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Eblan on the overworld.
Inside Eblan.

Eblan is a location in the game Final Fantasy IV. It is a kingdom on the southwest island on Earth's Overworld, near the Tower of Babil. It is ruled by a clan of Ninjas, and their most powerful Ninja is the playful Edge, who also happens to be the prince of Eblan. Although the castle is situated on grassy plains on the Overworld map, the field surrounding the castle on the main castle map is shown as a desert.



A bird's eye view of Eblan
The Eblan Throne

Final Fantasy IV

During the events of Final Fantasy IV, Eblan was attacked presumably by Rubicante, its castle was destroyed and the King and Queen of Eblan abducted. They were presumably taken to Dr. Lugae, who turned them into vicious monsters. Edge led the survivors to a safe haven in Eblan Cave to the west and began to mount a counterattack against Rubicante in the Tower of Babil. When Cecil's party visits Eblan, they find the castle abandoned. However, there is a lot of treasure for the taking in the castle, most of which requires walking through secret passages to obtain.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Edge is now the leader of Eblan and is seen helping Rydia rebuild the village of Mist. There's a group of elite ninjas known as the Eblan Four who infiltrate the Tower of Babil with Edge after an attack by the Mysterious Maiden. The Eblan Four are disciples of Edge, and share the same goals of Castle Eblan's revival as Edge.


Enemy formations

Final Fantasy IV


In the Castle

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Challenge Dungeon



The background music that plays inside Eblan Castle is "Castle Damcyan".


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