones.


  • The word Ectofuntus appears to be a conflation of Ectoplasm, a physical manifestation of spiritual energy, and Funtus, which is derived from the Latin word for fountain, Fons, or perhaps Little Fountain, Fonticulus.
  • The top of the Ectofuntus is bowl shaped, with the hollow end directed towards the East. This could indicate that the unholy energy of the fountain is somehow being received out of the East or perhaps being sent to the East, possibly from the Eastern Lands. Necrovarus was from the Eastern Lands.
  • Unlike water, the ectoplasm or slime will fill the bucket you use on the pool first, then fill up all other buckets in your inventory, from beginning to end.
  • When on the tier just above the ectopool, the green 'worms' that jump out of it jump from different spots each time, but when on the same tier as the ectopool, they both start and end at the same location each time, jumping northward.
    Collecting ectoplasm from the wrong spot.
  • If you teleport in with your cat, your cat will arrive first followed by yourself.
  • In a recent update, worshiping the Ectofuntus now makes a low moan, and different noises for different types of bones.
  • When collecting ectoplasm from the slime pool, your character might collect it from the wrong side.
  • There is an inaccessible, miniature Ectofuntus in the lower section of the boat west of the charter boat in Port Phasmatys.

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