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Planet of origin: Idran
Affiliation: -
Warp capable: -
Classification: -
Environmental requirements: Class M conditions
Sexes: Male & Female

The Eav'oq are an ancient Gamma Quadrant species who like the Bajorans worship the Prophets who they identify as "Siblings".


The Eav'oq are tall, their bodies are tube-like and they have long slender tentacle-like limbs of a willowy pink colour. Their soft grey faces feature a single eye which can move to express emotion much like the mouths of most humanoids. The Eav'oq have male and female sexes which can differentiated by the colour of an individuals eye. When the Eav'oq breathe, two of their larger limbs expand and contract. (DS9 novel: Rising Son)


About fifty millennia ago the Eav'oq went into hiding in subspace meditation to evade the genocidal Ascendants who considered the Eav'oq blasphemers. They left behind keys which when found would draw the user to Idran to reawaken the Eav'oq. For millennia the Eav'oq were considered myth until, in August of 2376 Jake Sisko, Opaka Sulan and their companions visited a planet in the Idran system and activated a mechanism that brought the Eav'oq out of subspace, simultaneously moving the entire Idran system three light years to its original position when they went into subspace at the gamma quadrant terminus of the wormhole. (DS9 novel: Rising Son)

Known Eav'oq

  • Itu

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