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Most of Earth was reduced to wastelands during the conflict

A fictionalized version of real-world planet Earth appears in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Unlike the numerous other worlds of the Final Fantasy series, this is meant to be the actual planet in the year 2065 A.D., including some real-world locations and culture. In this future, the world has been invaded by ghost-like aliens called Phantoms who have forced the human race near the brink of extinction. What few cities are left are fortress towns called Barrier Cities, whose bio-etheric ovo-pacs protect the inhabitants against the Phantoms. Outside of the Barrier Cities, the Earth has been turned into a barren wasteland, with all life killed by the Phantoms. Cities like New York have been completely devastated outside of the section protected by the barrier.

Though the majority of people see the Earth as merely a planet, a few scientists have discovered that the Earth is in fact a living thing, Gaia. All living things on the planet lives and dies with their own Spirit. When they die, their Spirit returns to the planet, enriching the Earth and letting it grow. The Earth's Gaia is not unique, as the Phantom Planet too once had one before it was destroyed. Riding what remained of their planet, the Phantoms came down in the Leonid Meteor, greatly harming the Earth. To defeat the Phantoms, the main character, Aki Ross, Dr. Sid's protégé, must find eight special Spirits that resonate in an exact way that will exorcise the Phantoms from the Earth. This theory is exposed by Dr. Sid, but is very controversial and in fact despised by many, notably General Hein. Hein's own plan is to use a gigantic orbiting weapon called the Zeus Cannon that will destroy the Leonid Meteor, but this idea will also harm the planet.


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