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A player wearing an Easter Ring.

The Easter ring (labeled as Ring of Egg in the Costume room of a player-owned house) was a reward for the 2006 Easter holiday event. From 10 April to 24 April bunnies buried Easter eggs (different from the 2002 and 2005 eggs) in the forest north of Varrock and near Falador. Players needed to find the mounds and dig up the eggs. When they found the blue magic egg with a bunny print on it and ate it, they would temporarily turn into a bunny. This gave the players the Rabbit hop emote. If they ate the egg over a hole, they would be able to enter the rabbits' warren, in the centre of which was a chute and a large pile of eggs. Players had to go up the chute and talk to the Easter bunny. After the player had given 10 eggs to the nearby children, the bunny would give them an Easter ring. When worn, this ring turns the wearer into a motley easter egg. Similarly to the Ring of Stone, the only actions a player may perform while being an egg is "Unmorphing" and/or talking. Poison damage and prayer drain are halted while morphed.

If a player loses the ring, a new one may be obtained from Diango in Draynor Village for free. One could then repeat dropping the rings and getting them again from Diango repeatedly (but only if you had gotten an Easter ring in the first place). If a player did this event, a new piece of music called "Funny Bunnies" would be unlocked. However, With the release of the egg came a glitch: this event spawned the "Easter ring Glitch". The Easter ring is a discontinued item.

The interface used to unmorph from egg form.

When a player attempted to wear the ring during the event, while in the event area (roughly from the Crafting Guild to Falador south gate) a message occurred, telling one can't morph into an egg, due to the concentration of Easter magic.

It has been said that if a player runs down a hill the egg tumbles down the hill. In actuality, if the player is running anywhere and morphs while running, the egg will roll for a brief period of time.

This ring has been one of the most popular Holiday Rewards because it is very similar to the Ring of Stone. Even today, you can still see some players playing with the Easter ring.

It is known that when you "wield" the ring, you don't actually equip it, as if you log out when morphed, the ring is not equipped when you log back in. Further supporting this theory, it cannot be taken into castle wars, which states that players cannot bring non-equipable items into the arena, even when a player "wears it". The Easter Ring can not be used during the middle of an emote - the text shown will be "You're a little busy showing off right now!" and the emote will continue.

There was also another known glitch with the easter egg ring. A couple of weeks after the release of the Easter ring, players found out if they obtained a book from Varrock Castle and clicked on it 11 times, then quickly clicking on a space on the minimap, then morphing, the egg would roll to that space.

Another glitch with the easter egg can be performed with any skill cape (including the quest point cape).  When a player is wearing a skill cape he/she can wear the ring and quickly do the skill cape emote.  The glitch allows the player to perform the skill cape emote as an egg.  Although, the glitch can take some time to get the hang of, as it requires fast jumps between the inventory and emote options.


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