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Easter Island (also known as Rapa Nui) is an island in the South Pacific Ocean of Earth. It was originally inhabited by the Polynesian people, who gave it the name, "The Navel of the World". The island was most famed for the rows of large head sculptures facing out across the ocean. It was the location of Rano Raraku, an inactive volcano.

By the mid 23rd century, much of Easter Island housed the Museum of the South Pacific. (TOS novel: Strangers from the Sky)

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Ectoplasm is the physical substance that comprises material from the spiritual plane of existence. When traveling from the spirit world into the material world, spirits use extoplasm to give themselves form and motion. Manipulation of Ectoplasm is known as Ectokinesis.

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Of or having to do with either the primary elements of creation (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), or possessing a connection to elements found on the periodic table. The forces of creation often select a specific individual to represent one or more of the elements of creation; Example: Swamp Thing is the planet's Earth elemental. Some individuals, such as Metamorpho, can manipulate and or physically adapt the physical properties of elements found on the periodic table.

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Elementics is a branch of science and technology, a synthesis of chemistry and robotics. Will Magnus is the recognized authority on the subject.

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Having the capability to share the emotions of another through psychic means. Raven of the Titans has the ability to feel the emotions of others. When the Psycho-Pirate uses the Medusa Mask, he can manipulate emotions, but also perceives the emotional intensity of his subjects.

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Encyclopedia Galactica

This was an historical reference text widely utilized in the 30th century. The name is derived from the works of science fiction author, Isaac Asimov.
(See Also: 30th Century)
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The Enervator was a large machine designed by the scientists of the H.I.V.E. After capturing the Teen Titans, the H.I.V.E. hooked them up to the Enervator where it began to steadily siphon away their life energies. However, the Enervator was incapable of siphoning away Raven's power, due presumably, to her hybrid heritage as the daughter of Trigon. The Titans' newest ally Jericho took possession of his father Deathstroke's body and destroyed the Enervator, thus freeing the Titans.
(See Also: Tales of the Teen Titans Annual #3)
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The universal tendency for energy in a closed system to equalize. On a universe-wide scale, it is the inevitable degradation of matter and energy to an inert uniform state incapable of sustaining life.

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Envy represents one of the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man. A statue embodying the human characteristic of envy can be found inside the Rock of Eternity.

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In Pre-Crisis continuity, Eorx is one of the months in a Kryptonian calendar year.

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Erl-King is an authoritative title attributed to Earth's elementals, particularly those associated with the Parliament of Trees and the Parliament of Stone. The Neanderthal woman Bog Venus is thought to have been one of the earliest Erl-Kings.
(See Also: Swamp Thing)
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ESP is an acronym which stands for Extra-Sensory Perception. It includes the psychic powers of telepathy, precognition and clairvoyance. A person who possesses ESP is called an esper.

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The Eterni-Phone is an octagon-shaped communicatons device owned by Dudley Marvel and housed on the dashboard of his motor home. Billy Batson often relied upon the Eterni-phone to communicate with the six Elders from which he gained his powers. The Eterni-phone concept is based upon a device featured in the Shazam! television series.

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Eternity Brain

This was an artificial intelligence housed inside of the Palace of Eternity. Built by the Lord of Time, it actually superseded its own programming and turned against him.

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(1.) A rigid framework inside which an organism's other components are contained. Examples include mollusks and insects, who are invertebrates (literally, spineless). Mammals and reptiles are vertebrates with interior skeletons. (2.) A mechanical device that amplifies the strength of the user, who stands or sits in an open cabin. Such devices typically have two arms and/or two legs so that their operation is more intuitive.

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(1.) A being from a dimension other than that of the Earth. (2.) Of or having to do with a dimension other than that of the Earth.

[top] [Edit Extradimensional]


(1.) A being from a world in this dimension other than Earth. (2.) Of or having to do with a world in this dimension other than Earth.

[top] [Edit Extraterrestrial]

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This article uses material from the "Glossary:E" article on the DC Comics wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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