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Final Fantasy VI Boss
Earth Dragon
Japanese アースドラゴン
Romaji Āsu Doragon
SNES Name Dirt Dragon
PS Name DirtDrgn
GBA Name Earth Dragon
First Encounter
Second Encounter

The Earth Dragon is a boss in the game Final Fantasy VI. It is one of the Eight Dragons, and its element is Earth. It attacks using Earth-elemental attacks, such as Quake, Magnitude 8, and Landslide. These are powerful attacks, but Gaia Gears will absorb the damage as HP.

Players can also equip Angel Wings for Float status. This will also prompt Earth Dragon to waste turns casting 50 Gs and fail. Or, players can equip Gaia Gear, but bring Shadow to the fight and have him Throw Shadow Edges for Image status, which will take care of Horned Tusk. Also, summoning Fenrir works well. Summoning Phantom can help, but just be advised that the Earth Dragon can remove Vanish status easily.

The Earth Dragon's location

As for offense, Shadow should throw Sakuras and Tridents, and Mog should equip his Dragoon Boots and Trident, and use Jump. If Mog equips a Cherub Down and a Snow Scarf, Earth Dragon cannot harm him when he is in the Back Row. Gau can use this setup, similarly, but he does not need the Cherub Down so long as he has a Rage that absorbs Earth, so he can use that Relic Slot for something offensive such as a Hero's Ring.

As with the other dragons, the Earth Dragon has also been upgraded in the Dragons' Den in the Game Boy Advance version. This time around it has large Attack power in addition to powerful Earth magic. It also lacks the Float status, but makes up for it with Earth absorption. This can be prevented by casting Float on it. The moment the battle starts, the dragon uses 50 Gs to try and eliminate Float status for the party. Using the actual Float spell is not recommended, as the Earth Dragon will simply respond by casting 50 Gs, followed immediately by Quake and Magnitude 8. When the Earth Dragon is nearly defeated, it will become "enraged" and launch four physical attacks in a row. It is recommended to summon Fenrir for this fight. Upon victory, the player receives Sabin's ultimate weapon, the Godhand.

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