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Earth rune
The Earth rune is one of the four basic elemental runes. Earth runes can be used for spells such as Earth Strike, Earth Bolt, Earth Blast, Earth Wave, and Earth Surge. Earth runes can be substituted by an Earth staff, Earth battlestaff, Lava battlestaff, or Mud battlestaff, dust rune, Mud rune, or Lava Rune.

With a body rune, and water runes, the confuse, weaken and curse spells may be cast, often regarded as a cheap level-up path. This method is also used to level up without training the Hitpoints stat, keeping your Combat level as low as possible with a high Magic level.

These may be runecrafted at level 9 using the Earth altar north-east of Varrock, convenient for the east bank or direct from essence mining at Aubury's. This yields 6.5 xp per essence (182 xp per inventory). An Explorer's ring may be used to craft extra runes (extra experience is given). Any extra earth runes created using explorer's ring yields 6.5 xp for each extra rune made. They are also sold at Aubury's Rune Shop in Varrock and Betty's in Port Sarim, as well as many other places in the Members areas.

They are also a common drop from many monsters, with larger numbers from the Dark Wizards at the stone circle south of Varrock. Mountain Trolls too drop these runes frequently, and in high quantities, often yielding 45 runes at a time.




Free-to-play Spells

All players can cast these spells.

Member Spells

Only members can cast these spells:

Store locations

This item can also be bought or sold at:



  • The most Earth runes required for a spell are 30, for the Charge Earth Orb spell.
  • Not a single spell in the Ancient Magicks spellbook utilized Earth runes until the Miasmic Spells were added.
  • The value of 1 Earth rune in Investment Credits in Mobilizing Armies is 6 Investment Credits.

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